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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Ideas For Every Budget

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if you are anything like me you still have not gotten your shopping quite finished yet.

Hey, it happens.

Life gets in the way, and then all of a sudden you realize how quickly the day is approaching, and low and behold not a single gift idea comes to mind.

That’s what we are here for.

Keep reading this post to find the best Father’s Day gift ideas, optimized for every budget. Read More

Nuwave Oven Review – Worthwhile Investment?

Will the NuWave live up to its hype like it did on TV?

This review will give you a better understanding of yet another As Seen on TV product that may or may not work like presented.

Living a long, healthy life is a product of what you feed your body and you should be taking in healthy food in the right quantities to be healthy.

However, even the most nutritious food can be unhealthy if not cooked in the right manner, so will the NuWave oven be the solution?

The method used in the preparation of food has a great impact on how the body acquires and assimilates the nutrients.

Also, it determines whether the food will be useful in promoting good health in the person consuming it.

The traditional use of pans in the cooking process is slowly being replaced by ovens in the modern world, as ovens make the process fast and efficient.

The NuWave oven uses infrared in cooking, with 3 different cooking methods:

  • Convection– the transfer of heat that occurs when hot air moves in a circular motion.
  • Conduction– Transfer of heat between two parts which are in conduct but stationery.
  • Infrared– A form of penetrative energy.

80% of the energy we get from sunlight is in the form of infrared energy. Human beings also produce some level of infrared energy, which means that this radiant heat is as natural as it can be.

The NuWave oven uses this kind of energy in the cooking process.

The convection method in cooking is only available in the fancy restaurants, as it is the best method when you just want to infuse flavors in your meals.

Combined with conduction and infrared cooking, you will get the best possible meal ever.

With the NuWave oven, you can broil, barbecue, roast, bake, dehydrate, steam, or even air fry like the Power Air Fryer XL.

Because the oven is energy efficient, you can save up to 75% electricity costs when you choose to use it in cooking, which is one thing that might just make this appliance worth it alone.

However, there are precautions to be observed in this process.

Even though the oven is capable of browning food in the cooking process, it is not healthy. You should not brown your food with the excuse that any food cooked using the NuWave oven is safe.

Precautions when using the NuWave oven

  • Do not place the NuWave oven power head in your dishwasher.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines
  • When cleaning the oven parts, let them dry up naturally as it increases the life of the oven.

How the NuWave Oven Works

This oven consists of a powerful and unique triple combo. The different cooking processes when combined ensure that the meal preparation objectives are met.

Through conduction, heat is directly applied to the food just like what happens in the traditional ovens.

In convection, a fan circulates hot air over and around the food and infrared energy is needed to ensure the heat also penetrates the food for complete cooking.

The three process ensure that everything is cooked evenly, which results in having crispy food items on the outside but they will be juicy and moist on the inner side.

What You Get

The NuWave oven comes with an upgraded amber dome, a cooking rack that is reversible and a digital panel.

It also has a stainless steel extender rings and a liner pan made from porcelain enamel, so you can cook your food up to 10 hours.

With settings which allow you to heat, delay or warm the food, you just have to key in the temperature you want the food to be cooked at.

It is also possible to change the NuWave oven settings in the course of the cooking process.

The NuWave oven can cook 70% faster that the conventional ovens.

Being light weight and of a small size, you can take it with you whenever you are traveling or moving.

Oh, and it also comes with a one year warranty.

You can dish wash the NuWave oven parts, which have been cleared by the manufacturer and further assembling is not necessary once you have completed the purchase.

Features and Details of the NuWave Oven

  • Cooking up to 14 pounds ham and 16 pounds turkey.
  • A delay timer which kicks off at the time you have keyed in.
  • Delay, warm and reheat setting.
  • Defaults to 155°F for two hours.
  • 70% faster cooking and 75% less energy usage compared to the standard ovens.
  • Uses convection, infrared and conduction cooking.
  • A light-weight liner pan.
  • Smokeless cooking systems.
  • Patented locking mechanism. It is important in keeping the cooking dome in one place.
  • Multiple cooking.
  • Less grease is left on the food.
  • Long lasting sheath heater. It can last up to 30 years.

