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Fisher Price Fashion Diaper Bag Review

I review new products often, but very rarely do I have the chance to highlight something that not only do I use on the daily, but my entire family does as well. Today I have been given that opportunity, and I’m pretty jazzed about it.

No, it’s not as glamourous as a television set or the Play Station, but actually it gets a lot more use than both objects combined. I’m talking of course, about the diaper bag.

Not just any diaper bag, the Fischer Price Diaper Backpack. If you are a parent of a small child, you know that the time for excitement is now. Read More

The RompHim Is Definitely Not In

What is the world coming to?

They just had the first female to finish the U.S. Army Ranger school and now guys wanna wear onesies?

Are we switching roles here?

Will guys start breast feeding soon?

I think the trends, ideas of what the American dream is, and society as a whole has come to really test the brains of the human race and we are obviously failing.

Recently there was a Kickstarter campaign that got started and it’s promoting a product called the “RompHim”.

If you’re not familiar with what a romper is, it is pretty much a onesie for females that is nothing more than a one piece outfit, which is what a baby would normally wear.

So first it was for babies, then women wanted one, and now, men?

I can’t help but shake my head thinking about how bored we get as humans and how almost anything new these days will make it regardless of how off the wall it is.

Introducing…The RompHim

The latest fashion trend for guys is the RompHim and I’m just curious to see how far this thing goes.

Is this just a way to get attention or is this really something that real men are actually interested in?

I used to think guys wearing capri pants was it and then along came the skinny jeans, but the RompHim has definitely pushed the limits of what men are these days.

It might not be the best fashion choice for a lot of you guys out there, but do know that this product is out there and it might still surprise you even if you’re already aware of it.

Trying to be the latest summer outfit for guys, the RompHim looks like it will be hitting the market as it has done pretty good for itself on

Romphim Kickstarter Campaign Already $50K + Over its $10,000 Goal

The many things that come out of Kickstarter will either make it, fail, or make it and then fail.

Within its first month of its launch, the RompHim has already passed its target goal of $10k.

According to the campaign, they have spent “countless hours designing the RompHim”, which I really can’t see, simply because it’s just a onesie.

It’s a super simple design, very much like the romper, but with a more boyish touch to it.

Not the manliest piece of clothing, but a sure sign of boredom coming from the male department.

Advertising Absolutely Works

After seeing how this product is already drawing attention and passing its goal of $10,000 on Kickstarter, you can only say that advertising does wonders for any business or product.

When you have something as catchy as the RompHim, you can expect it to go viral, hitting every market out there causing a big fuss.

Whether it’s a publicity stunt or a serious idea, this product has shown me that anything is possible no matter what product it is.

Soon we’ll be having bras for men and who knows, dudes might just be walking around with RompHims whether we like it or not.

Conclusion: There’s a Market For EVERYTHING

I don’t care if you’re into fidget spinners or joggers, trends will come and there is going to be a market for it regardless of how stupid you think it is.

From the gadgets to our fashion preference, you can expect there to be some weird, crazy, and attention grabbing item, which will draw more than just a head turn.

I have come to the conclusion that no matter what idea you have, whether it be weird, crazy, or flat out insane, I think you need to take some action and let out the little entrepreneur in you as I think anything is really possible.

After the RompHim, I’m sure your idea will do great.

Not so much my taste and not something I’ll be wearing to the beach with my kids, but definitely a hot topic right now.

I mean, imagine my kids, my other half, and me wearing onesies…

That is beyond ridiculous!

That’s just me though as I’m sure we all have our own opinions.

Will you be rocking the “RompHim” this summer?



Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Stroller Review – Is It Really Worth It?

Like most strollers, each have their flaws. Does this one have too much, making it not good enough to use?

In this Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Stroller review, I will give you all the information you need so that you can make a better decision at the end of the day.

Everyone has their opinion on things, but I’m sure you’ll have a different perspective, since this is coming from a dad’s point of view.

My other half tends to disagree with a lot of stuff I say when it comes to baby equipment, but in the end, I’m the one who really uses this stuff.

So if you’re looking for a solid review, you have come to the right place.

I’m not going to sugarcoat anything, so be ready for a solid, to the point review.


Product Name: Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Weight: 30 pounds

Maximum Weight Recommendation: 50 pounds

Color: Papyrus

Dimensions: 43 x 22 x 36 inches

Guarantee: 30 day return policy

Product Overview

This stroller is from Chicco and been described from the manufacturers as an innovative tri-modal.

It has been created for the sole purpose of fitting the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, which can be a good and bad thing.

This stroller contains 3 modes that can be adjusted to best suit you and your baby as he/she gets older (having a comfortable ride).

Mode 1 – This is used for young infants. The stroller functions as a lightweight and stylish car seat carrier. You can use the canopy in this manner.

Mode 2 – When your child gets a little older and wants to see more of the outside world and what’s going on around him/her, you can then remove the canopy and heighten the seat. This makes it even more lighter so you can travel easier.

Mode 3 – This is for when your baby becomes a toddler, it now functions as a toddler stroller and perfect for everyday use. Even though it’s an all-around stroller, it is still packed with all the features other toddler strollers include.

There’s a lot of features this stroller has to offer.

Here’s some of them:

  • Extra large storage basket that can be accessed from front and rear, adding more convenience
  • A Parent tray to hold all necessary items for all busy parents on-the-go
  • Adjustable push handle to be a comfortable fit for both mom and dad
  • One-hand fold for more convenience of course
  • Will stand on its own when folded up
  • Removable seat to allow an infants car seat
  • Extra large canopy, along with a multi-position recline fore a more comfortable ride

What Ultimate Benefits Does This Product Provide?

