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What Are Fidget Spinners And Where In The World Can You Find Them?

what-are-fidget-spinnersAfter irritating me about this so called fidget spinner, I had to see what the big fuss was about, which led us to some little store that supposedly still had them in stock.

Come to find out, this little contraption is not even really a toy, but rather a stress relief product that has actually been around for quite some time now but only started trending this year.

For what it’s worth, I got the kids one of these things and let’s just say I was the one who was more impressed with such a simple idea.

So if you’re wondering what fidget spinners are and maybe even looking for some really cool ones, this post will give you exactly that.

What are Fidget Spinners?

Fidget spinners are the hottest toy on the market, but it wasn’t intended to be a toy to begin with.

Created and patented by Catherine A. Hettinger in 1997, but eventually got released in 2007 and only picked up steam just this year (2017).

The toy/stress reliever is a very simple design, which is built with stainless steel, plastic, brass, copper, or titanium.

The center has a bearing that allows the spinner to “spin”, which lasts for several seconds relieving your nervous energy.

There are two styles of the regular fidget spinner with one that has just two sides to the spinner and then you have the Tri Spinner that has 3 sides and is the most popular amongst the kids.

Who Fidget Spinners are For

This thing is really for anyone, but it works great for kids with autism, ADD, ADHD, stress, or anxiety.

My kids can not keep still no matter what I do, and even the good old Fidget Spinner couldn’t do the trick.

There are your regular old Fidget Spinners and then you have the Batman one, another one that lights up, and all types of

The Price For Fidget Spinners

You can find Fidget Spinners for as low as $2.90 for the regular spinner or you can get the Tri Spinner for like $5 and up.

If you were to go to a regular store around your area you can expect the price to be jacked up, especially with how popular these things are.

Now if you have some time, you can get them on for the lowest prices and the best designs styles, which you can see from our cool fidget spinners collection below.

Where to Buy Fidget Spinners

You can find these things at any little mom n pop store but at this point in time, they are usually sold out or will cost you an arm and a leg.

Sure we usually want to see, touch, and hold these things so we can pay and take them right out of the store, but if you can wait a couple of days, there are a better selection online, as well as big time savings.

Cool Fidget Spinners

Sometimes it’s hard to find the coolest Fidget Spinners at your regular store, so I decided to put together a little list of what I think is cool.

I’m sure you won’t find these fidget spinners around your neighborhood, so be the cool dad and get your kids one of these much cooler fidget spinners.

Batman Fidget Spinner

Very identical to one of Batman’s little version of a ninja star blade that he throws, this fidget spinner will have you looking cooler than most kids.

Ninja Star Fidget Spinner

Just as cool as the Batman Fidget spinner, this ninja star version looks amazing. Might look a bit on the dangerous site, but it’s actually pretty safe if you use it for just fidget purposes.

Captain America Shield Fidget Spinner

Not your typical fidget spinner, this one comes like Captain America’s shield and I must say that this is one of the coolest fidget spinners out there.

OUUO Fidget Spinner

Not so much going on with this fidget spinner, but it does look cool and this thing can spin for over 5 minutes! If that’s not cool enough for you, I don’t know what to tell you.

RayCue Durable Fidget Spinner

With some gear look to it, this made my top list of cool fidget spinners just on looks alone. If that’s not enough for you, this is probably one of the most durable ones out there in case you plan on throwing it to the wall.

Get More Cool Fidget Spinners

There are hundreds upon hundreds of these things in many different styles, but I’d rather not waste your time here, when you can go on and see them for yourself.

If you know of any other cool Fidget spinners, please share them in the comments section below so I can consider adding it to this list of cool fidget spinners.

Thanks for reading!


Click Here to See More Cool Fidget Spinners!



Hatchimals Toy Review – Worth The Hefty Price Tag?

I saw these cute little eggs on eBay, and it caught my eye. What ARE these things? I will be throughly researching this toy and writing down my findings in this Hatchimals Toy review.

They are really something I haven’t seen before, so I’d be happy to write my own personal opinion on them and let you know whether they will be worth getting or not.


Product Name: Hatchimals Toy

hatchimals-reviewCheapest Place To Buy:

Weight: 1 pound

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 5-7 years

Product Dimensions: 8 x 10 x 5.8 inches

Guarantee: 30 day return policy

Product Overview

In essence, Hatchimals toys are magical creatures that live inside eggs. But the catch is, you don’t know what toy is inside, so it’s a surprise.

There are 2 interactive Hatchimals, and 1 egg contains one of these interactive cuddly creatures 🙂

If you love and care for the creature inside the egg, it will make cute sounds, while the eyes will light up and tell you how it feels!

The more you care and play with the Hatchimal while it’s inside the egg, the faster it will hatch. You will know this – because the eyes will light up like a rainbow.

Your touch and love is the secret to making your Hatchimal come out of the egg, by pecking its way out of it.

The manufacturers are claiming this to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Especially because you get to raise the Hatchimal once it is hatched. There are 3 stages of life for this toy. These are: baby, toddler, and kid, and will sing “Happy Birthday” every time it enters one of these stages.

You can teach it to walk, dance, play games, and more.

It can also repeat what you say, but in its own voice of course. I find this to be a great feature that all kids tend to love.

What Ultimate Benefits Do Hatchimals Provide?

The amount of fun and experience your kid can get out of this toy will be a huge benefit to you and your child.

One of the best benefits? This toy will keep them entertained for days! And possibly even more when it has hatched.

And since your kid is very young, they actually think it’s a real animal inside of it. And because of this, they tend to take extra care of the egg 😛

The Price & Where to Buy Hatchimals

This Hatchimals toy is on The pricing does change often though, and mostly between $140-$200.