Who is the NuWave Oven Intended For?

Anyone who wishes to cook faster, which is almost everyone I know.

Also, if you are tired of traditional ovens which take a long time to complete cooking while using a lot of energy, then this might just be the solution.

If you want the perfect gift for your friends and family, then the NuWave oven is definitely one to consider.

So the NuWave Oven is perfect for anyone looking to save money as well as make healthier and tastier food without having to be in the kitchen all day.

What I Like Most About the NuWave Oven

Despite the size, the NuWave oven is very powerful when it comes to meal preparation.

I’m sure, there are many small ovens in the market, but they cannot beat the NuWave oven when it comes to performance.

With a single press of a button, your food will be perfectly cooked and you do not have to watch over the food to avoid burning or spills.

You do not have to spend a lot of money going out to eat all the time to have amazing food, because this little appliance does make food tastier and easier to cook.

The oven is durable and we have had ours for over two years now and it is still kicking.

Cons of the Nuwave Oven

Obviously there’s a size limit, which is a clear indication that this handy infrared cooker will not replace your regular old oven, so you might want to keep that if you were thinking about giving it to your neighbor.

It also won’t fit a huge turkey, but it can fit some.

Other than that, I have no complaints about the NuWave.

Where to Buy

With further research, I have found the best prices to be on Amazon, but they don’t offer the buy one get one free deal.

However, the price is a lot cheaper and in the end, it comes out to about the same price if you were to purchase two NuWave Ovens.


If you enjoy making tasty and healthy meals, try the Nuwave oven, and you will not regret it as it does cook your food faster and it does produce healthier meals.

I give the Nuwave oven two thumbs up and is definitely going to add to your kitchen in a very positive way.

Thanks for reading this Nuwave review and hopefully I have given you all the information you were looking for.

Thanks for reading!



GoPro Hero 5 Session Review – Definitely A Great Buy

So all the GoPro Hero 5 Session reviews have been out for quite some time and I just now got my hands on one and figured it’s time I do a review of my own.

Before this summer break hits, I have decided to get into some RC’s with my boys and some type of action camera was definitely in the back of my mind, as this would not only be a great way to spend some awesome time with the kids, but also to get it on camera.

After just the first day with the GoPro Hero 5 Session camera, I got all the information I needed to put this review together for those of you still waiting on hitting the buy now button on an investment that may or may not be in the agenda for some of you.

If you’re wondering if you should buy the GoPro Hero 5 Session, this review will tell you exactly that, so let’s get right into it.

What is the GoPro Hero 5 Session?

The Hero 5 Session is an updated version of the Hero Session, which was actually launched as the Hero 4 Session.

Being only the 2nd model to come out of the Session line from GoPro this would and should be the better version of the guinea pig Hero 4 Session.

With its size of 1.5 x 1.43 x 1.5 inches, the Hero 5 Session is a lot smaller than your regular GoPro, which is what makes all the difference.

Who is the Hero 5 Session For?

Anyone looking to have the smallest yet great quality camera for filming any action type video and in our case a great fit for our RC’s.

For those of you who find the pricing of GoPros to be a little on the pricier side, this is definitely one that might have you owning one even if you didn’t think you could afford it.

Now if you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, this is definitely one to consider if they’re into gizmos and gadgets.

What I Like About the Hero 5 Session

After messing around with this thing, I have found way too many pros that it almost cancelled out the cons that I have found with this product.

From its size all the way to the picture quality, there’s just so much improvement from the first Session which is the biggest reason why I think now is the time to get one.

With such an affordable price, I don’t see it staying that way due to the capabilities of this little guy even if they’ve upped the price from the Session 4, which was going for $149.

That’s just a good indication of what the Hero 5 Session can do, so let me elaborate more on what makes this a great buy.

The GoPro Hero 5 Session is Small, Yet Powerful

For something about the size of a golf ball, the Hero 5 Session is hard to beat in a lot of categories.