This has been classed as an all-round stroller and it actually lives up to its name.

One of the biggest benefits that this stroller has to offer is how convenient it is while still being lightweight, good for for busy moms who want something easy to use and packed with features.

Not to mention that both parents can use it comfortably since it has the adjustable push handle, that is actually better than our Britax Affinity stroller.

Pricing & Purchase Details

These strollers can be purchased at their cheapest price on, and usually around $350 to $400, which includes a 30 day return policy, so you can send it back for a full refund if it wasn’t up to your expectations.

If you find any parts broken on the stroller, you can send it back for a repair too and don’t forget that it also comes with free shipping for all orders within the U.S.

See The Current Prices Here

Who This Stroller Is For

This stroller is for busy moms who have a few kids and can’t seem to catch a break. Since it has a one-hand fold function, you can be holding baby in one hand and folding the stroller with the other.

And because it has a neutral color and adjustable push handle, taller dads can enjoy the benefits that this stroller has to offer too!

Pros and Cons


  • It is packed with many features.
  • I can see that they have really put an emphasis on convenience
  • It will make a great choice for busy parents who want something made of high quality and going to be comfortable enough for your infant, right up until he/she grows into a toddler
  • Assembling this stroller doesn’t take long (20 minutes)
  • Extremely lightweight for a travel system, there are a lot of people loving how easy it is to collapse and stow away
  • Even the car seat base is simple to set up. This will take less than 5 minutes and is done with a simple pull of a latch


  • It is pretty expensive and definitely not the cheapest travel system on the market
  • As with most Amazon products, you might get one with a defect or it won’t be as good as the others

Pros definitely outweigh the cons in this battle, but is it really worth it?

Alternative Stroller

If you simply can not afford this travel system, there’s another stroller I want you to see.

This one still has the function where you can attach an infants car seat to it. However, the Graco Click Connect Literider Stroller won’t last as long and isn’t packed with as much features.

But it’s still good for people on a budget.

Do I Recommend This Product?

There are so many people praising the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Stroller because of how easy and convenient it is to use.

Is is lightweight for a travel system and not the most expensive of its kind either.

The only negative feedback that I have found are from people that are just picking at little things that really don’t matter, such as the canopy getting in the way when you put the car seat in.

Like, really?

That has nothing to do with the quality of the product or how well it functions.

I have no problems with this stroller and it is definitely highly recommended!

My Final Opinion

I really can’t believe why people pick at little things that an almost-flawless travel system has to offer. Okay, it isn’t perfect – but it’s hard to find a travel system that has this many features and this amount of convenience.

There are over 90% of people who have purchased it who are all saying nice things about it. While the small 10% are only worrying about little things that don’t matter.

Or complaining about plastic parts, saying it probably won’t last long, but of course most of the 90% have claimed it to stand the test of time.

This stroller works great and does everything as intended. I have no doubts that you’ll enjoy the vast amount of benefits and features that this stroller has to offer in no time.

This travel system IS highly recommended!



Is The JJB Messenger Diaper Bag Worth The Price?

Should you buy the Ju Ju Be diaper bag?

In this JJB Messenger Diaper Bag review I want to show you what it has to offer before you invest in something you might not even like.

With a hefty price tag, this might not be what you’re looking for so this review should serve you will.

Messenger bags are cool and all, but I’m very much the backpack diaper bag kind of guy.

Although I have my preference, you will still get my honest opinion in the end, so enjoy what I have to offer.


Product Name: JJB Messenger Diaper Bag

Cheapest Place To Buy:

Weight: 2.6 pounds

Target Gender: Male

Material Type: Waterproof Teflon

Guarantee: 30 day return policy

Product Overview

The manufacturers created this bag for the sole purpose of allowing fathers to cart around a decent looking bag instead of a pink one.

It has been described as a bag that can be used for other purposes even when the baby has outgrown it, and since you can remove the center padding, there’s enough room for a laptop and other items.

This diaper bag has many features, some of them include:

  • Light-colored lining to make it easier when finding things
  • Inside mesh pockets
  • Panels
  • Key clip
  • Cellphone pocket
  • Pen holders
  • Sunglasses case (also used for cleaning)

It has magnetic closures, these are good for opening and closing the bag within a moments notice.

There is also a separate pouch for extra diapers or anything else similar and this can be closed with magnetic closures as well.

This bag has been called intelligent, yet fashionable and fun at the same time.

You will also find that there’s a Teflon protector on the changing pad to keep stains at bay, this changing pad happens to be a memory foam pad too, which is very comfortable.

There are a lot more pockets and features that this diaper bag contains.

What Ultimate Benefits Does This Product Provide?

What really struck me the most, was how all JJB diaper bags feature Agion treated lining, which of course I knew nothing about until I came across this bag.

This is to combat mildew buildup, germs, fungus, and bacteria, which of course is great for anything that will have food and all that baby goodness we bring with us.

Never have I reviewed a diaper bag that contains this incredibly helpful feature, so kudos to them for that.

There are also crumb drains on the bottom of this diaper bag to help keep it clean and functional.

As far as how effective that is, it’s kind of hard to see it happening because almost everything inside the bag will stay where it is unless you take everything out and dump it towards the drain, which at that point you can just shake it out through the top.

Pricing & Purchase Details

The cheapest place to get the JJB messenger diaper bag is from

The price is always changing though, and it is usually $90 $120, so I suggest you check the most recent price first as you might be able to save a couple bucks.

This product also includes a 30 day return policy, so you can return it for a full refund if it wasn’t up to your expectations, or if you find any defects in the product.

There is also a 90 day limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturers, which covers any defects the product may have.

