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The WORX 14-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower Is Actually Not That Bad

Most of us mow our own lawns. I’ve always found that on a nice day when the sun is out, but mild, and the sky is particularly blue the time spent mowing my grass can even be sort of pleasant.

Then I run into problems. The motor won’t start. I lose my charge. My mower is awkward and uncomfortable to use. Small inconveniences that are enough to ruin the entire experience.

If you want to improve the way that you cut your grass, the product that we will be highlighting today might just be your solution. The WORX 14-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower. Read More

The Survival Life Business Card Works Better As A Paperweight


With the offer of free, it is almost impossible to turn down this free survival business credit card. This review will show you why I think you should get it as well as why you shouldn’t.

There are some things that you can let go and then there are those that you have to at least try for yourself. This business credit card is something I think is on the “you must try” list.

What is The Survival Business Card?

Well, I think you can figure that out with just the name alone. However, it is a multitool in the shape of a business card, that is made out of some nice stainless steel construction.

It has 11 functions and yes, they are all capable with this one tool alone. It was created by Survival Life, which I am a big fan of as they have many products that they do take pride in.

You can checkout the Instablade Credit card, which I think you’ll find a little more interesting. It also comes with the whole free, just pay the shipping and handling type deal, so you know the deal.


Some of the stuff here can be used, but some you might probably never use in your life. For what it’s worth, here are the components of this handy dandy tool.

  • survival-business-card-specsCan Opener
  • Knife Edge
  • Slotted/Flathead Screwdriver
  • Ruler
  • Bottle Cap Opener
  • 4 Position Wrench
  • Wingnut Wrench
  • Saw Blade
  • Direction Ancillary Indicator
  • Keychain/Lanyard Hole
  • Water Compass

Who This is For

I would love to say this is for the all outdoor person, but it’s really not. Let’s just say this is more for someone who likes cool stuff like me.

You know you’re not going to use this tool for most of your needs, but it is there for maybe a great conversational piece?

I see the main thing that will be used here is probably the bottle opener. For those of you who are tired of using a lighter or the side of a table to open that beer, this will definitely come in handy.

Like I said about the conversational piece, your buddies will definitely wonder what in the world you’re opening your beer with, but that’s about it.

I’m sure some might give you crap about it, but when they find out that you paid under $5 for this, they’ll probably want one for themselves.

Pros & Cons of the Survival Business Card


  • More than affordable
  • You can say you own one
  • Cool design
  • Simple
  • Made out of stainless steel
  • Comes with a Survival Life Handbook


  • Not your best bet for a multitool
  • Can be dangerous

I can’t say anything really bad about this tool as it is free. However, you know what you’re getting so don’t be expecting this to mop the floor for you.

The Price For the Survival Business Card

It is somewhat free like they say, but the only catch would be the shipping and handling.

So be expecting to pay $4.95 at checkout and you can have it shipped to you right away.

Click Here to Get Your Free Survival Business Card!


What I Really Liked About the Survival Business Card

I think it’s just the cool factor that got me interested in this and if you put that along with the word free then you can grab anyone’s attention.

However, I do think it is worth more than the shipping and handling and it’s not going to be something you lose sleep over since it’s just the price of one cup of coffee.

What I Didn’t Like

I mean, yeah, you get what you pay for so I wasn’t expecting this to be my go-to tool. So other than the cool factor, this thing will not be a great tool for little stuff around the house.

I also found this to be a little dangerous with the little knife edge, so definitely keep this away from children as you would all sharp objects.

If they’re like mine, they’ll want to play with all of daddy’s stuff, so keep a close eye on them as they are a lot faster than we think.

I think the best thing that you could possibly use this for is a nice little flat edge and a very good looking box cutter.

So I’m going to have to say that this is going to be completely up to you.


I don’t think it takes much of a decision on this one.

It’s either you want it or you don’t and for under $5 you really have nothing to lose or even complain about.

Get it today and figure out if it’s worth it on your own.

Whether it collects dust as another collectible or you actually use it, this is one of those things that don’t call for a lot of buyer’s remorse.

For the price, you won’t be kicking yourself in the behind for making such a bad purchase.

I think you’ll be satisfied either way, so get it and decide from there if it’s worth it.

Do you have any experience with this? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below as we would love to hear what you think. Is this worth the $4.95?


Grab Your Survival Business Card For Free Here!




Kreg Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide Review


After seeing this infomercial I had to get all the information possible to put together this Kreg Rip Cut circular saw guide review to help you make a better decision on whether or not to buy yet another As Seen on TV product.

I’m sure not all of us cut wood on a daily basis, so cutting that straight line or getting the same exact size for boards is not the easiest thing to do.