Sure you can have smaller, but the quality of the videos created from this are going to be a lot better along with a lighter weight.

With the size and design alone, it’s really hard to not give into the thought that was put into creating such an awesome piece of work.

This is about the size of the Hero 5 Session, so if that’s not small enough for you, I think you might just be asking for too much.


No Waterproof Housing Required For the Hero 5 Session

Huge factor in my decision purchase was the fact that you don’t need a waterproof casing as this bad boy comes ready to throw in the water.

Without the waterproof housing, you can expect the Hero 5 Session to stay at its small size, because there isn’t anything needed to get this going.

You buy, rip it out of the box, and it’s ready to go.

Press and Go Feature

I find that just pressing the capture button and being able to start filming is a must for any type of action cameras and that is exactly what it does.

I remember the first camera we had and how we had to power it on and then press the capture button to start filming.

Not only was that with our first camera, but it is very much the same with most cameras, so once again, GoPro is setting the bar.

No Screen

For those of you that feel the need to see what you’re shooting, this might be the one thing that turned you off on getting a Hero 5 Session, but there’s actually a way around this.

Sure we can have a screen to fit this little thing, but I think GoPro is either holding off on it for maybe the Hero 6 (combining everything) or simply not trying to lose sales on their main product line.

As of right now, there is no screen on the Hero 5 Session, but you can still use the GoPro Quick app to see what the camera sees.

For us, the Hero 5 Session works great with our RC’s as there is no need for us to look at a screen on the camera and it actually works better being able to see it on our smartphones.

What I Didn’t Like About the GoPro Hero 5 Session

For some, you can throw the whole no screen into the cons section as I think it would be better if there was an actual screen on this even with its size.

4k only works great for people watching on 4k resolution, so don’t be getting this for the whole 4k deal as it is not worth it if your tv/computer isn’t 4k compatible.

Pros & Cons of The Hero 5 Session


  • As portable as it gets
  • High quality video
  • One button simplicity
  • Voice commands
  • Can shoot in 4k
  • Doesn’t require a waterproof housing
  • Is water proof (up to 10 meters)
  • Extremely durable
  • Very affordable


  • No screen to view
  • Needs an SD card for storage
  • No GPS (can’t show your location)

The Price & Where to Buy the GoPro Hero 5 Session

For $299 you can own a Hero 5 Session, but if you do your homework, you might be able to find one at a local store for even lower than that.

Once everyone sees the price go up, I’m sure $299 would be the lowest price for the Hero 5 Session, so I suggest you get one now if you have the money.

After doing some research, I found Amazon to be the best place to buy a Hero 5 Session as you can also get some cheap accessories to have you being a pro GoPro user in no time.

Click Here to see the Current Price on!


Final Opinion of the Hero 5 Session

For the size, durability, and a very affordable price, you can’t go wrong.

I recommend you get one if you have the flow as this thing will actually keep your life very interesting.

After buying the Hero 5 Session, it makes having to carry a camera around that much easier while capturing everything in crisp quality images and videos.

We can and still use our phones, but we love going to the beach and being able to throw this thing around makes life that much easier.

The kids love it and it helps with my work so I give the GoPro Hero 5 Session two thumbs up and is definitely a great buy for anyone who has been wanting a GoPro but couldn’t find a way to get one.

Compared to the Session 4, this has all the upgrades necessary to make me pull out that card to get one.

In the end, this was a great buy and I do recommend you get one for yourself or anyone into this type of stuff but can’t seem to get one.

If you can do without a screen and simply need something a little bit more compact, the GoPro Hero 5 Session is the way to go.



The Ultimate Gift Guide For New Dads


Looking for the best gift ideas for new dads?

Great, because we have several things that will not only be great gifts, but very helpful ones at that.

As a new parent we don’t know what to expect no matter what everyone and their mothers (literally) tell you.

Yes there are those things that all dads need to know and accept, but being a first time dad is a different story.

I’m a father of 4 and its like every kid is my first and for some odd reason it is always different, especially with our last child being a girl.

