Hamper Hoops is Better Than Getting a Regular Hoop


Just saw another commercial about this, so that was a sign that it’s time for me to do a Hamper Hoops review on yet another As Seen on TV product.

I couldn’t hold back my laugh after seeing this commercial, and I’m sure you all had a blast watching it too. Don’t you just love these products? Because I sure do!

Whether they work or not, some of us just have to get our hands on it just to see for ourselves. I’m guilty of that and I know there are a lot more

Hamper Hoops Review

Product: Hamper Hoops

Company: Wham-O

Price: $19.99 + S&H

Where to Buy: Amazon.com

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars


What You Get

A hoop, ball and a basket that collects your dirty laundry.

Who This is For

Designed for kids, and although it can be for anyone, the basket is not big enough to fit that much laundry.

I actually got my boys a little basketball hoop for Christmas and if I had found this a lot sooner, I could’ve killed two birds with one stone.

How it Works

Nothing more than a try to make your clothes in the hoop, which will then be caught by the bag that will store your dirty laundry.

It’s a win/win like they say. Kids get laundry off the floor and all over the place, which also makes mom or dad happy. Like this lady right here!


The Price

You can order it straight from the site, which is going to cost you $19.99 + Shipping and handling, which is going to cost you $7.99 more.

If you are a member of Amazon, you are better off getting it online as you can get around the shipping cost if you plan to get other items.

Check it Out on Amazon.com!

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to setup
  • Worth the money
  • A lot stronger than most portable mini hoops
  • Does make things fun for the kids
  • Hoop is useful even without the laundry bag
  • Fits on any door (unless you stay in a castle)


  • Not your best solution to dirty laundry
  • Bag is kinda small

Before You Buy

I hope you know you’re not getting some type of super durable heavy duty backboard that Shaq can dunk on. It is just like any other board you connect to your door and that is about it.

Don’t forget that if you do plan to order from the site, you will have to pay for shipping and handling.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

If you don’t already have a hoop for your kid, this will be a great one to get. Like I said earlier, I actually got my boys a hoop without the laundry bag and I could’ve got it all in one had I seen this product earlier.

This product is actually better than the one I got, so if you are looking for even just a little hoop for your kids to mess around with, then this gets our recommendation.

Thanks for reading my review of Hamper Hoops!

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– John

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