21 Things Dads Can Learn From The Movie Bad Moms

So I was on a flight headed somewhere WITHOUT my 4 kids and I decided to give the movie Bad Moms a chance and I must say I have learned a lot more than expected, even if I didn’t plan on learning anything.

Let me just say that this movie was flat out hilarious! So even if you decided to read this article without watching the movie, you might want to actually watch it as it is very much recommended.

As a parent we hardly ever have time for ourselves and a lot of the time we take things for granted, to include the mother of our children.

Sometimes I think I do the best job as a parent and my other half knows nothing, but in reality, it’s not about knowing that really matters.

If you think you are some super dad like I did, this article is for you.

Here are 21 things that the movie Bad Moms has taught me and I’m sure you dads can learn from as well, so enjoy.

1.) If Mom is Present, She is NOT a Bad Mom

People can talk all they want about a mom doing things that aren’t very traditional, but if she is present in their kid’s lives, she at least needs a pat on the back. At least.

Not the perfect role model, but at least appreciate them being in your kid’s lives as there are many parents that aren’t there at all.

2.) Moms Need Help

I’m sure most of you dads work and maybe even most of you moms, but we all know that that’s just apart of life.

Even if we don’t have the boobs or the mother hen like care that kids demand, dads need to help whether we like it or not, even after a hard day’s work.

Take the baby for a while and let mom breathe as I’m sure she could use some time to clear her brain from constantly worrying about what the kids are doing.

3.) Moms and Dads Need Me Time

We spend a lot of time with our families (almost all of it), but we all need to take the time to have our special time.

Let guys be guys and let girls be girls, almost like it was before you started making babies.

Mom goes on the first week of the month, and dad can go on the last week, but do things without each other every now and then and you will keep things interesting.

4.) Parents Need Mommy & Daddy time

I always thought that being that we made our kids we should be the ones to take care of them, but I think I’ve changed my thoughts on that.

There is nothing wrong with calling in the grandparents to watch your kids while you and the misses go out on a SHORT date.

Of course there are those wanna be parents that drop their kids to grandma and grandpa’s house all the time, but please don’t be like them.

Once in a while is fine, but just don’t make it a habit.

5.) Moms are Not Perfect

The name of this movie can be very misleading but it fits everything perfectly after watching the whole thing.

Moms can miss things and do things that aren’t very “motherly” but we are only human.

They are not perfect and the same thing goes for us dads, so once again, don’t think that you are Super Dad, even if you might just be.

6.) Kids Aren’t Like They Used to Be

Gone are the days of harsh discipline and in are the new rules that a lot of us parents can’t adapt to.

At the very least, try to understand that we live in a completely different world and our kids are not us, so we need to understand that.

We got spanked, they didn’t.

We didn’t get nice things, but who cares?

These days are not like the old days and if you can put that pride away, you will understand what this generation is really about.

You might not like it, but it is what it is.

7.) We Need to Learn to Live

Work sucks (not mine) but we need to dig deep and find a way to make things fun for our families, even if we work longer hours that most.

Forget about being tired from work for once and get out there and actually enjoy your time with your kids.

This alone will help with behavior and all that stuff, so just live and put work on the side for once.

8.) No One Knows it All

We are only human and I’m sure we all make and will continue to make mistakes.

If you’re “mr. know it all”, make it a point to not know it all and be one within the family and everyone else that doesn’t know much.

Whether you’re smarter than everyone else, that does not make you better so keep that in mind.

9.) Moms Need a Break

Dad, we get it, you work hard and you need a break.

Although my other half is a stay at home mom, she still needs a break from the kids, even if it’s just to not have baby in her arms for an hour.

Take a break from work, and give mom that much needed break.

10.) Everyone Has Their Own Story

Just because someone is being “mean” to you doesn’t mean we always need to lash out and attack them back.

Completely hard to do, but try to understand that they might be going through some things that we may never understand.

11.) Kids Will Teach Us A Lot More Than We Know

If you really take the time to watch your kids, you will see how amazing they really are.

It may be the way they swipe the iPad, but you can learn a lot about them if you took the time to watch them grow.