With every child being different, we have adapted to what we really needed and have adopted and got rid of a lot of stuff on our list.

Mom will always know what they NEED but you can’t leave dad out like he has no part in new baby’s life especially with the way the world works these days.

If you’re a new dad wondering what you need or if you’re wondering what to get for this new dad, I’m sure this list will be of great help to you.

Take notes and enjoy!


1.) A Guide to Parenting

There are just so many cool books that dad can read before baby comes or while he’s waiting for baby to wake up for another diaper change.

Even if he thinks he knows everything about being a parent, throw one of these at him anyways.

No one ever gave me one of these when I had my first child and I would’ve definitely loved one if I didn’t have to buy it myself.

Personally, I think The New Dad Dictionary is a good one, but there are many others to choose from that are all great reads.

As parents (old or new) it is a whole new world with a whole new list of words that we need to know and although we can “Google” everything, this book has it all in one place.

Some sort of parenting guide will work just fine and I think it will make the perfect gift for new dads.


Get More Book Ideas Here!


2.) Confidence Booster

Being a dad is not an easy task and some fathers will never get to the dad level due to their lack of confidence or inability to really take on that role.

Nowadays, moms like to play this Ms. Independent game (thank you Beyonce) and take on school, work, and whatever they feel the need to do, which leaves a lot of dads taking on mommy duty.

Being Mr. Mom, they need that pick me up to help them get through the day and there’s nothing cooler than having some dad “accessories” if you would like to call it that.

How about a nice mug or a cool dad t-shirt?

Give this new dad something to feel proud of since mom usually gets all the praise, when we all know that dad does a lot more behind the scenese.

A cool onesie that says “dad’s #1 fan” will do the trick, so keep that in mind when picking out the confidence booster for dad.


See More Cool Dad Shirts Here!


3.) A Manly Diaper Bag

Who said mom has to choose everything?

Or who said that mom’s the only one that can choose what diaper bag we get?

These days, dads are very much involved with their kid’s lives and there are many products that he’ll love and find very appealing.

Gone are the days of your traditional one strap, oversized, put the whole house in diaper bag and in are the messenger and backpack diaper bags.

If you know nothing about these, I’m sure these examples will help you in deciding on what type of diaper bag you should get for this new father.

For starters, we have a solid messenger bag from Diaper Dude that I think works great for both sexes, but personally, I like more of the backpack style.

Not anything extreme like the Combat Daddy diaper bag, but something simple and very manlike will be a great gift especially if this particular father doesn’t like to shop for himself.

Whatever the case may be, I’m sure you can find a nice bag for dad, especially online.


Click Here to See More Dad Diaper Bags!


3.) Home Exercise Program

Some dads will put on some crazy weight and they won’t even notice just like me.

Treadmills are cool, but not only is it beyond most of our budgets, but it tends to get a little boring and eventually turns into a clothes line.

This is not to insult anyone, but rather to help them stay or get in shape because it’s expected with a lot of new dads even if they were Mr. Universe at one point in their lives.

Rather than trading in that beach body for a dad bod, give him something to assist them in staying out of the pot belly gang.

Maybe tell them why you gave them this gift and I’m sure they will appreciate it.

It doesn’t need to be a gym membership, especially with the fact that this new dad won’t be able to go place like he used to, so get creative and grab something for the at home environment.

I use Insanity and that right there will be more than enough to keep him in shape, but do know that it is a bit on the advanced side of things so maybe use something a bit easier.

This will help a great deal and I’m sure mom will be able to use this gift too.


See More Workouts Here!


4.) Health & Grooming Kit For Baby

Most parents get this type of stuff, but if they haven’t already this will be great for any new dad.

I think we’ve gotten 3 of these things and it’s very hard to find the perfect one as they all come with a few things that we actually liked.

One has a great baby nail clipper but the nose sucking thing sucks.

I have yet to get a kit that comes with every single product meeting mommy and daddy standards.

Whatever case you do decide to get, I’m sure dad will be able to use something from this kit.

