Baby Wipes Are Great For A Lot More Things Than Just A Baby’s Butt


There are many uses for baby wipes and it isn’t always baby related either. I have used them a great deal in my life and I want to share some of the things that I’ve used them for as a soldier and of course as a parent.

I don’t even know where to start as I am really amazed at how helpful baby wipes were in the two years I was deployed overseas. Since then, it’s like I can’t even go without them, even if it’s not baby related.

Being that I still have a baby in the house, I will have baby wipes at my disposal at anytime of the day. Whether it be at home, or in the car while on the go, they will be ready to help me take on life and simplify things.

Let’s Start With the Car

Sitting in the parking lot waiting for mom to get back, I decided to grab some baby wipes and give the dash a quick wipe down.

From there, I ended up getting into the speedometer as well as the center console. Before you know it, the whole front part of the car looked brand spankin new!

I’m not saying do this while you’re bored, but cleaning out little things in the car will help a lot. Wiping out my son’s cup holder on his carseat and all the crumbs around it is another great use.

For me, I also have no problem giving my kids snacks in the car. If they happen to eat something messy, a quick wipe will do the trick.

Of course they would sell a product for your car like Wet Ones, but there’s nothing a good old baby wipe couldn’t do that Wet One’s could.

Around the House

Yes, we have Lysol or Clorox wipes that we use for some quick cleaning around the house, but I always find myself reaching for some baby wipes no matter what.

A spill…grab a baby wipe

Writing on the wall…grab a baby wipe

Sticky kid hands…grab a baby wipe

There are so many things that we use wipes at home for and it’s almost second nature to use it to get these small tasks done.

If the kids touch the tv, I don’t go out and buy some fancy cleaning wipe to clean it, I grab a baby wipe and voila! Handprints are gone.

Dust is super easy to come across in any household and Swiffer is another one of our best friends, but not as much as Pampers.

If I see that my desk is dusty, I clean it out with yup, you guessed it. Another baby wipe. Of course I get carried away and I find myself on the floor wiping up some dirt.

What I’ve Used Baby Wipes For in The Army

Surviving a deployment was already a task and being deployed overseas, showers were not the easiest thing to get. Getting myself cleaned was always the first thing I used baby wipes for, but that’s not all they’re good for either.

The most common one would be to clean yourself. Being in the field or in any condition that you don’t have easy access to a shower, baby wipes will be your best friend.

I’m not one to waste, so I always tried to keep my “showers” down to a minimum. That doesn’t mean I was walking around smelling like a ball of ish either, even if that didn’t matter.

The one thing that we quickly adapted to was using it to clean our weapons. Every single second the sand would get on our weapons so giving it a quick wipe saved us from doing more work later.

Wiping your butt butt. There’s nothing more refreshing than leaving a porta-potty  on a hot day in Iraq. Before I leave, I give myself a quick wipe in other places and killed two birds with one stone (or wipe).

I also used baby wipes to give my body a quick cool down. Days were so hot that one little baby wipe would do wonders for me.

If you have ever put camouflage on any part of your body, you will know how hard it is to put on and take off. Baby wipes to the rescue! I use it to take off camo and it works better than soap and water too.

Are All Baby Wipes Created Equal?

I’m going to have to say no. You can always get a cheap pack depending on your situation, but I have found the Summer’s Eve (adult) type wipes to be the best smelling.

I know we all want to go around smelling like a big baby, but sometimes it can start to get irritating. A buddy of mine threw me a pack of that Summer’s Eve (not baby) wipes and boy was that one of the best smelling things I have ever smelt in my life.


Now baby wipes on the other hand, they all come in some type of baby fresh scent and they will work just fine. These fancy, not so manly wipes are not cheap, so if you don’t need em, don’t by em, unless you want to smell like pure goodness.

What Do You Wipe?

These are just some of the things that I’ve used baby wipes for and I’m sure I can go on and on about what I use them for, but I think I’m going to create a guide on his since there is just so many things you can use them for.

Please do not forget that baby wipes are not very toilet friendly so don’t flush them or even put them there. Although very useful, dispose of them properly.

Until then, what do you use these bad boys for?


–  John

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