Eczema Sucks But What Can We Really Do About It?


I can’t stand it, but each and every one of my boys have or had eczema. There’s not much we can do with the fact that they have it, but we can do some things to make life a lot easier, when dealing with this very common problem that children are having these days.

Some of you may not even know this but your child could possibly have this skin disorder.

Whatever the case may be, there are all these things that we have to deal with as a parent and this is just one of them.

Before I knew what to do, I would get all kinds of advice from many parents who had kids with eczema and some worked, but some didn’t.

Every kid is different, so do understand that with the many creams and remedies out there, some will help contain it, but a lot of them won’t work.

Here are some of the things I use with my children. Some I learned, and some I had to improvise and came up with it on my own.

I Can’t Help it, I’m Itchy!

As much as we want our kids to stop scratching it is not going to happen, whether we like it or not.

Whether they act like a deer and scratch themselves on a tree, they will find a way to even just rub that oh so very itchy skin on anything they can use.

You’ll be surprised as to what these kids will do, just to get the itching to stop or at least get that satisfaction of scratching their skin.

With that being said, I would like to share some of the things that I not only went through, but have also helped me to deal with my children and eczema.

I’m Not a Doctor

Being that I am not the expert, I had to take things upon myself to help my son from becoming a bloody mess.

Depending on how bad the eczema is, each kid will have a different effect. Some may be just a slight skin irritation, while others have it really bad.

To the point where their itching gets so bad that they won’t stop scratching. If your kid has it like mine, you’ll know exactly what I had to deal with.

My eldest son had it the worst and he would find any way to scratch himself, up to the point where he was bleeding.

If I took my eyes off of him for a split second, he would be digging into his skin.

The Solution

Putting on some mittens were not doing the job and my son would pull them right off and get to scratching.

Even if I taped the mittens on his hands, it wasn’t the best solution. Being that it still allowed too much play, he still managed to get it off and rip right into his skin again.

So what I had to do was tape socks to his hands. Yes, socks. It may sound crazy, but this was the only way for me to get him to stop.

This was like putting a muzzle on a dog, so it cut the nail part out of things.

Be careful on how or what type of tape you use, because they will try and use the tape to scratch themselves too task management system.

There are probably some better ways out there that I probably just don’t know about, but it might be better than my sock trick.

The Actual Skin

Again, every kid is different. What works for one child will have little to no help for another.

There are different types of steroid creams which help with eczema, and even those will work differently on each kid.

So would happen is different parents would tell me about how X cream works and how I needed to try it.

What worked like a charm for her kid, did nothing to help mine. You really need to keep trying until you find that perfect one.

The Home Remedy

There are a couple of over the counter steroids, but you want to stay away from those as much as you can unless you absolutely have to use it.

Most of the time it may be the only solution, but let’s stay away from those for now, until we know for sure that there is nothing you can do about it.

Basic Skin Care

You can help with the itching by using different soaps, lotions, and just keeping the skin clean. For most kids, this will not do much and of course you would have to resort to steroids.

Even if you do have to resort to using steroids, I do recommend you use these products to somewhat contain things.

For soaps, I recommend the white Dove bar, which works best for my kids. We have tried other products, but this soap helps keep their skin from being irritated because it doesn’t have any perfumes.

I actually joined a multilevel marketing business called Melaleuca, just because of people telling me about how this specific location helps best with eczema.

Remember how I said some creams worked for some kids and not others? I thought this would be the solution to all my eczema problems, but I think I got my hope up too high.

The Renew lotion wasn’t working as we thought it would so I had to cancel my membership because we were starting to get backed up with these lotions and body wash type products.

Not to mention the $85 price tag that came with a monthly billing. If you know someone in this business, you can actually purchase this from them without having to join the business side of things.

For Severe Cases

If your kid has a bad case of eczema, you will need to use a steroid cream that is mostly prescribed by your doctor.

You can find some over the counter, which you can try first. These have a lot less of the steroid portion, so try these creams before moving to the stronger stuff.

I know this is getting redundant, but some steroid creams will work on one kid and it won’t on the other. Weird, but it just works that way.

For my son, I tried one called mometasone, but that worked for about 1 day and then it came back.

We were then prescribed one called triamsinolone, which was the one that worked best for us. Finally!

It was so strong that we had to dilute it with some vaseline when we would put it on his skin, but hey, it worked.

This cream would now become my new best friend as it almost got rid of my son’s eczema completely.

We would have to apply this about twice a day though, so it did worry me on the thinning skin part of the process.

Some Kids May Eventually Outgrow it

Everything mentioned in this post was what we did to combat eczema. So far my two eldest boys have outgrown it and your kids might too.

I always heard that they will eventually outgrow it, but I also have seen adults who still have eczema. I hope yours outgrow it too.

No More Socks and Crazy Creams…Yay!

By age 3 my son outgrew this unwanted skin disorder. No more taping of socks to his hands and no more comparing this cream to that cream.

I know every kid is different but I do hope that these little tips can help you deal with your child’s eczema.

It is not easy to deal with, but it is something that we have to do as parents. Hang in there and I’m pretty sure that soon enough, your child will outgrow it too.

These are just some of the things that I have used and I know work. Do you have some super crazy secret that you would like to share other than the tape and sock trick?


– John

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