Very handy and very much affordable.


See More Baby Grooming Kits Here!


5.) Baby Carrier

Getting things done around the house will be a breeze with this gift and of course mom can use this too.

Then again, mom will probably have hers and I don’t think she’d like it very much if dad kept adjusting the straps to fit him, which is why this makes a great gift for any new dad.

There are so many baby carriers out there and I can honestly say that they are not all created equally, thanks to my other half always complaining about them.

Who would’ve thought that something so simple can be so complicated?

Well that’s the case with a baby carrier and I think your best option would be one of those “womb like” ones that are pretty much a wrap that doesn’t come with any clips or straps.

Might look and feel a little weird for dad, so a regular old carrier will do.


See More Carrier Selections Here!


6.) Bottle Kit

Of course we want our babies to be breastfed but sometimes it just doesn’t happen as life does require us to work and make some kind of living.

Get ready to start using some bottles even if mom plans to breastfeed and they will be a pain in the butt if you’re not equipped.

Bottles alone aren’t enough as there are so many things that come along with them.

You need to clean them, dry them, and store them, which leaves a lot of room for more spending of something you didn’t see coming.

Let the new dad breathe a little and get him these things instead.

  • Bottles
  • Bottle cleaning supplies
  • Bottle carrier
  • Bottle warmer
  • Bottle drying stand

For something so small comes a lot of accessories and you don’t notice them until you actually sit and think about it.

As a new parent, this alone will help you big time.

So, you’re welcome.


Create Your Own Bottle Kit Here!


7.) Baby Monitor

This will come in super handy with every new child and I’m sure this will help take off a lot of the worry for those new dads that think they need to stay in the room with baby.

Just because we brought new life into the world doesn’t mean that maintaining the household stops so grab him a baby monitor so that there’s no excuse as to why the house isn’t clean.

There are so many different types of baby monitors these days and I’m sure you can get one that fits any type of parent.

You can go with your standard hear only, old school baby monitor or you can get fancy and buy one with a fancy camera of some sort.

Picking the right baby monitor can be a task and a half, but do know that there is a wide selection of these things so do choose wisely.

You might like the Samsung Bright View, which will probably blow any parent away if you were to show them what this thing does.

Just an idea, but any baby monitor will be a great gift.


Shop Baby Monitors Here!


8.) Jogging Stroller

Another way to keep the man of the house in shape and get him excited about taking baby for his morning run.

I used to think that I was fine using an umbrella stroller was all we needed until I actually tried one of these myself.

These baby product creation companies have really gone extreme and they have created some really crazy strollers that will blow your mind.

From inflatable tires to super rugged and sturdy, baby strollers have definitely evolved.

I used to think these things came in the above $300 price point but you can actually get a jogging stroller for under a $100.

There’s no reason you can’t get dad this stroller, so definitely consider getting him one.


See More Jogging Strollers Here!


9.) A Gift Card

I don’t know who doesn’t have a Netflix or Hulu account, but just in case this new dad doesn’t have one, you might want to consider getting them one.

Do know that these are membership types of sites so there will be a recurring payment to come with it so do warn them about this if you only plan for paying for one month.

I know Netflix offers a free trial, so maybe at least give them a heads up on this and have them signup for one because dad will need to keep busy while baby is asleep.

Thanks to you can get a gift card for Netflix, Fandango, XBOX, and many other things that I’m sure dad will enjoy.

If you can’t find one there then we might have a problem although I do belie that you can and will find almost anything on that site.


Click Here to See More Gift Cards!


10.) Sunglasses

I know this might sound more of a personal gift rather than something for a parent, but let me explain.

In the early stages of baby’s life, there comes a time where you will have to take them out to get some sunlight to prevent them from getting jaundice.

Not to look cool or anything, but why not help this new dad from squinting by getting him a new pair of sunglasses?

Now that’s one thing, but how about them bloodshot eyes that he will soon get or those black rings around his eyes?

He’s going to need to cover that up so he can look like a man (not a beat up dad) and there’s no better way than by using some sunglasses.