Click Here to See the Current Price on


Who This Diaper Bag Is For

It is targeted for dads of course, so if you don’t enjoy toting around a pink diaper bag with a flower on it, then this might be something you’d actually like.

And since being a father is hard enough as it is, first-time dads need to be ‘broken in’ to this new lifestyle. I find that this bag would be a perfect choice. Especially as a gift.

Pros and Cons


  • This diaper bag seems to have an incredible amount of organization abilities with all the pockets and features
  • Since it’s a messenger-styled bag, when baby has outgrown it, you can still use it as a laptop bag
  • The Agion treatment that has been applied to the inside of this bag helps kill odor-causing bacteria, such as mold and mildew
  • Made with high quality material, while it its pretty lightweight and the attention-to-detail has been carefully thought out


  • The strap is too long to to carry on a stroller
  • Way too big for a female to use
  • It will not sit properly when placed on the ground

Do I Recommend This Product?

To put it simply, yes, but only for fathers.

If you’re a female and intend to use this bag, it might not work for you as it is too big and bulky and there’s no way you will like it.

I can see a lot of females that purchase this bag and then give it a negative review because it’s too heavy for them. I can’t help but laugh.

It is INTENDED for fathers, not mothers and you can clearly see it in the description.

However, for fathers, who happen to be much stronger, will enjoy the benefits that this diaper bag has to offer. It is a messenger bag so it can pass as a work/gym bag as well.

I have no doubts that a dad will enjoy this diaper bag, it is highly recommended!

Alternative Diaper Bag

If you enjoy this messenger-styled diaper bag but don’t like the price tag or you’re a female that wants something like this but capable of fitting you bettter, there’s another one I’d like you to see.

The Skip Hop Dash Signature Diaper Bag is MUCH cheaper, still has a great design, and works good for both genders. This one can easily be attached onto a stroller.

Personally, I’m more into backpack diaper bags, so you might want to check this out if you have the same interest.

My Final Opinion

As you can see from the cons, they are very minor and most of them are only problems that are regarding a female.

Dads can easily reek the benefits that this specific product provides, if you don’t mind that it won’t sit properly when placed on the ground and you want something that’s going to be good for multi-use, then I can’t think of anything better than the JJB Messenger Diaper Bag.

It has been claimed of being a bag as high quality and going to last many years, making it a good choice if you want a bag that can still be used when your baby doesn’t need it anymore.

For all the reasons I have mentioned in this review, and if you aren’t a female, the I have no problems with recommending this product to you.

A great concept and works just as intended. This diaper bag IS highly recommended!

Not the easiest bag go find so get it while you can!

Cheapest place to buy: From for $124.99


BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller Review – Affordable, But Is It Worth It?

In this BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller (Black) Review, I’ll be writing down all my findings, because too many times I have seen people that recommend bad products and wasting peoples money.

We all want to pick the perfect stroller for our babies and sometimes we end up getting something simply because we felt it was “the one”.

I want to give you all the information you need to know before you purchase something that might not be the right stroller for you.

We all have different wants and needs, so you will see if this is going to be worth that hard earned money of yours.

With some inflated tires and other cool features, this might be the right stroller for you.


Product Name: BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, Black

Material Type: Lead free

Weight: 25 pounds

Target Gender: Unisex

Maximum Weight Recommendation: 70 pounds

Colors: Black, navy, orange fashion

Guarantee: 30 day return policy + limited warranties

Overall Rating: 4.9/5 stars

Product Overview

The BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller (Black) has been created for a perfect sport experience.

From the zoo, to the beach, the manufacturers are claiming that this stroller can turn tight corners (due to the swiveling front wheel) and congested areas. Very much like the Britax Affinity stroller.

Or if you want to use it for jogging or when the terrain gets tough, tighten the wheels and have more of a ‘straight’ motion.

It is easy to fold and lightweight, making it easy to stow away. This stroller contains state of the art suspension, so your baby will have a comfortable ride in all terrain types.

If your baby is still not ready for this spacious stroller, simply place an infant car seat inside it while the Accessory Adapter secures it in place (has to be a BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter though).

And when he/she gets older, place the snack tray on it for more convenience.

This stroller also comes with a reclining seat and adjustable canopy, along with multiple adjustments and storage options of course.

What Ultimate Benefits Does This Product Provide?

Basically I can see that this stroller is made for everyday activities, and not-so-ready adventures. Such as: long grass, cobblestones, rocks, etc.

The suspension system was one feature that caught my eye too.

Being “state of the art”, it makes a comfortable and smooth ride for BOTH you and your baby.



Pricing & Purchase Details

The price of this stroller will change often, but it mostly stays within the $450 price range.

You can get this stroller from, which includes a 30 day return policy and free shipping for all orders made to the US.

The manufacturers are also adding a 1 year limited warranty for the fabric and small parts, while the frame gets a 5 year limited warranty too.

For that price, I think that’s fair and shows a lot about the quality of this product.


Average price: $450

Cheapest place to buy: for $409.99


Who This Stroller Is For

I can clearly see that this stroller is for those of you that want one that’s extremely high quality and going to last for many years to come, and probably long enough for the next baby to use 😛

It is made with high quality and perfect for everyday activities or not-so-everyday adventures, making it a great gift for a relative or close friend.

Since it’s pretty lightweight and easy to fold, even a mother can tote this stroller around with no problems.

With the right budget, this might just be for you.



