10 Things First Time Dads Can Expect Before Baby Comes

I can remember everything from the day I found out we were expecting all the way up until our son was born.

Within that time, there is so much that goes on and it’s pretty sad to say, but dads take quite the abuse a lot of the time.

I’m not going to say that every single father goes through the same things, but I’m sure we can all share some of the same experiences.

For you soon to be dads, this post may frighten you a bit, but one piece of advice I can give you is…

Deal with it!

If you’re wondering what to expect before baby comes, here’s 10 things that you might want to be aware of.

1.) Your Life is Going to Change

Life will change for you and it’s not a bad thing either.

For me, I went from drinking all the time (I know, not cool) and hanging out of my friends, to having to go home just to cater to the Mrs.

For a lot of you new dads, this is actually a really good thing as it puts you in some type of direction so that you can figure out exactly what it is that you want in life.

In my case, it led me to the internet and having the title of “stay at home dad”, which is absolutely awesome.

Life changed with baby #1, but I’m forever grateful for what the good Lord above has done for me as I really don’t know what I’d be doing right now if I didn’t have any kids.

2.) You Have a Little Person That YOU Own Now

Welcome to the world of owning people.

Sure I can agree that taking care of a puppy is actually a lot harder than taking care of a human, but dogs don’t have to be catered to every single minute.

You have someone that you created who is not just going to be your responsibility as far as feeding and caring is concerned, but you need to help them get through life.

This is big.

Like, really big.

3.) Mom is Going to be Weird

Boy does this part suck and all I have to say is, hang in there.

Being a new dad is not all about dealing with your new baby, but you will have to deal with mom and her many changes.

This is where you see a side of your other half that you’ve never seen before and this is also where a lot of the bonding and really getting to know her happens.

She will probably forget some of the caring and grooming of herself, so be expecting to see mom in her rawest form.

4.) Mood Swings

This alone covers a wide range of swings and this is something you need to be careful with.

Your other half is going to become this person you never saw coming and you might learn a lot about her as she goes through the pregnancy.

She’ll be nice one minute and then all of a sudden she’ll become this angry, emotional, or depressed person.

Best way to deal with this?

Zip it.

Don’t try to fix things, don’t try to save the day, and don’t you dare try ignoring her.

Be there, but just be a “yes mam” for now.

When she says get that, you get it.

She she says leave her alone, that doesn’t mean go and play a video game.

This simply means to zip it so do exactly that.

5.) Kids Are Expensive

You’ve probably heard this before, but it probably never really sank in because well, you’ve never tried buying baby things in your life.

Remember those baby aisles that you used to pass or probably never noticed because you had no business going in there?

Let’s just say you’ll be finding yourself in that aisle a lot more and at odd times too.

Remember when you used to be in a convenience store (probably drunk), thinking about how late it was?

You might just encounter that late night encounter with a convenience store, but this time you might be picking up some Tylenol or Motrin.

If you’ve never bought one of those things yourself, let me just tell you that the prices for them continue to rise and it’s going to cost you over $10 a pop.

6.) You Need to be Flexible

Remember those aisles that I spoke of?

Be prepared to be going through that aisle at different times.

Along with the early morning runs to the store, you will have to leave work for mommy and baby checkups, along with many other things that will take a stab at your day.

7.) You Will Learn How to Save

Not much of a choice, but you will soon become some type of saving expert whether you like it or not.

From thinking that “it’s only a $1” you will find yourself saying, “hey, that’s a $1 we could’ve saved”.

Money is definitely going to be tight and if you’re not financially ready, this part will become apart of your daily life.

8.) Baby Can Come Anytime

I don’t care when your due date is, you need to be ready.

Around the due date is a great time to start being around more and not be out of the house that much.

Hang around, don’t get drunk, and be ready for mom to say “I think it’s time”.

9.) Getting in Shape Gets Harder

If you’ve got a beach body, you might just inherit a dad bod if you’re not careful.

Rembmer those days when going for a run was easy to do and fitting in some gym time was more on the if you want to side of things?

Well, let’s just say that you will wish that you could really decide on stuff like that because those days are long gone.

This is where programs like Insanity come into play and you will now be involved with a living room type workout rather than going to the gym to socialize with all your muscle head buddies.

Whatever the case may be, please, and I mean please, try to find a way to get or stay in shape as you will need to build that energy as a new dad.

10.) Long Nights

You saw this coming, but probably didn’t understand it that much and it’s really just normal.

This is where teamwork comes into play and you and your other half will need to share the duties or you’ll get burnt out.

Some of you dads might end up pulling more shifts because that’s just how things are these days, but like I said before, deal with it.

11.) It’s Time to Grow Up

Forget about how old you are or what you’re interested in because it’s time to give the wants and needs to the littler person you are about to bring into the world.

This doesn’t mean you forget about everything completely as you still need to care for yourself or you won’t be able to take care of baby.

And if you’re the type that likes to grow a beard or have a little stubble, you might want to get into the habit of getting a closer shave, especially if your baby comes across eczema like my first child had.

Sorry to be so straight forward, but parenting is no joke.

Now just because there is a lot of responsibility to take on, do know that there are going to be some great times ahead.

The last thing you need to expect before baby comes is that they definitely grow fast.

I’m sure you’ve heard someone tell that to someone else and never thought you’d be hearing it yourself.

Soon enough, you’ll be going to soccer games and promotion ceremonies like I do and all the hard work will payoff no matter what.

Congrats on your new addition and please do enjoy that new bundle of joy as yes, my friend, they do grow fast.



Just a stay at home dad, that loves spending time with his family. I love my gadgets, being in style, and most especially being a parent. Although I like having fun, I am one that isn’t looking to splurge, although I can get carried away.

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