So why not use a circular saw guide to help you with things, right?

Well, before purchasing anything, I want to show you exactly why you should or should not purchase this product.

I’m sure for the price, a lot of you will give it a shot anyways because that’s just how people like you and me are.

Now for those of you that are still on the fence about this, let me break things down for you so that you can make a better decision on your own, without having buyer’s remorse.

Kreg Rip Cut Circular Saw Guide Review

Product Name: Kreg “Rip-Cut”

Part Number: KMA2675

Price: $27.99 – $34.99


Weight: 2.7 pounds

Dimensions: 30 x 10.5 x 1.2 inches

Color: Multi

Batteries Required: No

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Product Overview

For those of you having a hard time cutting the same exact size for a DIY project or simply want to speed things up, I’d like to introduce to you, the Kreg Rip-Cut circular saw guide.

It works with ALMOST all circular saws, with the exception of a few.

For the most part, this will work with most top brand products.

Not going to work with other saws like a Rotorazer, so only consider this if you are going to use a circular saw.

It features a solid aluminum guide rail along with an easy to read adjustable scale as well as a reversible guide arm, which allows it to work with both left and right handed people.

It cuts up to 24″ and won’t go any further so keep that in mind if you’re planning on cutting anything longer.

Who This is For

Anyone and everyone who does or plans on cutting wood using a circular saw to make a shelf, drawer, or anything that needs the boards to be the same exact size.

This product is most especially for anyone who has a hard time staying on the line or even if you simply don’t want to mark your boards with chalk, pencil, or whatever it is that you use to mark where you are going to cut.

Now if you’re a perfectionist, the Kreg circular saw guide rip-cut will really give you the perfect cut every single time.

Now if you aren’t the most handy of handy people and you will only be cutting one board, then you might not need this, but with the price, you might still get it regardless.

The Price

If you plan on going to go to the actual site, it is going to cost you $34.99.

Of course the infomercial will tell you that it can only be bought online, but I’m not too sure if that’s still the case as this product has been out for quite some time now.

However, I did find the cheapest place to be on, so you can actually get it there for $27.99 if you want to save some money.

Cheapest Place to Buy: For $27.99

You can always check your local hardware store or Walmart, but I’m not too sure if they are actually available.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can actually get it for free and at your doorstep within two days, so that’s also something to consider.

Now if you’re not a member, this would be a great time to take advantage of their 30 day prime free trial, which will give you a bunch of savings.

The Price


  • Very helpful
  • Affordable
  • No need to draw lines
  • Works for both left and right handed people
  • Super accurate
  • Durable
  • Works with most circular saws


  • Complaints of having to remount the saw if taken off

So Does the Kreg Rip-Cut Really Work?

Sure it does.

Not only does it give you that straight cut all the time, it doesn’t require you to mark anything, which gives you more time to do other projects.

If you’re the DIY, build stuff out of wood type of person (guy or gal) this will be a great addition to your tool collection as I’m sure this will always come in handy.

The cuts are as accurate as can be and you won’t get a straighter cut than what the Rip Cut gives you.

Is The Rip-Cut a Good Buy?

Definitely a great buy especially if you’re into a lot of DIY projects.

For the price, this thing will pay itself off in your first use, but it will last for many years to come if you take care of it of course.

If you’re wondering if you should get one, I think it is definitely worth it.

Know of someone who could use this?

This is definitely an awesome gift and I will also be adding this to our Father’s Day gift guide for 2017, so that’s how good I think this circular saw guide really is.

Definitely worth the money and this is definitely a good buy.

Thanks for reading my Kreg Rip-Cut review and I hope I have given you all the information you need to give you a better understanding of what you are getting.

Think this review is awesome or you know of someone who could use this, please share this post so that they can benefit from it too.



– John




Gator Grip Universal Socket Review – Will It Replace Your Whole Socket Set?

You’re probably looking for a solid Gator Grip review to help you decide on whether or not you should invest in such an interesting tool.

If you’re like me, you do a lot of handy work around the house. However, looking for the correct tool to get the job done is always harder than it should be.

If of course you’re not the most handiest of handymen.

I came across the The Gator Grip ETC-200MO and decided to do a Review.

Is it worth the price and does it actually work as claimed to by thousands of buyers?

I will debunk all the feedback from the online community and find the true quality of this product.


Product Name: The Gator Grip ETC-200MO

Cheapest Place To Buy:

Weight: 8.8 ounces

Dimensions: 6.8 x 1.5 x 10.5 inches

Guarantee: 30 day return policy + 1 year limited warranty

Overall Rating: 3/5 stars


Product Overview

This socket is a universal one, meaning it will instantly grip any screw eyes, hex nuts, lag screws, hooks, bolt heads, wing nuts, and square nuts (hence why it has been given the “1 second” name). It will even work on rusted or broken nuts.

