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Weber Genesis II E-310 Review – Pricey But Is It Worth It?

Good grilling is mostly about skill. That said, it definitely helps to have the right tools at your disposal when you set out to engage in some backyard cooking. While buying an expensive grill won’t automatically turn you into a master BBQer, it can definitely help you to make the most out of the skills that you’ve got. The Weber Genesis 2 is a high-end gas gr [...]

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The 5 Best Baby Carriers For Dads

Finding the best baby carrier can be a task and a half, especially when it comes to finding one that fits both parents. Being that we are physically different, what works for mom might not work well with dad and it will become a lot more complicated than you think if you get one that isn't compatible with both. From what was supposed to make things a lot easier can turn i [...]

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Atomic Lighter Review: Does it Really Work?

Whether you are a smoker or, you know, a human, every once in a while you encounter the need for a lighter. Sure, you could go to the drug store to get your Bick flicking on, but there isn’t really anything vey exciting about that, is there? The Atomic Lighter is the sort of product that will make you want to pick up a bad habit just so that you have the excuse to bust [...]

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Bacon Boss Review: Simple But Does What It’s Supposed To Do

There is really no overstating how great bacon is, right? But even those of us that don’t spend all that much time worrying about the calorie count of our food know that too much bacon isn’t exactly going to add years to your life. What if you could make bacon a little bit easier, and a little bit more healthy? That is the promise of the “Bacon Boss,” and today [...]

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Britax Affinity Stroller Review – Pricey But Worth It

Wondering if this stroller is worth the price? This Britax Affinity stroller review will give you all the information you need before making such a big purchase. Picking the perfect baby stroller is not an easy task, but I do believe that this specific one will fill a lot of your wants. Within this review I want to give you all the reasons on why I have a love hate re [...]

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Dosh App Review: Scam or Legitimate Cashback App?

So I have been using this app called Dosh and just like most of you, I was beyond skeptical and didn't trust it. For those of you wondering if it is a scam or if you can really make money, you might want to read this review as I'm sure it will help you understand a lot more on how, and if it even works. With the many schemes out there it's really hard to trust anythin [...]

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Flex Seal Tape Review – Does It Really Work?

Flex Seal Tape is another controversial product from the As Seen on TV world that is supposed to seal leaks, cracks, and everything in between. With its triple layered adhesive, it can bond to almost any surface and can also be done under water. From the Flex Seal line of products, Flex Tape is the latest addition to their product line. Does Flex Tape Work? Should Y [...]

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Grass Shot Review – Bunch Of Complaints, But Does It Work?

There is so many 'as seen on TV' products out on the world wide web, but are some of them actually as good as the companies are claiming them to be? Well this is my honest Grass Shot Review. Here I will debunk all online feedback regarding this product and write down my findings in this article. And by the looks of it, you might want to spend your money elsewhere. I w [...]

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