Boys Star Wars Hoodie – The One With The Eyes On The Hood

So we were at the mall today, which was supposed to be about getting shoes. I just so happened to forget my credit card, so we had to use mom’s cash.

Being that we were limited on spending, the shoes were not even on the list anymore. We did do some window shopping and we just so happen to come across this cool looking hoodie that my son couldn’t let go.

It was a Star Wars hoodie, which had eyes on the hood and my son wanted it so bad. We could’ve got it with the money we had, but there was just one problem. It was too small!

We asked one of the employees if there were anymore, but they were out. I guess these things were selling like hotcakes.

What Next?

Get it online was the first thing I thought. So after a little convincing, we were able to leave the mall and forget about that hoodie for a little while.

Usually my son will fall asleep on the drive home, but he still had that jacket on his mind. The minute we got home, he went straight to the computer and said, dad let’s get it now.

Here’s the little Star Wars hoodie that he wanted so bad. If you’re looking for one, you can find it here! We’re still waiting on his, so I’ll share some pics when they get here.


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  • October 23, 2015
  • Kids

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