The adjustability features a wide range. This includes a 1/4″ to 3/4″ metric, and up to 7mm and 19mm nuts and bolt heads.

Inside the socket you will find 54 hardened steel pins (spring) which are designed for durability to last a long time.

When the socket has been placed on a fastener, the center pins retract, while the outer pins will surround the fastener.

When torque has been applied, the force moves to the outer wall of the socket, and NOT the pins. That is why it’s good enough to handle heavy duty workload – whether it be for professional work or personal.

What Ultimate Benefits Does the 1 Second Socket Provide?

What tends to be beneficial in many ways – the torque power can handle up to 140 pounds – so removing a rusted nut or bolt will not be a problem.

I really like how it can grip pretty much any nut or bolt that needs to be changed, and whether it be for personal or professional use, it works well in both ways.


Pricing & Purchase Details

This tool is available on

The pricing changes often and usually sits between $10 to $40.

After purchase, you get a 30 day return policy – simply send it back for a refund if it wasn’t up to your expectations – you can also send it back for a repair, in the event you find any defects on the product.

The manufacturers are including a 1 year limited warranty for the purchase as well.

See The Current Price Here!


Who The Gator Grip Socket Is For

This is for the men (oh and women :P) who want a universal tool, capable of being used on a variety of nuts and bolts.

If you’re tired of trying to search for the right socket as you’re doing DIY work around the house or even when you are at your workplace, then this might be something to look into.

It would make a great gift for a husband, dad, or cousin/brother too!

Pros and Cons


  • Very versatile and has the ability to fit multiple shapes and different sized screws and nuts without you always having to change parts
  • The “1 Second” name has been found to be true by hundreds of individuals that have used this tool, it’s as easy as placing onto the nut or bolt and then removing it
  • This Gator Grip also removes nuts and bolts that aren’t perfectly round too! When they have been shredded it’s almost impossible to remove, I find that this tool gets the job done
  • Will last a long time even if it’s been used constantly on (on small jobs though)
  • It’s actually a lot sturdier than it looks and works exactly like it has been shown on the commercials.


  • Can sometimes stick when using it and can be a little difficult removing it from the bolt after use
  • Isn’t the best choice for heavy duty jobs. A lot of people have said it will not work with car/truck tire bolts and when used on other bigger nuts or bolts the socket just slips

Do I Recommend This Product?

I’ve seen so many people praising about how much things this tool can attach to, and they are still being surprised at how well it works even after months of using it!

I would say this is a must-have in any garage/tool box.

Other as seen on TV products don’t cut the mustard, I can see that this one does stand the test of time but only if you’re using it on small jobs and every day use.

If that’s you, and you want to use this for your job and around the house then it is definitely for you and highly recommended!

However, if you want to use it for more bigger jobs, such as automotive work or removing large rusted bolts then it isn’t the best choice for you.

My Final Opinion

What a great product, it DOES do what it’s suppose to – which is to latch onto any bolt or nut in a matter of 1 second and tighten or loosen it without any problems.

But remember it will only work for everyday use and on small jobs for your workplace.

Don’t expect the torque to handle up to 140 pounds because it won’t.

That was one thing I saw that was false advertising.

Other than that, the 1 Second Socket works exactly as intended and works just as good as advertised, if you want to use it for everyday use then I have no doubts that it will work for you too.

If you want to use it for small jobs at your workplace, then this product also makes a great choice.

However, it will not be the best option of you’re wanting to use it for automotive work or anything similar (heavy-duty).

I really like the concept of this tool and find it works incredibly well for your more easier tasks.

For all the reasons I have compiled throughout this review, and because there’s nothing else out there like it, it is definitely a must-have in any garage or toolbox.

Yes, highly recommended!

Check The Current Prices On!



Orbitrim Gas Trimmer Head Review: Not Worth The Small Price

The Orbitrim No String Head Gas Trimmer has not received much good feedback over the years, but does this mean it is really a bad product?

Well this is my honest Orbitrim Gas Trimmer Head review, where I will be debunking the many reviews that it HAS been given and finding out if this product is truly worth getting or not.

If that is also what you are here for then I highly suggest you keep reading.


Product Name: Orbitrim No String Head Gas Trimmer

orbitrim gas trimmer head reviewCheapest Place To Buy:

Dimensions: 11.14 x 3.31 x 11.34 inches

Weight: 1.2 pounds

Material: Solid steel

Manufacturer: Allstar Products Group

Overall Rating: 1.9/5 stars


Product Overview

This product has been described to fit just about all gas trimmers (99% to be exact), while it eliminates the need for trimmer strings and wires. It can be attached in just seconds.

