Bellroy Duo Totepack Review – Great Buy or Waste of Money?


I am a huge fan of Bellroy and they have launched their bag line a couple of months ago.

This is a quick review of the Bellroy Duo Totepack, which is the first bag from their new line of products that I really found interesting.

Looks like a tote, carries like a backpack, so what is it really?

Well, it’s both.

So should you really spend $289 on a tote bag/backpack?


That’s a great question and I would like to give you some of the ins and outs of this bag so you can make a wiser decision on your own.

Let’s do a quick review so we  can narrow down every reason why we should or should not buy the Bellroy Duo Totepack.


First, let’s talk about looks as this is probably 90% of what will make your final decision anyways.

I’m sure you can agree that this is one pretty looking man carry and just like you, I wanted one for myself especially how I’m a backpack kind of guy.

However, this specific bag has gotten me to come out of my comfort zone and I have grown to like what a tote can do.

So you can carry this as a backpack but turn it into a tote by simply tucking some straps away.


I’m such a backpacker that I’m used to having to pull everything out when I need something at the bottom.

With the Duo Totepack or even a tote bag for that matter, having everything stored in a vertical manner has actually simplified a lot of things.

So what you really have here is a tote that can be carried on your back, which is pretty sweet if you ask me.


I have not had the chance to give it some wear and tear but I can tell you that Bellroy has a 3 year, replace your product for whatever reason, which is really awesome.

I have kids, so my Bellroy phone case for my iPhone 6 got a little scuffed up and started to fall apart and they sent me a new one right away.

Well, I actually asked them if I can trade it for something else and just pay the difference and they even agreed to that.

So if you ever have any problems with this bag, you have 3 years to have it replaced with no questions asked.

The Price

So I think everything about this bag is pretty up there but that’s not the problem for most of us.

To get the Duo Totepack, you can expect to fork out $289 just for a bag.

So this is where you really need to ask yourself some questions as everything else is good to go.

Besides its sleek appearance, are you going to be in a bind for spending so much money?

If not, I’m sure you can make up your mind right now.




If you’re in the market for a new bag this is definitely one to consider.

If you can’t afford it, I’m sure you can survive until you do have some play money.

I do hope that this short review of the Bellroy Duo Totepack has helped you in one way or another and I also hope that you can make a final decision.

So everything is on you now…

To buy or not to buy?


Just a stay at home dad, that loves spending time with his family. I love my gadgets, being in style, and most especially being a parent. Although I like having fun, I am one that isn’t looking to splurge, although I can get carried away.

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