Pros and Cons


  • Very lightweight and easy to fold for a stroller of this size, especially with this many features and maneuverability that it provides
  • Made with extremely high quality material. And the manufacturers are giving 5 year limited warranties, I can see that this stroller is going to last a very long time
  • There is comfortable padding on the reclining seat, while the state of the art suspension makes for a very comfortable ride, even if your baby is asleep
  • The three-wheel design with swiveling front wheel makes everyday activities a breeze. Not to mention that rough terrain will not be a problem with this stroller
  • A lot of pockets, adjustments, features and storage compartments. A great idea for mothers on-the-go.


  • Has a hefty price tag and probably not the best choice for you if you are on a budget

Alternative Stroller

I don’t recommend this stroller for anyone who can’t afford it, as there are still “good” strollers in a much lower price range.

The Graco Click Connect Literider Stroller doesn’t have tubed tires and costs roughly $50-$60, if you are not in the mood to spend a lot of money on a stroller.

However it probably won’t last as long but it WILL still last you a good length of time. For the price you pay, you can’t go wrong.

Do I Recommend The BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller?

There are a small number of people complaining about the fabric ripping or seams coming loose within the early days, but there is a 1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY on the fabric and all parts!

This means all damage to the fabric and small parts are covered for. I don’t know why they are giving it bad reviews when the manufacturers are standing by their product 100%.

Not to mention the 5 year limited warranty for the frame.

However, there is only a small amount of people claiming these problems. The other (literally) thousand have nothing but nice things to say about it.

In all honesty, it is a great stroller and definitely high quality.

Because of the attention-to-detail and the vast amount of features, this stroller shouldn’t be passed up.

Especially with the huge amount of positive feedback it has been given. This stroller is highly recommended!

My Final Opinion

This is great stroller, and with this many purchases and reviews, there are not many people giving it bad feedback and that alone is a huge pro, especially with Amazon products.

Of course it has a hefty price tag on it, but that’s because of how high quality it is and how durable the frame is.

If you’re looking for a stroller that will last you many years, has a trusted company that cares about you and your satisfaction, then you’ll definitely want to consider the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller.

I could go on and on about it, but I would rather you check it out and see it for yourself.

For all the reasons I have outlined in this review, and for the simple fact that the positive feedback heavily outweigh the negative, I don’t see why the minor cons should make a huge impact on your decision.

If you’re into running, this will work great, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you are simply just doing family things.

Not a big fan of the one wheel in the front?

You might want to checkout the Britax Affinity stroller.

In the end, this is a great stroller and I highly recommend it!


– John



The XLR8 Baby Boom Connect And Go Diaper Bag Is Pricey But Might Be Worth It

xlr8-connect-and-go-backpack-diaper-bag-reviewLooking to buy the XLR8 Connect and Go diaper bag by Baby Boom?

There wasn’t many reviews on this so I thought I’d shed some light on something that might be a bit pricey for most, but might actually be worth it.

This diaper bag hasn’t received much feedback on Amazon, so a little more research will need to be done to find the true quality of this product.

This is my Baby Boom Connect And Go XLR8 Diaper Bag review, and this is where I will find out if this product is worth purchasing or just a waste of money.

It is a little more expensive than other diaper bags so I had to dig a little deeper to see what makes this different from the rest.

Let’s get right into things.


Product Name: Connect and Go XLR8 Diaper Bag

Manufacturer: Baby Boom

Weight: 2.5 pounds

Material: Polyester

Color: Black and Navy

Guarantee: 30 day return policy

Overall Rating: 3.9/5 stars

Product Overview

This diaper bag was created for the sole purpose of being easier to do errands while you’re on-the-go as well as to make it easier to stay in touch and connected with friends and family.

Because of this reason, you can properly organize your babies items and other essential items without compromising your connectivity.

This diaper bag contains over 20 pockets, giving you enough room for your babies items, as well as your phone, iPod, charger, wires, etc.

It includes a 7800mah power bank, meaning it doesn’t matter whether you’re running errands around town or hiking on a trail, you can keep your mobile phone fully charged and functional.

This bag contains a Bluetooth speaker as well as a little access hole for your headphones, which I find to be really convenient.

You will find a red light which is integrated inside the diaper bag and illuminates when you open it up.

This is to help you find your way around without rummaging through and taking everything out while you try and find your pen that’s sitting at the very bottom of the bag 😛

There is also insulated pockets on the exterior of this bag to help with keeping your food and bottles cooled, while the main compartment is better for the babies and parents essential items.

This specific diaper bag also contains a changing pad, which is removable and provides a soft and clean surface while on the go.

What Ultimate Benefits Does This Product Provide?

I find that the added Bluetooth is good for when you want to play those soothing lullabies or better yet, something for dad or mom to relax too.

I can see that this diaper bag has been designed for modern comfort, along with the extra features to make your life as a parent easier.

With all these features and modern privileges, there are so much benefits you can obtain from this slick-looking bag.

One of my favorites would be how lightweight it is, and still having enough room for you AND your babies items.

I’m also very much the backpack type of person so that is what attracted me to this bag in the first place.

Not a big fan of the messenger bags, but to each his own.

Pricing & Purchase Details

This diaper bag is available on and includes a 30 day return policy.

Send it back for a full refund if you want to, or get a repair if you find any defects on it.

The pricing varies between $100 and $150 but it is forever changing.

Who This Diaper Bag Is For

I think backpack diaper bags are great for dads, so that right there is who the main target would most likely be.

For those of you that like to listen to music and want the option of charging your phone on the go, this thing will be a great fit for you.

If you have the money to purchase this diaper bag and want something that will stand out from the crowd, then this is for you.

It is extremely roomy while being lightweight and it makes it a great choice for both male and female. b

Because it is so gender-neutral, I would say it can work as being the main diaper bag – so both parents can use it.