The manufacturers are saying you can now spend more time gardening and cleaning up your lawn, a lot more now that you don’t have to replace the trimmer string.

They are also claiming that it will trim almost anything, such as hedges, thick grass, edges, thick bushes, and more.

Since it has a curved bottom, you can cut over the grass and have an even cut throughout. The material is made from solid steel, which is much more durable than regular trimmer string.

This product also comes with a safety feature, good for when you come close to your flowers and trees. Oh and they are claiming that the safety feature helps prevents accidents too.

The Orbitrim No String Head Gas Trimmer includes a 5 year guarantee, as long as you don’t exceed 8,000 RPM.

What Ultimate Benefits Does This Product Provide?

What really struck me the most, was actually how many different models that this product can attach to, and in seconds!

I also like how it replaces all trimmer strings, since changing these tend to waste a lot of time, this will make gardening 10x easier – and simpler too.

The amount of grass and hedging that this product can trim EVENLY was also something that caught my eye and I’m sure will catch yours too.

Pricing & Purchase Details

The Orbitrim can now be purchased from Mostly for around $10 and $20, but it changes often, so I’d suggest you check the current price first.

Amazon will provide free shipping for orders made to the US – this is for all purchases over $49 though.

Click Here to See the Current Price!


Who The Orbitrim is For

I would say that this is for all the individuals who do a lot of outdoor work and just want something to make their life simpler.

Since there’s no need for replacing trimmer string, a lot of the older people will enjoy what this has to offer.

Don’t be expecting to do some heavy brush cutting because you really do get what you pay for.

Who This Is NOT For

This is NOT for anyone who isn’t willing to follow the instructions. It is very clear on the product page that you should follow the instructions carefully.

While it is not recommended to have this thing going more than 8,000 RPM, so if you want to go more than that, it is not for you.

Follow instructions and it should work perfectly fine.

Pros and Cons


  • I like how it attaches to 99% of trimmer heads
  • The patent pending safety ring actually helps protects your flowers and trees from the trimmer
  • The amount of things this product can cut is incredible. Yes, that also means evenly. Such as: mowing, trimming, edging, cutting hedges etc
  • It is made of solid steel, so you know it’s going to be a lot more durable than regular trimmer string


  • Only has an 8000 RPM limit, and will start vibrating when you exceed this amount
  • Doesn’t actually work as advertised (while roughly 70% to 80% of all feedback is BAD)
  • It has cheap plastic parts and won’t even last as long as they are claiming it to
  • Many people have had dangerous encounters with this product, mostly because it is low quality and cheaply made

Do I the Orbitrim Gas Trimmer Head?

I simply can NOT recommend this product to anyone. It is cheaply made and nowhere near as good as they are advertising on the commercials.

It is a great concept, but a terrible product.

If only they made it with better quality and actually took the time to make it, instead of rushing it (by the looks of it), the finished product might have come out a lot better.

Too many people are complaining that it’s very dangerous, since it’s unpredictable and that right there is not going to sit well with most folks.

It doesn’t even do edges as they claim it to, while it shreds the grass so poorly, that the stalks get caught onto the blade, which throws the balance off.

I would never waste my money on this garbage of a product.

The Orbitrim No String Head Gas Trimmer is not recommended whatsoever, it’s not even worth considering!

My Final Opinion

I like the idea and where they went with it, but if only it was better quality and worked just as good as it did on TV, it would have been a great one.

They should have put a little more effort into designing and creating it.

This has gotten an average rating of 1.8 stars, and with this much purchases, that is saying a lot about the product.

Of course, you can still give it the benefit of the doubt, take my review as a grain of salt and try it out for yourself if you’d like.

OR you can take my word for it, and try my more recommended trimmer attachment.

For the many reasons I have mentioned throughout this post, and for the simple fact that this product has received way too many starts over the years to even consider purchasing, I would say the Orbitrim No String Head Gas Trimmer is a waste of money and not worth getting.

Final Verdict – Do not buy

Thanks for reading my Orbitrim Gas Trimmer Head review!


– John

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Rotorazer Saw Review – I Think It’s Great To Be Honest

In my honest Rotorazer Saw review, we will debunk the reviews and find out why it has been given such negative feedback, while over 50% of the purchases have people that are happy with their purchase.

This product has almost been divided into 2 categories. 1 category of buyers love it, the others think it’s rubbish.