Now tell me that’s not a great gift?

Thought so.


See Some Cool Selections Here!


11.) Shaving or No Shave Kit

Getting that close shave is not the easiest thing to keep up with and being a new dad is going to require quite a lot of shaving.

I remember when I used to grow some stubble to try and look cool but that ended real fast when we had our first kid.

Not only did that stop, but I had to shave every single day just like I did when I was in the Army and that was not cool at all.

Same thing goes for new dads, especially if your kid ends up having eczema like my first child did.

Shaving is a must whether you like it or not.


See a Wide Selection of Shaving Kits Here!


Thank You!

That’s what this new dad will say after you give him any one of the gifts mentioned above.

As a new parent, we can’t think of everything and we most especially can’t afford it all so a little help will come a long way.

I hope these gift ideas for new dads will help a lot as I’m sure I would appreciate any of these if anyone was to get me anything from this list.

Please do share any ideas that you may have (because I’m not perfect) so that we can all benefit from it.

Did this guide help?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and do remember that sharing is definitely caring!




The New Dad Dictionary is Great For Exactly That – New Dads

the-new-dad-dictionary-reviewThis is a review on The New Dad Dictionary, which I just so happen to get after the fact that I already had 4 kids.

Even if I did things a bit backwards, this book still helped me not just with words related to parenting, but it was also a good read.

For some reason, it’s like moms know everything about babies, hospitals, and all the weird terminology that goes with them.

As a man and most especially a first time dad, these things are like a foreign language and we can’t act like we know them because it’s either you know it or you don’t.

So rather than playing mr. know it all, all the questions came flying out of my mouth because I couldn’t understand a single thing that the nurse was talking about.

Mom on the other hand, nodded her head like she knew exactly what they were talking about and even if she didn’t, she sure made it seem like she did.

So for those of you new, old, first time, or 5th time parents that have to pretend that they know what these crazy people are talking about, this book might just be what you need.

The New Dad Dictionary Review

Name: The New Dad Dictionary

Author: Chris Illuminati

Style: Hardcover & Digital

Price: $12.39 from

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

Product Overview

This book was written by Chris Illuminati, who also owns a website called, which is pretty interesting in my opinion.

It has 150 words and definitions that most new parents have never heard of but will most likely encounter at some point in their lives as a parent.

Chris is actually a very interesting writer and has a very blunt personality, which you will see when he gives you his version of a word.

He also wanted to spend more time with his son just like me, which is probably another reason why I can relate to a lot of the stuff he’s written.

Who This is For

The Dad Dictionary is great for soon to be dads, new dads, or even dads that just flat out don’t know what they’re doing.

If they can put their pride aside, this will also be great for moms that aren’t well versed with the parenting jargon that I’m sure most people know nothing about.

It is very much written for dads, so I wouldn’t recommend you get this for a mom as I’m sure she’d feel insulted or something.

Get it for the father and I’m sure she’ll pick it up to find some info regardless of what she thinks.

What I Like About The New Dad Dictionary

I really like how Chris tells it like it is right off the bat.

Although he may use some foul language, I think it’s perfectly fine as long as he’s not using that around his kids.

Having a military background, I too have used some pretty profane language in my life, but it’s pretty amazing at what kids can do to us.

So yeah, I don’t use much profanity, but it’s great to see other dads being upfront and blunt about things even if we do have to set the example for our kids.

The book also has things that I’ve never even heard of (meconium? what?!) even if I do have 4 kids.

Being that my son had eczema, that was one of the first words that I learned but once we got out into the world, it’s like everyone already knew about it and had the latest and greatest solution for it.

Parenting is a world in its own and this book will definitely relate to what you will be going through.

Very informative, but also entertaining, so you won’t be bored.

The Price

Thanks to sites like, you can get this book for $12.39 or you can also get a digital copy for only $9.99 if you’d like.

Hardcover: $12.39 From

Kindle: $9.99 From

The prices will always be different, so do shop around and find one that best fits your budget.

