“Dad, What’s For Dinner?” – 3 Healthy Meals You Can Spice Up In No Time


Dads, we live in a very interesting time, these days. Woman are not the only one’s in the kitchen.

Single fathers have to cook.

Stay at home fathers have to cook.

If both parents work, sometimes you can make an arrangement to rotate who’s night it is to cook.

No matter the reason, Dads need to know how to properly nourish their children.

Don’t worry, I am here to help.

To Fake the Meal or Not to Fake the Meal, That is the Question.

There they are… Those big eyes and rumbling tummies… And it’s your turn to cook tonight….

Dad… What do you do?!

Order Pizza? Chinese? Eating a burger is just like eating a salad, right?

Your wife will kill you if you feed those children takeout for the third time this week.

Just take my word for it.

Once, I had a friend who tried to pull a Mrs. Doubtfire when his wife was running late from the office. He ordered takeout from a local restaurant and put it on normal plates, as if he had cooked it. He even went as far as “dirtying” pots and pans to looks as though he had actually cooked. Not Smart.

Needless to say, my friend’s wife had some incredible laughs while watching her husband lie shamelessly for days about that meal. She even asked him for the recipe!

Dads, don’t fake the meal. Cooking is all about mixtures and measurements.

If you can read, you can cook.

If you can measure, you can cook.

Healthy can be simple and quick.

In my personal opinion, I find it so sexy when a man grills a steak or makes dinner because he got home first. I’m sure, I am not the only woman like this. So, for the sake of your sex appeal, I have compiled 3 simple, delicious, healthy and quick meals that every man should know.

Guy Fieri’s Italian Nachos: 

“These meaty, cheesy nachos are packed with flavorful Italian ingredients, like garlic, peppers, sausage, and herbs.”

Chorizo, Tomato, and Cheese Pizzas

“Use naan flatbreads and prepared pesto sauce for a fast and easy pizza. Try the chorizo and broccoli rabe as spicy and hearty toppings.”

Chipotle Nacho Burger

“The creamy mildness of ripe avocado wedges is the perfect complement to the spices in these burgers.”

Seems Daunting….

Well, that’s because it is. How do you think people learn how to do something new? They just do it and through trial & error, they perfect it.

There was  a time when I worked so late into the nights, getting up every morning and making breakfast was nearly impossible.

So, my husband helped me out and fed everyone in the mornings. After 3 weeks of pop tarts, toast and cereal, I had enough.

One night, I sat Nathan (my husband) down and said “I’m on a Pop Tart strike.”

Needless to say, he was not pleased with my request for a more diverse menu.

Now, don’t mistake any of this for “oh, every meal has to be some gourmet event.”

No… Hell No.

I just wanted something healthier. Something that would provide energy for my long day.

Oatmeal with fresh fruit.

Eggs and Bacon, etc.

Turns out, my husband just didn’t know how to work anything in the kitchen. He didn’t even know to spray the pan with a non-stick spray before putting food on it. I had no idea that this task plagued him with so much stress every morning.

So, I showed him the basics.

And then, I ate whatever he cook and put an honest effort behind, burnt or not.

Today, my husband makes the best sausage ever. It is incredible with pancakes and pancake designs (our daughter loves when Daddy makes pancakes) and he looks forward to cooking breakfast.

I guess the point is to look past the fear and just try.

With a little effort and some step by step recipes, you’ll be an incredible chef in no time!




Hi, I’m Amanda Dempsey. Now, obviously I am not a Dad… But I am Mom. A Stay at home, work from home mom that, sometimes, has to embrace the role as Mother and Father. From sticky jam messes to crayons on the walls – From brooding teenager to letting them make their own mistakes – I have been through it all. Expert I am not but sometimes, Dads just need a little help from a Mom ;-)

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