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21 Cool Hobbies For Dads That Are Actually Not Boring

So it’s no secret that I’m a full-time blogger and I make my living completely from the commissions I make through my blogs. Being that I know more than the average dad when it comes to making money online and picking up cool hobbies, I have dedicated this post to dads that are not only […]

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Backpack Diaper Bags Are Great For Dads

Backpack diaper bags are definitely in, especially for us dads. I don’t know about you but I’m definitely a backpack kind of guy and yeah those messenger bags are cool and very much like a normal diaper bag but it’s just not for me. There are many reasons why I prefer a backpack style diaper bag […]

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How to Properly Care For Your New Baby Stroller

Sure we want to invest our hard earned money into our new bundle of joy, but I think taking great care of our investment is a bigger deal than most people think. Picking the perfect baby stroller is already a task on its own now forgetting about maintenance can throw everything down the drain. A […]

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Are As Seen On TV Products Safe To Buy?

Some people question the legitimacy of the products they see on TV and sometimes are skeptical when it comes to buying online. If you do things the right way, there should be no problem with any type of shopping online, even if you get one of them cool As Seen on TV products. Online Merchants […]

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How To Get Around That Post Birth Anti-Sex Drive

You waited for months for this to happen and finally, here it is. You’re finally a dad! That baby bundle of awesomeness in the next room is the product of the love (or inebriation) that you and your wife share. Life could simply not be much more wonderful! There is just one problem. Where Did […]

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