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The Insanity Workout Program Is A Great Product But It’s Just Not For Everyone


This product has been around for a very long time and I thought it’s time I do my Insanity workout review for those of you wondering if this program actually works.

From an infantryman in the army to a work from home dad, I’m sure you’ll appreciate an opinion from someone who knows how it is to be in tip top shape to being in the worst shape of his life. Read More

A Review on the Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Ultralight Vacuum (HV382)

shark-duoclean-rocket-vacuum-reviewWondering if you should by the Shark DuoClean Rocket Vacuum?

This Shark DuoClean Rocket review will help you make a wiser decision, especially if you’re not looking to blow so much cash on yet another vacuum.

If you are like me, vacuuming isn’t your favorite chore.

Ok, let’s be real, if you are like me, you absolutely hate vacuuming.

Yeah, it’s true that the chore itself is a little bit tedious, but there is a little bit more to it than that. Read More

Rodent Sheriff Review – Does It Actually Work?

rodent-sheriff-reviewThis review of Rodent Sheriff will give you everything you need to know before purchasing something that might not even work.

Anything coming from As Seen on TV land is always going to have mixed reviews, but let’s just see if this thing can actually get the job done.

For their size, a pesky rodent can go a long way towards making even a full grown adult uneasy.

No one wants to wake up to the sound of squeaking, turn on the light, and find two little red eyes staring up at them from the floor below.

But besides being a nuisance, rodents can be a hazard to the health of your family (I think that we all remember the plague), and, they are creepy.

If you find yourself with a rodent problem, but don’t want to shell out big bucks for an exterminator, there may be a solution out there for you.

The Rodent Sheriff.

What is The Rodent Sheriff?

The Rodent Sheriff is an as seen on TV product that promises to rid your home of rodents through a natural and safe spray.

If the “As Seen on TV” aspect of this product makes you a little skeptical, that’s okay.

You work hard for your money—it’s a good idea to scrutinize products before you buy them.

Today we will be taking a look at some of the features, as well as the pros and cons of the Rodent Sheriff, so you can decide for yourself if it’s the answer to your pest problem.

Rodent Sheriff:
Of course, the name of this product is enough to suggest that its function is pest control.

What makes it different from other products of a similar nature is the natural ingredients that make it safe to keep around your family.

Let’s take a look at some of the Rodent Sheriff’s features, so you can see for yourself that if it is a pest deterrent worthy of your money.


  • Safe and Natural: If you are a parent, the words, “Safe and Natural,” are music to your ears. Try as you might to prevent it, kids have a way of getting into everything, and what’s worse, they demonstrate a particular prepotency for getting into things that are bad for them. With the Rodent Sheriff, you won’t need to worry about that. Made with natural peppermint oil, there is no need to concern yourself with the threat of harmful chemicals.
  • Use it anywhere: This product is great for in or outdoor use, meaning you can take care of the rats in your attic, and the ants in your garage with the same bottle.
  • All rodents: The Rodent Sheriff tames more than just shrews. With this product, you can expect great protection against mice, rats, raccoons, and more!
  • Use it for a long time: The eight ounces of peppermint powder included in every can are good for one thousand sprays, meaning your money is buying you a product that will last a long time when you purchase the Rodent Sheriff.

Pros and Cons


  • Chemical Free: Again, parents and pet owners understand how big of a deal this is. As a recent father, I am extremely particular about everything that I bring into my house. The assurance that this product will do no harm to your pets or family should give it a huge edge over other, similar products.
  • Price: The Rodent Sheriff does not cost all that much to begin with, and right now you can get two almost for the price of one on Amazon. Coupled with the fact that each bottle can yield up to a thousand sprays, it is safe to say that you are getting a lot of bang for your buck!
  • Versatility: One of the best things about this product is its versatility. It’s not just made for rats, or mice, but also for cockroaches, raccoons, and more. In other words, chances are pretty good that you’ll always have something to use it for, whether you’re keeping mice out of your cupboard, or raccoons out of your garage.