This will include a 30 day return policy, so you can send it back for a full refund, or a repair/new one if you get one with a fault or defect.

See What The Current Price Is Here


Who This Toy Is For

The manufacturers are describing this toy to be good for ages of 5-7 and is best recommended for that, so if your child is between that age (or roughly around it), it would make a perfect choice.

I find these to be good for a kids birthday present.

And yes, it is recommended for both boys and girls.

Pros and Cons


  • Very adorable creatures, and will be a huge experience for you and your child
  • A great toy to help with you and your child to bond more. Money well spent 🙂
  • A toy that will give your child high anticipation, happiness and endless hours of fun
  • The manufacturers have spent a little longer on the attention-to-detail, as you will find out that every sound, action, and visual effects are better than expected


  • Very pricey
  • The hatching time can be unpredictable, which is anything from a couple of hours to a few days
  • A minor chance of getting a bad one, meaning it won’t hatch at all

Do I Recommend This Product?

There’s a lot of people complaining about it taking too long to hatch – good things take time. And I have found out that this is where a lot of the negative feedback have come from, impatient people!

If you realize that it will not hatch in the first hour and you’re not an impatient person, then it is highly recommended for you.

Even though it is on the pricier side, that is what you should expect for a high quality product that’s going to give you and your child hours of fun and happiness a day.

With 3 stages of life that the Hatchimal goes through, I find that this builds up even more anticipation for your kid as he/she tries to care for the toy as much as possible.

A great product, high quality, and it’s especially a good choice if you’re wanting to something to help bond with your child. Highly recommended.

My Final Opinion

If you really don’t care about the price (if it isn’t an issue with you), and you only want your kids to be happy, I would hands down suggest that you get one of these.

They are a little pricey, however there’s only a very slight chance of getting one that won’t hatch due to a defect or fault.

In this case, the manufacturers recommend you giving them a call and they can actually aid the toy in the process of hatching.

Because most of the time it isn’t a fault, but rather not enough nurturing.

The amount of fun and happiness your child will get from it is more important than any con I have mentioned above.

For all reasons I have outlined in this review, and because there are thousands of parents mentioning that this ‘hatching process’ has been a great bonding experience for them and their child, I have no hesitations in recommending this product.

It works as advertised, the manufacturers really stand by their product, AND the customer service is outstanding.

I have no doubts that you and your child will find this toy to be highly fun and a great bonding experience.

Great product and highly recommended.


Get Yours While They’re Still On!



ThinkFun Maker Studio Winches Building Kit Review

The ThinkFun Maker Studio Winches Building Kit is an exceptional toy and something you might find to be more than just fun.

If you have a child who is constantly curious about building things, we have the perfect thing.

It is called The Maker Studio Winches Set by ThinkFun and if you are raising a budding little engineer, this toy is an absolute must have.

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-946" src="×1024.jpg" alt="thinkfun maker studio winches building kit" width="577" height="577" srcset="×1024 task planner online.jpg 1024w,×150.jpg 150w,×300.jpg 300w,×768.jpg 768w, 1500w” sizes=”(max-width: 577px) 100vw, 577px” />

At under $20, you may not expect much, but the first thing you may notice upon opening the box is not how little you have, but literally the endless possibilities of what is you you have to work with.

The box comes with an overabundance of gears, axles, hubcaps, various sizes of gears, and basic instructions on how these things works.

What the set does NOT come with, however, is the body on which to build your new creation.

Now, this may sound confusing at first, but the idea here is not to follow a simple 300 some odd step instruction booklet to build a pre made model car or train.

Instead, the concept of this toy is for your child to discover on their own just what they want to make their new plaything out of.

And this is where things get interesting.


Keep in mind, this isn’t just a kind of “slap some stickers on an old soda bottle and it kind of looks like a car” sort of thing.

This is a real building kit that your child has to use their own imagination in order to make it work.

There is no right or wrong way to create here.

If your son or daughter wants to make a truck from a tin can, this set allows them to do just exactly that.

Do they want a minivan made from a cardboard box?

That is also doable.

And the tools themselves are remarkably easy to use.

There are no harsh binding chemicals or welding needed, just a little imagination and maybe some hole punching and you are on your way.

And the fun doesn’t stop there.

Gears & Propellers

There is not only a Winches Set, but a Gears Set and Propeller set as well, each for around $19.99!

Unlike model planes and cars, these model sets encourage children’s budding imagination and really pushes them to learn, experiment, and grow.

This is a total immersive experience far superior than putting someone else’s parts together.

Your child will not only learn to think for him or herself, but will go out of their way to imagine and create new and exciting things.

Cons of the Maker Studio Winch Set

The only downside here may be your child asking you not to toss out that old shoebox because they have a great idea for a spaceship.

Your kid is going to be learning the building blocks of engineering, all while playing the day away and keeping the garbage just a little less full with each creation.

Visit for more information and a wider list of the amazing fun/educational products this company has to offer.

Where To Buy The Thinkfun Maker Studio Winches Building Kit

For the best deals, I found that Amazon had the best pricing over any other site I visited.

Prices start at under $20, so you can get a steal of a deal for something that can keep your little ones busy for a very long time.

Conclusion of the ThinkFun Maker Studion Winches Building Kit

Let’s just say I never had anything like this when I was a kid and if I got this, I would literally play with this thing forever.

I know kids these days have their faces stuck on their tablets, so this is a chance to get their noses into something a little more productive.

I’m going to give the ThinkFun Maker Studio Winches Building kit two thumbs up.

The future of the world lives in the hearts and minds of our children. Let’s make sure it’s a bright one for us all.


Grab it on Amazon for the best deals!


– John

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