The Bellroy Travel Wallet Is Sleek And Functional Just The Way I Like It

I’m a big fan of Bellroy products but that won’t make a difference in this Bellroy Travel Wallet review as I am all about providing the best and honest opinion on every product I purchase/review.

If you’re still on the fence about purchasing something as pricy as the Travel Wallet by Bellroy, this article will help you make a better decision on something with some awesome marketing.

Of course you were intrigued by the little videos and the simple, yet sleek look from any products that come from this company.

Same thing happened when I first came across the Bellroy case for the iPhone 6S and I have now become a fan of this brand and for very good reason at that.

Let’s break down the Bellroy Travel Wallet with a nice little review on such a simple, kind of pricey, product.

Who The Bellroy Travel Wallet is For

This is obviously great for anyone who travels, but is perfect for guys who even travel at least once a year.

With compartments for all necessities, this travel wallet is definitely something to consider before taking your next trip.

This is not your average wallet and I will touch up on that more within this review.

Bellroy Travel Wallet Review

Bellroy has developed several products that all come with a simple and classy look with the Travel Wallet being the latest one on my to buy list.

First off, it comes in 3 different colors for just leather and then 3 colors for their RFID (security related), which is not the coolest thing to do in my opinion.

Regular leather travel wallets come in…

  • Charcoal
  • Cocoa(black lining)
  • All Black

The RFID travel wallets come in…

  • Black (charcoal lining)
  • Caramel (charcoal lining)
  • Java (charcoal lining)

All Bellroy Travel Wallets come in simple colors, but I see no reason to have the RFID ones come in separte colors because they also come with a higher price tag.

Do you really need RFID in the first place?

What happened to regular old wallets and why would you really need that type of protection now?

Marketing tactic?

That’s what I think and I also think you don’t need that type of stuff, but that’s just me.

Now for a couple bucks more…it’s really hard not to.

Confusing, I know, but once again, marketing at its finest.


  • Premium leather
  • First 4-10+ cards
  • 97mm x 150mm
  • Section for passport (won’t fit German and Irish)
  • 4 quick access card slots + 2 extra slots
  • Micro travel pen + refills
  • 3 year warranty

The travel pen is a great addition especially when it comes time to fill out those custom forms.

Not to mention that it comes with refills in case you plan to use that pen for other things, which is not recommended.

As a frequent flyer, I always have at least two pens with me, even if most of my work is done online.

Simple Design

I’m all about simple and all of Bellroy’s products are not too fancy, does what it’s supposed to do, and definitely lasts.

From the packaging alone, you can already tell you’re getting something with great quality, just like you would with any of apple’s products.

For people like me that like simple and functional stuff, the Bellroy Travel Wallet is exactly what we need.

Then you throw in some crazy packaging and very enticing advertising and you’ll have people buying this thing like crazy.

The Price for the Bellroy Travel Wallet

This is one of the things that kind of turned me off, but I think they hit a very good price point with this one.

Being that it is big enough to hold your passport or a small tablet, I’d have to agree with the pricing on this, although it might not sit well with others.

The price ranges between $119 – $124.95

  • $119 – Regular Leather
  • $124.95 – Leather/RFID

Depending on whether or not you want to be secure from hackers and thieves, will determine how much you spend for this travel wallet.

This product is also sold on, so if you’re a frequent shopper, you might just want to get it there.



Refund Policy & Warranty

Bellroy stands behind their products 100% and if you’re not satisfied, you can expect a refund as well as a 3 year warranty for this wallet.

I have had an issue with my Bellroy iPhone 6S case and they sent me a replacement even if I didn’t have the receipt.

They simply found my name, I sent them some pics of my defected product, and they sent me a replacement without a problem.

Pros & Cons


  • Brilliant design
  • Looks great
  • Very functional
  • Great colors to choose from
  • High quality leather
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty


  • Kind of pricey

Final Opinion of the Bellroy Travel Wallet

Great product and with a 3 year warranty, that makes this product worth it.

I had a piece fall off of my Bellroy phone case and they sent me a new case, no questions asked even if I didn’t have the receipt.

If you’re looking for a simple and fully functional travel wallet, the Bellroy Travel Wallet is definitely a must buy for all you guys that want to be in style.

Looking for that special gift for dad this Father’s day?

This is sure to please anyone’s taste even with just the packaging alone.

I give the Bellroy Travel Wallet 2 thumbs up and there is nothing bad about this product for me not to recommend this to you.

If you have the money, now’s the time to get yourself or that special someone, something that no one else probably has.

Thanks for reading my review of the Bellroy Travel Wallet and I hope I have given you all the information you need to make a smart purchase.




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