Pros and Cons


  • It is so modernized and provides everything you need as you move throughout your day with your baby
  • Contains a lot of features that I haven’t seen on any diaper bags yet (such as: the Bluetooth speaker, 7800mah power bank, LED light)
  • Very lightweight for a diaper bag of this size
  • It is not a girly bag, so the father can use it as well without losing his dignity


  • Because the Bluetooth speaker sits in the side fishnet pocket, it makes it pretty much useless when you want to put drinks or anything else in it too
  • The seams may not be up to par with the rest of the bag

Do I Recommend This Product?

It has so much features and organization abilities, and because the pros and benefits heavily outweigh the cons that this diaper bag has been given, I would have to say that this is a good buy.

Yes, the seams might not be the best, but I would say that this specific person who complained about them got a bad bag.

However there is only a small chance of this happening and I think you won’t be in that .0001%.

Alternative Diaper Bag

If you’re too worried about the seams coming apart too quickly, there’s another diaper bag I’d like you to see.

This one is in the same price range and is actually a lot more manlier than the bag mentioned above.

You won’t have any problems with the seams coming apart either, although it is slightly heavier (3.8 pounds).

If it sounds like something you’re interested in, then read my full review on the Combat Daddy Diaper Bag for those of you interested.

My Final Opinion

This bag works just as expected, however I feel that I should mention something that the product description doesn’t say.

The Bluetooth speaker has to be powered by the external battery that comes with it, but luckily it has 2 outputs, so you can still charge your mobile phone while you’re on the go.

Please note: The interior pocket that holds the battery in place is enclosed by Velcro straps, and a lot of the times it will stick to the seam of the pocket, allowing it to fray easy.

Just be careful with this to extend the life of this diaper bag.

Other than all of this, that’s all I could find bad about the product, and because it has so much features, pockets and compartments, you will not run space and you will very much be organized.

I have no doubts that you will find this bag to be beneficial in many ways for you, it works as intended and does a great job at it.

The Baby Boom Connect And Go XLR8 Diaper Bag is good to go!


Get It On Amazon While You Still Can!


Lillian Rose Diaper Bag Review – The Tool Bag Looking One

Looking for that diaper bag that looks like a tool bag? This Lillian Rose Diaper bag is most likely it and I’d like to cover more on it within this review.

So if dad wants to feel like he’s being productive around the house while helping with baby, this might just be for him.

Diaper bags are a great idea for any parent, however there are many moms who walk around with a pink bag and it usually has a flower or butterfly on it.

That doesn’t work good for the dads does it?

So what are we suppose to use? I found this diaper bag on and decided to write my honest opinion on it since it is definitely one of a kind

In this Lillian Rose Diaper Bag review, I’m going to find the real quality of this product and then write down my findings below so that you can see if it is really something you want or need.


Product Name: Lillian Rose Diaper Bag

Shipping Weight: 15.2 ounces

Material: Faux suede

Gender: Unisex

Brand: Lilian Rose

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 17.50 x 12.50 x 6.00 Inches

Guarantee: 30 day return policy

Product Overview

The Lillian Rose Diaper Bag was mostly created for dads that want to walk around with something to look manlier with, rather than a pink one.

I can see that it does that perfectly, especially because of the “tool bag” design, making it look like a work bag that a dad might use.

The material IS made of fake suede to get that awesome leather looking finish and you can also find silver rivets located on the bag to (almost) convince people that it’s a real tool bag.

I’m sure anyone would think that if they didn’t know it was an actual diaper bag

The measurements are 17.5″ x 6″ x 12.5″ (L x H x W).

The main features include:

  • Velcro closure
  • 7 outside pockets
  • Zipper pocket on the inside
  • Adjustable shoulder strap (optional)

What Ultimate Benefits Does This Product Provide?

One of the main ones, and tend to be my favorite, is how much looks the bag will get and how many smiles will pass your way.

You don’t see many people using these sorts of bags, and you’re more than likely to get some compliments for it.

You can walk around with this bag and have your dignity intact! If that isn’t beneficial enough then I don’t know what is 😛

Personally, I have yet to see someone walk around the mall with this, so you can bet that this is definitely going to stand out.

Pricing & Purchase Details

This diaper bag is on Amazon and can be purchased for roughly $40 to $60, which is actually not a bad deal.

However, the pricing changes all the time.

This diaper bag comes with a 30 day return policy, meaning you can get a full refund if it wasn’t up to your expectations or if you find any defects on the product, you can have it sent back for repair.

If you shop with Amazon, all purchases made over $49 and ordered to the US will get free shipping.

See The Current Price On!


Who This Diaper Bag Is For

It makes a perfect gift for a new dad. If you have a family member that’s expecting a baby, I can’t think of a better diaper bag than this one.

It will be even better if he’s a plumber, builder, or in any other type of construction work.

Or you can totally get one for yourself if you’re too embarrassed to tote around a bag that has a butterfly on it, then this one would work wonders for you.

You may also like the Combat Daddy Diaper Bag, which is great for anyone who is or was in the military.

Pros and Cons


  • It makes a great alternative from the usual pink diaper bags that moms use. It is much more ‘manly’ and every dad loves it
  • Unlike other diaper bags, the shoulder strap on this one doesn’t contain slippery material. So you can carry it on your shoulder while you carry the babies car seat, etc, and not have to worry about it sliding off
  • A lot of people saying the pictures don’t give the diaper bag much justice. It is actually much better looking in real life


  • It doesn’t have a huge amount of space as other diaper bags
  • The quality of this diaper bag is questionable

There have been complaints of the stitching coming off easily but that’s about it.

Do I Recommend This Product?

