Attention Geeky Dads – Try Being Yourself

When you take a look at modern culture, you’ll notice that not all dads are into football.

Some of the most highest rated films and TV shows right now are based off of comic book heroes and villains. Conventions of all sorts bring in thousands of attendees and make millions of dollars in a single weekend.

Let’s face it; it’s hip to be square.

Unfortunately, it can still sometimes be hard to find fellow geeks in the real world. It’s still customary to meet fellow Dads at the local ball game or your kid’s martial arts class.


So, what’s a Geeky, Gamer, Comic Loving Dad to do?

Well, you don’t have to use the force to find friends because we got you covered.

Let’s start out by admitting one thing; there is, in fact, a difference between nerds and geeks. It is entirely possible to be both, but, in case you missed the memo, let’s go over the facts:

“A geek is someone who is into pop-culture “fandom” where as a nerd is somewhat more academic.” – Misty Kirksey

So, you see, you can be a scientist and, even knowing better, can still appreciate the fictional effects of gamma rays on the human body.

If you can look past basic physics, you can get over any and all apprehension of wearing some of your favorite superhero shirts in public (especially at a playground).

Where to Start?

Speaking of parks, wearing your favorite superhero shirt, or having their symbol on your diaper bag, etc. can be a great way to meet other fan Dads. It only take a glance to see what you’re into, and any future friends will appreciate that.

Then there are the local comic shops and bookstores themselves.

Sure, you’ll find all walks of life roaming the aisles, but sooner or later, you are bound to make a connection.

And let’s face it, a comic shop is a WAY better environment to get to know a guy rather than the screaming sports fan at the local bar.

At least here you can speak in a normal voice about the things you love rather than have to yell over loud drunken hoots and blaring television screens.

My husband is a super adorable geek, so I know all this from experience!

Don’t be afraid to those crazy, geeky conventions! There, you’ll be able to connect with some like minded geeks and plan to meet up.

Also, there are plenty of groups that have at least monthly if not weekly meetings and gatherings. The 501 and/or Rebel Legions are just 2 such groups that may vary in their particular dress styles, but still have the same heart.

Don’t be afraid to look for local groups and get in on the act.

A good way to find groups is

No, it’s not just for dating (although, single dads, that COULD be an option, but we’ll save that for another time). This site can be used to find all kinds of groups of all different interest.

You don’t have to sit at home watching TV and wishing you could be part of the fun anymore; you can BE the fun!

Just a few minutes of search time and you could be well on your way to connecting with a multitude of other dads and even sometimes married couples that share your interest (just don’t plan a double date on hoth, I hear it’s cold this time of year and their local wildlife doesn’t have the most pleasant of scents).

Overall, don’t be afraid to be you! Let your geek flag fly, Dad! Strike up a conversation with that co-worker drinking from the T.A.R.D.I.S. mug.

Ask that neighbor about that Spider-Man sticker on his car.

Don’t be afraid to connect. If your wife is geeky too, all the better!

Go together and exchange info with couples.

Be yourself and don’t be afraid to let it all out.

Get out there and have some fun…

Just stop looking for geek friends in Alderaan places.



Hi, I’m Amanda Dempsey. Now, obviously I am not a Dad… But I am Mom. A Stay at home, work from home mom that, sometimes, has to embrace the role as Mother and Father. From sticky jam messes to crayons on the walls – From brooding teenager to letting them make their own mistakes – I have been through it all. Expert I am not but sometimes, Dads just need a little help from a Mom ;-)

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