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Are As Seen On TV Products Safe To Buy?

Some people question the legitimacy of the products they see on TV and sometimes are skeptical when it comes to buying online. If you do things the right way, there should be no problem with any type of shopping online, even if you get one of them cool As Seen on TV products. Online Merchants […]

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How To Get Around That Post Birth Anti-Sex Drive

You waited for months for this to happen and finally, here it is. You’re finally a dad! That baby bundle of awesomeness in the next room is the product of the love (or inebriation) that you and your wife share. Life could simply not be much more wonderful! There is just one problem. Where Did […]

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How To Survive A Family Vacation

When you think of a vacation, you think nice beaches and nothing but relaxing. Sounds like an amazing thing, unless you are going with the whole family. Things can get very stressful if you don’t plan and most especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Now, a vacation for you may be very different […]

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