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Beginner’s Guide to Buying Your First BBQ Grill

Buying a BBQ grill can be a lot of fun, but it can also set you back a few dollars. Unfortunately, that component of the process usually isn’t avoidable. If you want good stuff you’ve got to pay good money for it: that’s the way that the world works. Read More

Try These 5 Tricks To Giving Your Kids Their Meds The Next Time They Don’t Cooperate

With the flu season in full effect, everyone and their mothers are getting sick (literally) and it is one of the worst things that us parents have to deal with.

3 out of my 4 children have gotten hit with the bug and it came with one thing I can not stand. Fevers.

Even with asthma and eczema being other nightmares, fevers are by far the scariest and last thing I want to deal with.

Along with those unwanted illnesses, comes the meds and getting your kids to take them which I’m sure can be a hassle to a lot of you as well. Read More

The Insanity Workout Program Is A Great Product But It’s Just Not For Everyone


This product has been around for a very long time and I thought it’s time I do my Insanity workout review for those of you wondering if this program actually works.

From an infantryman in the army to a work from home dad, I’m sure you’ll appreciate an opinion from someone who knows how it is to be in tip top shape to being in the worst shape of his life. Read More

Beginner’s Guide to Buying As Seen on TV Products

As Seen on TV Products are a hit or miss type of thing with most of them falling under the “do not buy” category but that doesn’t mean all of them can be counted out.

With the many products I’ve tried and tested I have come to the conclusion that you have to try something for yourself as most of them are opinion based products anyways. Read More

A Review on the Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Ultralight Vacuum (HV382)

shark-duoclean-rocket-vacuum-reviewWondering if you should by the Shark DuoClean Rocket Vacuum?

This Shark DuoClean Rocket review will help you make a wiser decision, especially if you’re not looking to blow so much cash on yet another vacuum.

If you are like me, vacuuming isn’t your favorite chore.

Ok, let’s be real, if you are like me, you absolutely hate vacuuming.

Yeah, it’s true that the chore itself is a little bit tedious, but there is a little bit more to it than that. Read More

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