  • Strong Smell: Users report that the peppermint scent is very strong in this product. The strong smell is what makes this product so effective in repelling rodents, but if you don’t care for the scent, that might be a big turn off for you.
  • Rain: If you need this product for outside use, and you happen to live in an area where it rains a lot, you might find yourself running into problems. While the Rodent Sheriff is advertised as being good for outdoor use, rain will often times minimize the effectiveness of the spray, and will find yourself needing to reapply the substance often. Do note that this goes for almost all pesticides, even the ones that these commercial companies use.
  • Reapply Every Day: If you have a particularly persistent pest problem, you will definitely need to regularly apply the spray. If you don’t do so at least daily, you’re most likely going to find that the problem will persist. This may sound like a given, but since it seems to be a consistent user complaint, we’ve decided to include it on the list.

The Price to Get Rodent Sheriff

After some thorough research, I have found the cheapest place to get Rodent Sheriff is on and yes, you can get two for almost the same price as one.

The price starts at around $19 but you get two bottles for that price.

User Reviews

It’s nice to know what people who actually own a product think of it, right?

We’ve taken the time to look over some user reviews from Amazon, and sites like it, so you don’t have to. Here is what we have found:

General consensus on the Rodent Sheriff is actually fairly mixed.

People seem to either love it , or hate it.

Many users have had a positive experience with this product, finding that it made short work of their rodent problem, while others seem to have found it ineffective.

That said, many of the negative reviews seem to be a product of improper use.

As mentioned above, it is important to continue to spray, especially when using the product outside. Proper use seems to get the job done, but if a few negative reviews are enough to scar you off, you’ll ultimately need to make the decision you think is best for your household.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, only you can decide what products are best for your home, but for what it’s worth, we think this is a pretty good one.

If you find the mixed reviews to be troubling, that is understandable, but for the affordable price that this product goes for, it’s worth at least giving it a try.

If you want a pest repellant that is safe for your pets, and your children, then you know where to go.


Click Here to Get Rodent Sheriff!



Flex Seal Tape Review – Does It Really Work?

Flex Seal Tape is another controversial product from the As Seen on TV world that is supposed to seal leaks, cracks, and everything in between.

With its triple layered adhesive, it can bond to almost any surface and can also be done under water.

From the Flex Seal line of products, Flex Tape is the latest addition to their product line.

Does Flex Tape Work?

Should You buy Flex Tape?

You can’t help but wonder if the very popular brand’s new product actually works, especially with all the mixed reviews that you see all over the place.

This review will show you exactly what this tape is about before you decide to purchase something that might just be a bunch of hype.

With the As Seen on TV infomercial hype, you can’t help but wonder how strong this tape really is.

With the very popular video of the boat being cut in its main product Flex Seal, They have that same video, but this time using Flex Tape.

Taping a boat together?

I don’t know about that, but let’s see what this thing can really do.

Uses For Flex Tape

Flex Tape can be used on rubber, plastic, PVC, wood, drywall, ceramic, metal, and fiberglass.

It has 3 layers of rubber, but will that really matter if the adhesive isn’t strong enough?

Flex Tape can repair a broken pipe, leaking roof, a hanging car bumper, leaking pools, campers, RV’s and even put together a boat that was sawn in half.

It may seem crazy, but I believe the taping of the boat more than patching the big hole on the bucket, simply because the boat in the infomercial is a lot thinner and by taping the two together, it will provide a stronger bond with the tape.

Then you have to put the water factor with the bucket with the pressure and placing Flex Tape on it will be a task and a half.

But Can Flex Tape Really Work?

If you’re thinking that this tape can work as easily as it would when you saw it on TV, you might be in for a little disappointment.

Using the tape on a wet surface is one thing that does actually work, but not so much sealing a hole in a bucket with water trying to come out.

You also need to put into consideration the type of surface you’re trying to seal as that will make all the difference, even if they say that it can bond on any surface.

If your bucket is dirty, chances are you won’t get such a tight seal.

Use one like in the infomercial and you might just get a better seal.

How about cutting a boat in half?

I have not tried this, but if you really think about it, I think it can actually do the job.

With the tape being pretty thick, it should be able to bond things together, especially if you’re using the tape on both sides of the boat.

We’re talking about the skinny flimsy type of boat that you saw on TV and not your average boat either, so keep that in mind as well.

Flex Tape is Temporary

Of course the infomercial will make it seem like this thing will seal and replace any leak, but according to the manufacturer, Flex Tape is designed as an emergency, temporary fix.

So if you’re thinking that you can slap this on your roof and you’re good to go, you might want to have your handyman on call as you will definitely need to make an actual repair on your roof.