After reading the many reviews that it has been given, it seems EVERYONE that sees this bag gets a kick out of it.

All fathers love this thing and I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

It is exactly what it’s suppose to be, a diaper bag designed as a tool bag and the manufacturers have done an amazing job at it.

At this price range, I don’t see why the cons should matter.

Personally, I prefer a backpack style diaper bag but if I was to get this it would just be for that “cool factor”.

However, a much larger audience was praising about how high quality it is. I would say that the ones giving it negative reviews are the ones that are receiving ‘bad’ ones. This means there’s a slight chance of getting a bad diaper bag that isn’t constructed as good as the others.

Other than that, the cons are very minor, and the pros heavily outweigh them.

Yes, this bag is highly recommended!

My Final Opinion

Although it doesn’t have as much room as other diaper bags, I can clearly see that is has enough room for the essentials that a newborn needs.

Most of the time, us dads are stuck with the usual feminine diaper bags.

Mothers ALWAYS get gifts, and the fathers are always left out but I’m sorry to say but things have definitely changed and dads are just as good as moms if not better than some.

Dads need love too, and I can see that this diaper bag has become a huge hit.

Every one of them love it and that’s no exaggeration either.

Even though there’s a small chance of getting one of these diaper bags that isn’t built as well as the others, there’s only a small chance for that to happen – and if it does – there’s a 30 day return policy anyway.

If you want a diaper bag for an inexpensive price, and one that YOU will love and not be embarrassed about, this one is my favorite and I highly recommended it!

It’s a great concept and works as intended, there aren’t much cons and there are so many benefits you will gain from this bag.

Worth a shot in my opinion.


– John




Britax Affinity Stroller Review – Pricey But Worth It


Wondering if this stroller is worth the price? This Britax Affinity stroller review will give you all the information you need before making such a big purchase.

Picking the perfect baby stroller is not an easy task, but I do believe that this specific one will fill a lot of your wants.

Within this review I want to give you all the reasons on why I have a love hate relationship with this stroller and most especially my final opinion on whether or not this is going to be a worthwhile investment.

We have had this stroller for over a year now so we have tested every aspect of this product and I’m sure this will be the best review of something that requires a lot more thought before buying due to its not so friendly price tag.

There are many questions about such a simple item that I definitely think you should know before making a final decision.


Britax Affinity Stroller Review

Make: Britax

Model: Affinity

Price: $264

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


Product Overview

This stroller was made by Britax and is a very easy to use, ultra durable, not so affordable stroller that does a lot more than a regular stroller would.

There was a recent Britax stroller recall, but the Affinity wasn’t on the list.


  • Weight – 25lbs
  • Dimensions – 23.8 x 28 x 42.5 inches
  • Minimum recommended weight – 5lbs
  • Maximum recommended weight – 55lbs

A little on the heavy side, but there’s a reason for it.

What I Don’t Like About the Britax Affinity Stroller

I really wanted to start with the cons of the Britax Affinity simply because that was all I can think of when we first got this stroller.

I take that back.

When mom first got the stroller.

So I really had no say in buying this and that is exactly what triggered a bunch of complaints from me.

May be complaints because of her impulse buying, but it’s really the truth so I’m sure you can appreciate my honesty in this review.

The Britax Affinity Stroller is Not Light

I read a review on and they mentioned how light this thing is and I must say the opposite.

This thing may not be the biggest, but it does have some weight to it.

At 25lbs, you are not going to throw this thing around like you would an umbrella stroller so for those of you that don’t go to the gym, this might be something to consider before buying.

Pieces Sold Separately

You would think that for something so pricey it would come with everything you need but that’s not the case here.

You need to purchase a carseat separately and if it doesn’t fit the connection of the stroller you will have to buy an adapter to have them connect.

It does have their “Click n Go” feature, but everything is taken apart and dealt with separately.

No Cup Holder

This was a big deal to me and I don’t care if we can buy it separately but there has to be a way to incorporate something as simple as a cup holder.

I mean, this is a stroller we’re talking about here and I’m sure we will be walking the mall with a nice little beverage in our hands.

We did get a cup holder but even that broke in less than a month.

These are the few complaints I have about this product, but I think I got over it in a couple of months as I did find other things to make me like it.

What I Like About the Britax Affinity Stroller

It may sound like there was nothing that I liked about this stroller, but there’s actually a lot of good that helped me get over the cons.

Look & Design

This is just one amazing looking stroller.

If you want to stand out from the rest, the Britax Affinity will definitely have heads turning when you pass by with your little one.

Most of you will make your decision based on looks alone and I’m going to have to agree that this just looks better than most strollers.

Very Easy to Maneuver

With its inflatable tires and weight, you can feel the smoothness of this stroller.

Rather than using those styrofoam type tires, you will need to inflate these and it makes a huge difference in where you can take baby.

We use this to go to the beach and it can go through sand like nothing.

We use it to soccer games and it takes us through some of the roughest terrain that a normal stroller wouldn’t.

Great for Cargo

The little basket in the bottom seems small but it can actually hold a good amount of stuff.

We use this to carry a lot of things and the tires allow for us to transport a lot of heavy things thanks to them inflatable tires.

With the weight, you can be certain that baby won’t go tipping over.


I can’t say that this is the most comfortable stroller out there but it does do a great job in keeping the kids asleep.

People always say they look so comfortable in it, but I would never really know.

We have our 5 year old sit in this thing at times, and I’m sure other strollers won’t hold that much weight.


This is one sturdy product that will keep you at ease unlike other strollers that feel like they will tip over if you hung a bag on it or something.