Final Opinion of The New Dad Dictionary

I give this book two thumbs up and definitely a good read for a “dictionary”.

This will make a great gift, so do keep this book in mind if you know of any soon to be dads.

Thanks for reading my review of this book and I hope you find this to be as interesting as I did as we all have a different sense of humor.

Have you read this before?

Know of any other good reads?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below as I’m sure you can give some great advice.




10 Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 2016

With Mother’s day out of the way, it is now time to give right back and get dad something. Most dads would rather have that money put to something useful, but it is always a good idea to show some appreciation to the man of the house.

From a dad’s point of view, here are some of ideas for this Father’s day to help you from choosing something that he might not like.

Although I would rather have you save your money, if someone was to get me something, here are some of the stuff I would actually like and I’m pretty sure other dads would too.

1.) An Apple Watch or Smart Watch


If dad has an iPhone, this will definitely make him say wow. It may seem like it’s for the “techi” dad, but trust me, he will love this if he is already an iPhone user.

Although pricey, this is something that someone like me wouldn’t get for myself, but I know I would absolutely love it if my wife got it for me.

If he doesn’t own an iPhone, there are always other smart watches that you can get him. Then again, you really can’t beat an Apple watch.

If I was to get something this Father’s day, this would definitely make me say wow. So if you know a dad that is into this type of stuff and doesn’t have one yet, this might be the perfect gift.



2.) Barbecue Accessories



I just grilled out yesterday and I couldn’t find half the things I needed to even get started. From cleaning the grill, to finding a utensil to turn the meat, I couldn’t find a single thing.

Felt like I was barbecuing for the first time, but it was really because I was missing some of the stuff I normally use, which I either lost or someone “acquired” it.

Get this kit along with a meat thermometer or other cool accessories and call it a day. I’m sure any dad would love something like this.



3.) Hydroflask


My kids all had one of these bad boys and I really never knew how convenient and useful these little (or big) jugs could be.

Instead of your “Best Dad in the World” coffee mug, get him something that he can be in style with. All the kids are using one these days, so get dad up to par.

I ended up getting one (as a gift of course) and I find myself not only using it a lot, but now I actually drink more water than I used to.

They aren’t only for keeping things cool as they will also store that nice cup of Joe, which he can take to work or wherever he plans on going.

It is very affordable and they will be a great this Father’s day.



4.) Shaving Kit of Some Sort


I have literally been using the same razor, with the same blade, for the past year. After seeing a commercial for one of these shaving club memberships, I couldn’t help but laugh.

I had no idea that other guys were actually going through the same thing, until after that commercial. I thought I was just being cheap, but I guess it’s not just me.

For $3, you can get dad a membership for Dollar Shave Club, and that will cost him $36 for the whole year. Very affordable and if he is very much like me, he will take forever before he gives into buying another pack of expensive blades.

Refills for next Father’s Day?


5.) Cool Dad T-Shirt


You know dad won’t be at the store looking for a shirt that says “I Love Dad” on it. You might not actually see him wear anything along those lines either, but he would probably wear one that was cool.

We have compiled a list of some of the coolest t-shirts that I’m sure he would enjoy. They all make for some good entertainment too, so everyone can enjoy them.

There are so many to choose from and I’m sure you’ll love one on our list of cool dad t-shirts.

6.) Massage and/or Spa


Gone are the days of dad wanting to be superman. He aches and maybe needs some grease in those joints, so why not get him a nice little massage.

For about $50, you can get him treated to a nice body massage and maybe even a spa treatment if you look around.

Search Spas in your area or pull out that phonebook and get dad an appointment to sooth that hard working dad bod of his.

7.) Sporting Event Ticket


Who doesn’t want to go to their favorite team’s game or any team for that matter. Whether it be a regular season or a playoff game, I’m sure he would enjoy it.

Give him some time with the boys or go along with him. Either way, he would enjoy it.

8.) Tools


Great for the DIY dad, but always great for any father. If you know your dad is always looking for a tool or he’s missing something, just know that he can always use a new set.