The Price For Flex Seal Tape

For $14.99, you can get a roll of 5′ of Flex Seal Tape which is 4″ wide or you can spend $19.99, which gets you the 8″ wide tape which also comes with a roll of 5′.

Pros & Cons of Flex Tape


  • Can seal some leaks
  • Is actually pretty thick


  • Doesn’t work well on wood or any other rough surface
  • Is temporary

Do I Recommend Flex Tape?

I think this works great for bonding certain things, but probably not your best bet for sealing crazy big leaks.

If you can get the surface around a leak pretty clean and smooth, Flex Tape will actually work, even if the surface is wet.

If you’re trying to actually just tape something together, you might be better off with some Gorilla Tape.

I recommend you use the regular old Flex Seal if you’re trying to seal some small leaks as this big tape is not going to be your best bet.

Just remember that you’re not getting some crazy sealant that will stop any leak, but rather something that can work for smaller jobs or if you want to simply hold something together.

I’m very neutral with this product, so take it with a grain of salt and really think about what you are going to use this for.

Thanks for reading my Flex Tape review and I hope this helps you make a better decision on whether or not you should give this a try.

If you have any experience with this, please share your thoughts below as I’m sure we all have different experiences with the oh so lovely Flex Tape and every other As Seen on TV product.


Get Flex Tape Here!


Nuwave Oven Review – Worthwhile Investment?

Will the NuWave live up to its hype like it did on TV?

This review will give you a better understanding of yet another As Seen on TV product that may or may not work like presented.

Living a long, healthy life is a product of what you feed your body and you should be taking in healthy food in the right quantities to be healthy.

However, even the most nutritious food can be unhealthy if not cooked in the right manner, so will the NuWave oven be the solution?

The method used in the preparation of food has a great impact on how the body acquires and assimilates the nutrients.

Also, it determines whether the food will be useful in promoting good health in the person consuming it.

The traditional use of pans in the cooking process is slowly being replaced by ovens in the modern world, as ovens make the process fast and efficient.

The NuWave oven uses infrared in cooking, with 3 different cooking methods:

  • Convection– the transfer of heat that occurs when hot air moves in a circular motion.
  • Conduction– Transfer of heat between two parts which are in conduct but stationery.
  • Infrared– A form of penetrative energy.

80% of the energy we get from sunlight is in the form of infrared energy. Human beings also produce some level of infrared energy, which means that this radiant heat is as natural as it can be.

The NuWave oven uses this kind of energy in the cooking process.

The convection method in cooking is only available in the fancy restaurants, as it is the best method when you just want to infuse flavors in your meals.

Combined with conduction and infrared cooking, you will get the best possible meal ever.

With the NuWave oven, you can broil, barbecue, roast, bake, dehydrate, steam, or even air fry like the Power Air Fryer XL.

Because the oven is energy efficient, you can save up to 75% electricity costs when you choose to use it in cooking, which is one thing that might just make this appliance worth it alone.

However, there are precautions to be observed in this process.

Even though the oven is capable of browning food in the cooking process, it is not healthy. You should not brown your food with the excuse that any food cooked using the NuWave oven is safe.

Precautions when using the NuWave oven

  • Do not place the NuWave oven power head in your dishwasher.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines
  • When cleaning the oven parts, let them dry up naturally as it increases the life of the oven.

How the NuWave Oven Works

This oven consists of a powerful and unique triple combo. The different cooking processes when combined ensure that the meal preparation objectives are met.

Through conduction, heat is directly applied to the food just like what happens in the traditional ovens.

In convection, a fan circulates hot air over and around the food and infrared energy is needed to ensure the heat also penetrates the food for complete cooking.

The three process ensure that everything is cooked evenly, which results in having crispy food items on the outside but they will be juicy and moist on the inner side.

What You Get

The NuWave oven comes with an upgraded amber dome, a cooking rack that is reversible and a digital panel.

It also has a stainless steel extender rings and a liner pan made from porcelain enamel, so you can cook your food up to 10 hours.

With settings which allow you to heat, delay or warm the food, you just have to key in the temperature you want the food to be cooked at.

It is also possible to change the NuWave oven settings in the course of the cooking process.

The NuWave oven can cook 70% faster that the conventional ovens.

Being light weight and of a small size, you can take it with you whenever you are traveling or moving.

Oh, and it also comes with a one year warranty.