You will learn a lot about them and you will learn a lot about yourself if you just allow it to happen.

12.) We Need to Grow Down

Yes, we’re adults, we have responsibility, and we want to set the best examples for our kids.

Every now and then, take the time to make a fool out of yourself and be a kid for once.

This past Halloween I dressed up as Michelangelo and even if I looked like a weirdo, my kids absolutely loved it.

13.) Working From Home is Awesome

If you are working countless hours and you feel trapped, do know that there are legitimate ways to make money online.

I make my living completely for the internet and I only did it because I wanted more time with my kids.

Give the kids the quality time they deserve and at the very least, give the online world a chance.

14.) Let Kids Be Kids

Discipline is a must, but if your kid wants to write on the wall, let them.

Find the joy that they feel and just watch them do something that they know isn’t right, but they get to do it anyways.

15.) Don’t Allow Your Kids to Be “Entitled”

Kids are super spoiled these days but that doesn’t mean we need to give them anything and everything because other kids have them.

Put your foot down and remember that by giving them what they want all the time, it will only set them up for failure.

16.) Parenting is Not Easy

Even if you think you have everything under control, there will ALWAYS be something to remind you that this whole parenting thing is not easy.

It’s the hardest job in the world due to the completely unknown that comes with the job.

Unlike your 9-5 that you do like a robot, you don’t know what to expect.

17.) You Don’t Know it All

We always think we know more than mom just because they can’t wait to rush off and get on Instagram, but that’s not the case.

Just like how no one knows it all, we are very much included in that line, so don’t think otherwise.

18.) Hold on to What You Have or it Will Disappear

As humans we are prone to take things for granted and there are a lot of things we tend to overlook.

Don’t be like Mike and be the other half mom needs you to be or things can disappear without you even knowing.

19.) Know That YOUR Kids Are Awesome

Sure we all think our kids are the greatest, but do know that they really are.

We get to be around their unique personalities and that is really what makes them awesome.

I’m sure if we were around other kids, we would think the same thing, but that’s why we have our own.

20.) Kids Grow Way Too Fast

I know we all hear this all the time, but we need to sit there and really think about this one.

I mean, do the math and calculate just how long they will be kids and you will see that it is a really short time.

21.) Life is Way Too Short

This comes to the end of this post and we need to realize that our kids and their moms will not be here forever, to include ourselves.

Don’t let life pass you by and do a lot more listening than trying to be “the man of the house”.


We can disagree on a lot of things as a mother and father, but in the end, being a parent is not the easiest thing and I’m sure we can all agree, at least on that one thing.

Although we live in a completely different world that does have dad doing a lot of stuff only moms used to do, take the time to appreciate what they do even if it’s just being there.

No one is perfect and although we may think that we know it all as a dad, I hate to break it to you but we don’t.

I don’t care if you work 10 hours a day and you think that that’s all that matters, do remember that taking care of a kid or kids is a completely different story.

It is very much different and I do believe that the workload we parents inherit should be shared.

So dads, do mom a favor and do the laundry or wash the dishes every now and then.

Play with the kids and remind them of how important their moms are no matter how “bad” you think they are.

Most importantly, tell the mother of your children how much you love them and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

No one is perfect and moms definitely deserve a round of applause.

To all you moms out there that go above and beyond for your family, this is for you.

And to the mother of my children (Risha) I love you so much and I can’t wait to come home.

Thanks for all that you do and I am so, so, sorry for everything that I have done or not done as a father no matter what I thought.

You mean the world to us and I am forever grateful that you are the mother of my children.

I don’t think you will hear me complain about you putting makeup on anymore, so you have that to look forward to.

I would like to dedicate this post to all you “bad moms” that are simply just involved with your kid’s lives as that alone is an amazing thing these days.

You are truly awesome and thank you for all that you do as us dads will not exist if it wasn’t for you.


– John




Just a stay at home dad, that loves spending time with his family. I love my gadgets, being in style, and most especially being a parent. Although I like having fun, I am one that isn’t looking to splurge, although I can get carried away.

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