How Old Should Your Kid Be Before You Get Them Their Own Cellphone?

Topics involving kids are very different these days and boy is it complicated.

Not only has things changed for the worse (in regards to parenting), but parents have become sensitive and due to social media, we see things a lot differently, which I can not stand.

Gone are the days of dads going off to work while mom stays home, since Beyonce wants to give everyone the idea that women can do anything since she runs the whole “B” hive.

Props to Beyonce and her success, but I think she’s put a huge dent on what women should be doing with themselves as boy have things changed.

Something as simple as a cellphone can be really complicated these days and it’s almost impossible to let your kids go without a cellphone, whether you like it or not.

This topic can go back and forth forever, but if you do your job as a parent, the whole when should your kids have a cellphone issue will be that much easier to handle.

So How Old Should Your Kid Really Be Before They Get Their Own Cellphone?

This can vary especially with schools having their different rules.

When figuring out a specific age that you should give your chile their own cellphone, please don’t decide on what everyone else is doing as that is not the way to go about things.

Don’t become a “monkey see, monkey do” parent or you’ll make things harder for your kids when they can make decisions on their own.

Keep these next few topics in mind when making this decision and you should be good to go.

Keeping in Touch

There’s no better way to keep in good communication with your kids than with a cellphone.

Gone are the days of pagers, and soon to be the landline, so of course we will be in full use of mobile devices just like we already are.

We have a landline here and when it rings, everyone jumps like it’s an alarm because we get calls on there like once a week.

As far what a phone was designed for in the first place, getting your kid a cellphone for staying in touch is a great idea.

The word cellphone will soon join the rotary phone since we all know that these little things are referred to as a “mobile device”.

Do You Really Want Them to be Left Out?

This reason alone is enough for most parents to get their kids a cellphone, even if they aren’t allowed to bring them to school.

It really starts with one kid and then everyone else will follow.

Then once the majority had cellphones, what do you really want to do for your kids?

Leave them out?

Not that easy my friend.

So if you absolutely positively need to get your kid a cellphone, do so, but do so in a  responsible way from the day you get them one.

Not to say that you need to monitor their every move, but let them understand that it is truly a luxury and a privilege to own one, so treat it as such.

So How Old Should They Be?

This is going to be determined on everything mentioned above, so please be the responsible parent and spoil your kids, but not to the point of handicapping their lives.

They will soon be adults too, so do them a favor and let them do a lot of the learning on their own.

Be there to guide them in that right direction and in the end everyone will be happy.

Personally, I give my two year old my phone so he can watch his favorite Youtube channels, but of course there has to be a limit.

Now you tell me, how old should a kid really be in order for them to own their own cellphone?



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