You can dish wash the NuWave oven parts, which have been cleared by the manufacturer and further assembling is not necessary once you have completed the purchase.

Features and Details of the NuWave Oven

  • Cooking up to 14 pounds ham and 16 pounds turkey.
  • A delay timer which kicks off at the time you have keyed in.
  • Delay, warm and reheat setting.
  • Defaults to 155°F for two hours.
  • 70% faster cooking and 75% less energy usage compared to the standard ovens.
  • Uses convection, infrared and conduction cooking.
  • A light-weight liner pan.
  • Smokeless cooking systems.
  • Patented locking mechanism. It is important in keeping the cooking dome in one place.
  • Multiple cooking.
  • Less grease is left on the food.
  • Long lasting sheath heater. It can last up to 30 years.

Who is the NuWave Oven Intended For?

Anyone who wishes to cook faster, which is almost everyone I know.

Also, if you are tired of traditional ovens which take a long time to complete cooking while using a lot of energy, then this might just be the solution.

If you want the perfect gift for your friends and family, then the NuWave oven is definitely one to consider.

So the NuWave Oven is perfect for anyone looking to save money as well as make healthier and tastier food without having to be in the kitchen all day.

What I Like Most About the NuWave Oven

Despite the size, the NuWave oven is very powerful when it comes to meal preparation.

I’m sure, there are many small ovens in the market, but they cannot beat the NuWave oven when it comes to performance.

With a single press of a button, your food will be perfectly cooked and you do not have to watch over the food to avoid burning or spills.

You do not have to spend a lot of money going out to eat all the time to have amazing food, because this little appliance does make food tastier and easier to cook.

The oven is durable and we have had ours for over two years now and it is still kicking.

Cons of the Nuwave Oven

Obviously there’s a size limit, which is a clear indication that this handy infrared cooker will not replace your regular old oven, so you might want to keep that if you were thinking about giving it to your neighbor.

It also won’t fit a huge turkey, but it can fit some.

Other than that, I have no complaints about the NuWave.

Where to Buy

With further research, I have found the best prices to be on Amazon, but they don’t offer the buy one get one free deal.

However, the price is a lot cheaper and in the end, it comes out to about the same price if you were to purchase two NuWave Ovens.


If you enjoy making tasty and healthy meals, try the Nuwave oven, and you will not regret it as it does cook your food faster and it does produce healthier meals.

I give the Nuwave oven two thumbs up and is definitely going to add to your kitchen in a very positive way.

Thanks for reading this Nuwave review and hopefully I have given you all the information you were looking for.

Thanks for reading!


Power Air Fryer XL Review – Best Air Frying Choice?

With the many reviews surrounding the Power Air Fryer XL, I figured I’d add my two cents into the mix to give you an opinion from someone who is actually just as new to this as you are.

There is something about deep fried foods that gets the taste buds excited, but then there is the questions regarding calories and health.

With statistics concerning cardiovascular and obesity death rate standing at 31%, you have every reason to think twice before you get carried away by the sight, smell, or taste of any deep fried food through the wet method.

But what if there was a way to enjoy your deep fried meals which are perfectly healthy?

The Power Air Fryer XL has come to liberate the people who love crispy and crunchy foods but still have to watch their weight and health.

Sounds like everyone to me.

This is a machine that will have your family hooked to your cooking and also make work easy for you.

Starting with its outward appearance, the sleek and modern look of the Power Air Fryer XL will look great in your kitchen.

It is all about elegance and class, with its main color being black.

The major question that goes through the minds of many people when they hear about air fryers for the first time is, “How do they fry without oil?”.

It seems unbelievable at first, but it is possible and you only need a fraction of cooking oil to get crispy food.

In cooking, you can decide to use the wet method or the dry method.

However, you have to consider the recipe before you settle on a particular cooking method.

Deciding is not easy, and that is where the Power Air Fryer XL comes in.

You can cook any food perfectly using this appliance.

Not only will you get healthy food but also tasty. If you want an air fryer that will not fail you, Power Air Fryer XL is the way to go.

How Does it Work?

The Power Air Fryer XL makes use of air-technology where the food is deep fried through circulation of hot air through the basket.

Your cooking will only take a few minutes as the rapid circulation of air ensures that the food is properly cooked without the need for too much oil.