Let’s find out what is actually going on, why has 25% of people who have purchased this product been giving it a 1 star? I will be answering this question and many more in my review below.

rotorazer saw review

Rotorazer Saw Review – Specs

Product Name: Rotorazer Saw

Cheapest Place To Buy:

Weight: 5.7 pounds

Dimensions: 13.2 x 9.6 x 4.6 inches

Power Source: corded-electric

Included Components: Blade

Batteries Included: No

Batteries required: No

Guarantee: 30 day return policy

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars


Product Overview

The Rotorazer Saw has been described as being lightweight and versatile. While it is also easy to use and a powerful circular saw for many DIY jobs.

This Rotorazer Saw also includes a 400-watts motor which is located inside a construction-grade chassis. This has also been claimed to be incredibly light.

The manufacturers are claiming that this product can be many different saws. Such include: Hand, Circular, Jigsaw, Hacksaw, Miter, Band, Tile.

While it will cut a lot of different materials – PVC, ceramic tiles, hardwood, drywall, metal, steel, marble – just to name a few.

3 quick-change, razor sharp blades will be included free with the purchase. This saw also contains its own Dust Extraction system.

What Ultimate Benefits Does This Product Provide?

What I really like the most was how much different materials that this all-in-one handsaw can cut into. Even though it’s very small and lightweight, it can still pack a punch.

But what also caught my eye was actually the different types of saws that this product can be used as, 7 saws in one. At this price, that isn’t always easy to find.

Pricing & Purchase Details

This product can now be purchased from Although the price does vary often, mostly between $150 and $200, so it is recommended to see what the current price is [click here to see the current price].

You will also get a 30 day return policy with it. Meaning you can send it back for a full refund, whether that be for any reason, because Amazon never hesitate to refund your money.

Or if you experience any defects or malfunctions in this product, you can return it to get a repair.

This will include free shipping too, only when you shop with Amazon though.

Who The Rotorazer Saw Is For

I find this to work perfectly for DIY dads, since it isn’t the most expensive Saw in the world, it’s definitely not going to break the bank.

While many businesses can benefit from this as well. Contractors that tend to work in other peoples houses will find this to be very useful, with the Extraction system, you won’t make much of a mess.

A lot of times small businesses spend money on expensive tools that they don’t need or never last long, when they could be spending their money on something lightweight and in an affordable price range.

 Pros and Cons


  • Incredibly lightweight and convenient, so it won’t be a hassle to have in your arsenal of tools
  • Because it has a Dust Extraction system, you can cut in many places without worrying about it making much of a mess
  • Will cut through many hard surfaces with a breeze, as many people have claimed this to be true
  • Many people claiming that it works just as advertised. This is rare to find with a ‘as seen on TV’ product.


  • Won’t cut items with a large diameter or even high in depth, so don’t expect it to
  • Not recommended for huge jobs

Do I Recommend This Product?

There are way too many people expecting this saw to replace their more expensive ones and thinking it would work perfectly.

This is probably a fault on the manufacturers part too, claiming it to be used as 7 different types of saws. I can ensure you that it does do all of these, however it will not work the best.

Don’t get me wrong though, it is a great tool and works as advertised, but the people expecting it to do huge jobs that it simply can’t handle are the ones giving it bad feedback.

It is what it is, at the end of the day.

It’s an affordable, lightweight, multipurpose saw and capable of doing many small jobs.

I find that to be truly beneficial to many contractors or businesses who want a saw that’s going to be lightweight and not going to break the bank.

And because it can work flawlessly for small jobs, it’s going to work great for DIY jobs around the house.

This is a great tool and something that exceeded my expectations by far, definitely recommended.

So many mixed Rotrazer saw reviews, so you might have to see for yourself.

Rotorazer Saw Review – Conclusion

I’m guessing that many people don’t look after their Rotorazer Saw, which is why it breaks down on them, then they try and claim it to be poorly-made and low quality.

It should be treated as a lightweight and convenient saw, but also a fragile one.

I would suggest that you clean it often, and don’t expect it to replace all your more heavier saws for bigger jobs, because it won’t.

Once you realize that, your expectations won’t be as high and you will get a great product that will work almost flawlessly on small jobs.

You can’t get any better than that, especially from an ‘as seen on TV’ product.

Because of the many reasons I have outlined in this article, and for the simple fact that it’s lightweight and capable of doing many jobs around the house, and for a lot of contractors too, I have no doubts that it will work for you as well.

As long as you don’t want to replace your more heavier tools with this one, then you will fall in love with it, and it will work better than expected.

A great saw and works as promised. Definitely recommended!

Thanks for reading my Rotorazer Saw review!

~ John

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