This bad boy will hold its ground and you can be sure that baby swill be save with its durable straps and bar that goes across to secure your child.

Easy Setup

The “click & go” feature is something that I find to be really helpful for us.

By unlocking it, the weight just carries it to allow for simple setup.

Then you just attach the carseat or whatever carrier you are using and voila! You’re ready to go.

These are some of the things I really liked about this stroller, but there are other little things that I can vouch for as well.

Pros & Cons


  • Looks amazing
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safe
  • Allows for forward and rear facing
  • Great cargo space
  • Comes in different colors
  • Extremely durable
  • Linked parking brake
  • Suitable for up to 55lbs


  • Kind of pricey
  • Not the lightest stroller
  • Not being made anymore

The Price

There are many different price points for this product but I found the cheapest place to buy is on

You can also get it use for under $300, but do know that to get it brand new and complete it is going to cost you over $500. Yikes!

This product is not being made anymore but you can still find it on sites like


Click here to see the different pricing options on!


At a Glance

Make: Britax

Model: Affinity

Price: $264 from

Overall Rating: Definitely a great stroller. With the right budget, I think this will be a great investment.

Do keep in mind that this is not your typical stroller and will definitely have you stand out in the crowd.

Final Verdict: Good to Go!

I never thought I’d be saying this, but I recommend this to anyone looking to buy and not have to buy another stroller.

We have used this for our last two kids and it has served us well without much wear and tear.

It looks just as good as when we first got it and with the ability to change colors it will be perfect for any baby’s gender.

If you are in the hunt for a new baby stroller this is definitely one to consider.

Thanks for reading my Britax Affinity stroller review and hopefully I have given you more than enough information on whether or not this is a great fit for you and your family.

If you have any experience with this, please do share it in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!




Fisher Price Fastfinder Deluxe Diaper Bag Review

If you want to find out if this product is worth getting or not, I will be writing down my honest Fisher Price Fastfinder Deluxe Diaper Bag review inside this very article.

Too many times I have seen people giving bad recommendations, when this shouldn’t be the case.

If you want a real opinion on this specific product, I will be debunking all the reviews and writing down my findings in this post.


fisher price fastfinder deluxe messenger bag reviewProduct Name: Fisher Price Fastfinder Deluxe Diaper Bag

Weight: 2 pounds

Dimensions: 14 x 12.5 x 5 inches

Material Type: Nylon

Guarantee: 30 day return policy

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 stars


Product Overview

This “Deluxe” diaper bag has been described of being sleek and sturdy, and contains enough room to hold all items necessary for your baby.

This bag includes a FastFinder Pocket System, this means all your keys and important items are within arms reach and easily accessible. This is a great idea, especially because everything has their own label!

There is an insulated pocket on this bag as well, this is created to help keep your bottles cold.

You will find a baby wipes case located on the outside of the diaper bag, and can be easily with a push of a button.

This was designed for the simple fact of helping parents being capable of holding the baby with one hand and grabbing the wipes with the other.

This diaper bag includes a pacifier pocket, and is easy to wipe clean. There is also enough room in the diaper pocket for numerous changes.

What Ultimate Benefits Does This Product Provide?

Where do I start? What really stood out to me was the label feature. It’s so simple, yet very effective and completely overlooked by a lot of manufacturers.

This will be extremely helpful for secondary users so they know where everything goes. And when you do get the diaper bag back, all items will be placed where they need to be.

Not to mention that it has a large number of pockets and features that happen to be beneficial in many ways.


Pricing & Purchase Details

This diaper bag is available on But he price does change often, and mostly between $30 and $60. This is why I recommend you [link]see what the current prices are[<link] first.

I also find that the 30 day return policy is a good idea, especially if the product isn’t up to your expectations, this means you can get a full refund if you want to.

If you find any defects on the product and it’s inside that 30 day time frame, it can also be sent back for a repair.

Who This Diaper Bag Is For

I find that the Fisher Price Fastfinder Deluxe Diaper Bag is good for moms and dads that want to share a bag, but still being good enough to be gender-neutral.

And because it’s in a very affordable price range, makes it something to consider for anyone on a budget.

Most especially, this is for anyone like myself, who likes a more functional item rather than something that is strictly for looks.

Pros and Cons


  • Incredibly stylish, while containing many features that I’ve never seen on a diaper bag yet (the built-in wipes case, individual labels, etc)
  • The bag is very cleanable. Spills and food can be easily wiped off without leaving a stain!
  • A great amount of pockets and enough room inside the bag for a day out
  • It has been described as being very comfortable and easy to carry (across your chest)
  • Durable enough to handle a bit of rough handling. It isn’t extremely girly either, so it can pass as being the main diaper bag for the parents


  • The wipes’ case does tear the wipes that are low quality
  • Cheaply made and will not last an extremely long length of time
  • Contains slippery material on the straps, making it harder to keep it on when hanging over your shoulders, so it will need to be carried across your chest

Do I Recommend This Product?

For something of this price and contains this many features, it is a great choice for someone that wants a good quality bag (and flawlessly gets the job done) while standing out from the crowd, and better for you if you don’t want to fork out on a $100 diaper bag.

But don’t expect it to last you for years, because it won’t.

For this price, honestly you can’t go wrong. I would say (give or take) that it would last at least 6-12 months. Maybe more, but it all depends on how much it’s being used.

For this price, I highly recommend it.

Alternative Diaper Bag

If you want something with much better quality and has more of a chance to last you at least a couple of years, it is still gender-neutral enough for male and female, it’s just slightly more expensive – I suggest you read my review on the Diaper Dude Messenger Bag.

