Both Parents Work? Share The Workload, They Are Your Dishes Too


In today’s society, it is nearly impossible to make the income needed to sustain a family on one salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 96% of US families had 2 working parents in 2014.

That’s right, mom and dad both held a daily job.

So, mom and dad should both share in the chores of the home.

Maybe you could:

– Switch days for dish duty
– Only sweep the high traffic areas after the kids go to bed, then do a full house sweep once a month.
– When one is doing the dishes from that day, the other pick up the toys.

I alway recommend picking up after the little one’s are asleep, then end the day together. Maybe enjoy a short film before bed or a glass of wine while reading or just simply cuddling as you drift to sleep.

Not matter what you work out for your household, it needs to include mom and dad maintaining the chores.

Too many times, we hear these sad tales of divorce and it usually boiled down to someone feeling forgotten or taken advantage of. And in those cases, it was usually the wife that was feeling that way.

Show your wife that little extra love every day. – Dry the dishes after she washes, give a foot rub; – Tell her she looks beautiful with her hair all tied up; – Pick up the toys while she soaks in a bath.

I promise, take that extra step to reminder her just how much you love her and she will give her love back ten-fold.

But she’s a stay at home mother. It’s her job to clean and care for the kids

You are right. If your wife is lucky enough to spend twenty-four seven cleaning poop, spilt milk, stepped on cookies and snot all day then, then yes, of course it is her job to maintain the cleanliness of the home….

For all those that have never been a stay at home parent, it’s not all sitting around and playing.

It’s hard work. It’s exhausting work.

So why would it not make sense to help your hard-working wife with those kids or chores once you get home?

It’s the same concept as if she was bringing in an income… Just, with this job, she can’t call out if she gets sick.

My Point

Dads, all I ask is that you don’t accidently make your wife responsible for half the income, as well as all the cleaning or accidently make her responsible for all the responsibilities of the household because she is a stay at home parent.

There are a lot of responsibilities and obligations when it comes to running a home, maintaining a family and balancing a work life. Sit down with your partner and discuss these issues.

Who does what and when?

Get on a schedule and stick to it.

Remember, “Happy wife, happy life!”

The best way to keep your wife happy is to help her carry the load of life… or maybe just help her keep the kitchen clean.

Either way, she will be happy 🙂


Just a stay at home dad, that loves spending time with his family. I love my gadgets, being in style, and most especially being a parent. Although I like having fun, I am one that isn’t looking to splurge, although I can get carried away.

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