Complete Flavor Control

Among its many benefits, the air fryer boasts complete control when it comes to flavor. You can rest assured that you will taste all the spices and products you add to your meal if only you use the Power Air Fryer XL in your cooking.

Best Frying choice

The Power Air Fryer XL can be used in making a wide range of meals including French fries, fried chicken, fish sticks, onion rings, chicken tender, mozzarella sticks, potato skins, homemade potato chips and more.

You will have your family coming back for more once they test your breaded veggies made using the Power Air Fryer XL too.

Perfect for dessert

Meals are not complete without dessert but making it can be time-consuming.

Instead of serving the same boring dessert every day, Power Air Fryer XL gives you a chance to make a number of desserts in a short time.

Your kitchen experience and the meals you serve will never be the same with this powerful machine.

You will be spoilt for choice because you can make chocolate cookies, air-fried donuts, apple pie and even fruit crisp.

Air Fryer-Healthier

Power Air Fryer XL has changed the rules of air-frying because you no longer have to worry about the calories you are heaping when enjoying your deep-fried food.

You do not have to hold back your desires because you worry about your health.

Every bite into the crunchy meals is done with a smile because it is pure bliss and perfectly healthy.

Prepare You Meals  Within Minutes

The operation is easy because you just have to load the raw foodstuff on the basket, slide into back to the fryer and press the cooking settings.

It comes with 7 preset programs for all kinds of cooking.

It automatically goes off once the preset time is up, thus, you do not have to remain in the kitchen while the cooking is taking place.

You can go on with other house chores or activities while cooking. Power Air Fryer XL is there to save you time. The digital timer control has feather touch.

Features and details

  • Rapid-air technology allowing you to bake, steam, roast, air-fry, grill and sauté without using a lot of oil.
  • No-grease, no-mess.
  • Uses less oil and butter to ensure all meals are healthy.
  • Weighs 16.1 pounds.
  • A capacity of 3.2 liters- perfect for entire family meal preparation.
  • 15000 W and heats foods to a temperature range of between 200°F-400°F.
  • Creates a non-greasy crispy brown food and locks moisture and flavor inside.
  • 70% faster cooking compared to conventional methods. You do not have to preheat the oven.
  • Digital control panel with feather touch controls and LCD display.
  • Adjustable temperature controls and timer.
  • 2 preset functions for cooking all meals within the perfect temperatures and time. The functions include chicken, French fries, steak, fish, shrimp, roast, and bake.
  • Offers 6-in-1 technology to bake, sauté, air-fry, roast, grill and steam.
  • Automatic shut-off upon reaching the pre-set cooking time to avoid burning of meals or overcooking.
  • A closed cooking system to offer an odor-free and safe alternative to traditional deep-fat frying.
  • Can cook frozen food without the need for thawing.
  • Power Air Fryer XL has dishwasher-safe and non-stick parts which are easy to wipe.
  • Comes with an easy-load frying basket designed with vents to allow the grease and fat to drain.
  • Power Air Fryer XL has an adjustable, removable easy-load basket divider. It enables you to cook different kinds of foods at the same time.
  • The Power Air Fryer XL comes with a baking tray perfect for biscuits, cakes and pizza baking.
  • The machine comes with a free recipe book featuring several fried food recipes which have been created for use in frying with the Power Air Fryer XL.
  • Dimensions: 32.2´32.2´ 36.6 (length, width, and height respectively)
  • Full refund within 30 days if the product does not meet your expectations.
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty.

Where to Buy the Power Air Fryer XL

After doing some research, I have found the cheapest place to buy the Power Air Fryer XL to be on

With all the guarantees and warranties that come with this product, you can expect the same from Amazon as well.

The price can change though, but it usually is around the $150 – $180 price range.

(Click Here to see the current price)

Final Verdict of the Power Air Fryer XL

Although I thought this was an actual frying type of appliance, this is more along the lines of Nuwave type cooking, but still exceeded my expectations.

If you are looking for an air fryer, the Power Air Fryer XL is the one to buy.

I also think this is a great gift for dad with Father’s day right around the corner.

If you don’t like it, you can always return it for a full refund, but I’m pretty confident that you’ll find this handy appliance to be a lot more helpful than you think.

Thanks for reading my Power Air Fryer XL review and hopefully I have given you more than enough information on yet another As Seen on TV product.

If you have any questions or you would simply like to add your two cents, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!