Or you can choose something else, this also has a slightly higher price tag, but it’s good for someone that wants to attach their diaper bag onto a stroller, because the Skip Hop Dash Signature Diaper Bag does just that, flawlessly.

This one also has many features that a lot of other bags don’t have.

My Final Opinion

There are way too many complaining about this bag slipping of their shoulder because of the nylon material, which happens to be very slippery.

To get the most out of this bag, it will need to be carried across your chest, and works perfectly when used properly like this.

A messenger bag should always be treated like one, especially when the straps are slippery.

Other than that, for the price of this diaper bag I can’t see why the cons should get in the way of the many benefits that you will get.

It does what it’s designed to do, but includes some very unique features that you won’t find on the more expensive diaper bags. The only downside? It’s only good for a short amount of time, which is roughly 6 months – 2 years, DEPENDING on how much it has been used though.

And for those reasons alone, and because it’s in an affordable price range, I am going to say this diaper back is highly recommended!


Get The Best Deals On!


– John

Ask Dads


Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller (Black) Review

We all know how important a stroller is when you have a kid, but there are a lot of them that simply aren’t the best quality. I’m here to write my personal Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller, Black Review.

This is where I will debunk all the feedback on this product from the online world, and discover the real truth about it. If that sounds like something you want to read, then I hope you enjoy it!

Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller Review – Specs

summer-infant-stroller-reviewProduct Name: Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller, Black Review

Material: Lead Free

Target Gender: Unisex

Frame Type: Aluminium

Weight: 15.9 pounds

Maximum Weight Recommendation: 50 pounds

Guarantee: 30 day return policy

Product Overview

This stroller has been described of being the most lightest stroller that has many features for ultimate convenience.

The aluminum frame makes it highly durable while being completely stylish at the same time.

The frame is easy to fold and contains a carry strap, meaning you can be on-the-go in style, or have it stowed the easy way.

It contains a 3D Lite feature – this makes it super lightweight but incredibly durable at the same time.

And because it weighs less than 12 pounds, it makes it one of the lightest strollers that you can buy.

To fold it up only requires a 3 step process, and goes down very compact.


You will find an adjustable canopy that is going to help block the suns deadly UV rays from your babies skin. But I can see there’s more.

For extra sunny days, there is a pop out sun visor that can block out 99.9% of the suns harmful rays – both UVA and UVB.

The recliner that this stroller provides has an open design and can be laid down (almost) completely flat. You can’t find this function in the traditional “X” frame strollers. This recliner works great, especially for when you need to change a diaper.

This stroller includes a safety harness and can be adjusted to 3 height positions, this means you can adjust the strollers height as your child grows.

There is plenty of padding as well, so your child will always have a comfortable ride.

In addition to all of this, there’s plenty of storage for all your on-the-go needs – and there’s enough cup holders for your babies bottle or your own beverages.

What Ultimate Benefits Does This Product Provide?

What stood out to me the most was how lightweight it is, but incredibly durable to stand the test of time.

Along with that, I couldn’t believe how much features and storage space this stroller has – and simply because you don’t find many strollers that can have the height adjusted for when your baby grows.

For me (and I’m the man in the relationship) I like convenience the most.

My other half wants these heavy duty, go off roading type strollers that she can’t even lift.

If you’re like me, this stroller is for you.

Pricing & Purchase Details

This product can be purchased from the online store.

Although the pricing does change often and mostly within $60 and $120.

With Amazon, you get a 30 day return policy. This is so you can send it back for a repair if you find any defects on it, or get a full refund if you want to.

Check The Prices On Amazon Here!


Who This Stroller Is For

This specific stroller is targeted for both genders, baby and parent.

It would make a great choice for a gift – and because it’s high quality and going to last a long time – I can see that it works wonders for all parents that tend to find  ‘bad’ strollers that never stand up to their expectations or break easily.

Pros and Cons


  • Been the #1 best seller many times, so you know this product is capable of selling itself
  • Extremely durable while being the lightest stroller on the market. It has also stood the test of time, which has been claimed by a large number of people
  • So many features. Some of them include: 5 point safety harness, 4 position recline, adjustable canopy and pop out visor, 3-step fold, anti-shock front wheels, extra large storage basket and more
  • Available in 6 different fun fashions (6 color combinations)
  • Unlike other strollers, the wheels on this one are rugged enough to handle all types of terrain. Cobble stone roads will be no issue


  • Might need a little more padding for the back of your child’s head, depending on if he/she has much hair or not. The back is a little abrasive
  • Just like all products purchased on Amazon, there’s a small chance of getting one that isn’t constructed as good as the others

Do I Recommend This Product?

If you understand that you have to put most of it together yourself and the instructions have to be followed correctly, then the stroller WILL work as expected.

I can see too many people complaining about a wheel sitting off the ground or being crooked, some of them even complaining about it turning by itself task planning tool.

Know that this is an issue with the assembling process, and does not mean it’s defective.

If you understand all of this, then I have no doubts that you will gain the benefits that this stroller has to offer in no time.

However, there IS a very slight chance of getting a bad one, but that’s only minor.

Other than those small issues, this stroller is highly recommended!

My Final Opinion

I can’t believe how much features this stroller has and how lightweight it is while being very durable at the same time.

And because it’s capable of standing the test of time, it makes a great choice for someone who wants a stroller that’s affordable and going to last a long time.

This stroller really stood out to me, mostly because it has held a solid 4.3 star rating for so long and shows no sign of going down.

What a great stroller, this one exceeded my expectations by a long shot.

Because of that reason, and the many more outlined above, and for the simple fact that it will last many years and will probably be the only stroller you will buy – I have no hesitations in recommending it – highly recommended!

Check it Out Here!