He may not seem like he needs one, but he might actually NEED it. If he’s like me, he’ll improvise before he give into buying another socket set.

Remember now, there are all kinds of tools so you can get a socket set, a drill set, or something very specific that you know he could use.



9.) Shoes


You have to be careful with this one. On top of worrying about the size, you don’t want to get something that will end up collecting dust in the closet.

If he is simple and works outside a lot, a simple pair of boots will do the trick. For the more athletic and casual dad, you can always give him a gift card to Footlocker or and let him decide for himself.

Whatever decision you make, I think he would appreciate it either way. My advice, get them yourself. Just make it something you know he will use.

Shop or Footlocker and grab dad a nice pair!

10.) A Nice Watch


And I don’t mean an Apple Watch either. That is another watch on its own and he will always find a regular watch useful. For time or style, a watch will always be useful.

You can never have too many watches. For most men, they wear one watch until it breaks or the batter runs down.

Some people won’t even waste their “time” getting a replacement battery because the watch is already so beat up that it’s not even worth it.

Get a casual watch is my suggestion. Get him something that he can use when you guys go out to a fancy dinner or something.

There are so many amazing watches to choose from that it is almost impossible to mess this one up. Keep it simple and he will enjoy whatever it is you get him.

Well There You Have it!

I hope these gift ideas will help you decide on what to get dad this Father’s Day. Choosing a gift for mom is already a challenge and I know how much harder it is when it comes to dad.

In most cases, he is usually super simple and seems like he doesn’t need or want anything. Deep down inside, he would appreciate anything you get him, even if it cost $0.

Whatever you decide to get him, just know that he will appreciate it no matter what. Just don’t go forgetting about the man who raised you and show him that you care.

Happy Father’s Day!


– John

Ask Dads



10 Cool Dad T-Shirts That He Might Actually Wear

There are just so many cool T-shirts that I’ve been coming across lately and I knew I wouldn’t remember even just 5 of them so I thought I’d create a list.

Although some of you dads might not wear this, I think this would be a great gift to get dad this father’s day, just to show your appreciation for everything he has done for you.

It may seem like he doesn’t need to know that he is appreciated, but trust me, he will definitely appreciate any gift you send his way.

Here are some of the coolest T-shirts that I’ve found on the web and I know that not just dad can enjoy, but everyone else around him.

1.) World’s Greatest Farter

I absolutely love this one and I think it is a must buy for dad. It may not have the best message, but I’m sure it would cause a good laugh.


2.) The Walking Dad

I am not a fan of the Walking Dead (don’t hit me), but I am a fan of this shirt. I am not one to sport any type of Walking Dead material, but I will definitely rock this!


3.) This is How I Roll

Proud to be a dad or know of one? This is one t-shirt that will definitely show your pride. Another great gift to send that oh so loving father of yours.


4.) Best Dad Ever

Yeah this might have to come in the form of a gift, unless of course you think you’re the best dad in the world. Then again, who doesn’t think that?


5.) World’s Okayest Dad

Not the most flattering, but some of us are proud to just be “ok”. This one can be funny, flattering, and honest, but the truth will come from the people who know the person wearing this shirt.


6.) Papa Bear

There are so many ways to describe a dad and this will fit the right father. You know who they are so grab this one for the oh so very loving dad out there.


7.) Dad Bod

We’re not as sexy as we used to be before kids, but I think we are most proud of what our kids have done for us. Nothing beats a dad bod these days and hey, some women find it attractive.


8.) D.I.L.F

It’s a whole lot easier to be a MILF than a DILF so give this to those dads who made the cut. Lot of respect to all you DILFs out there.


9.) Super Dad

This will never get old and I think any dad will wear this. Another great shirt to add to the collection of dad gear!


10.) T-shirt With a Tie

This shirt is just too cool. There are many different ties to choose from, so get one that you know will match your dad’s style. Getting it for yourself? That’s cool too!


Whether it be for you or if it’s a gift for a dad you know, I hope this list of cool t-shirts helps you out. If you know of any other cool ones, please do let me know in the comments section below. Cheers!