How To Change A 5 Gallon Water Bottle Without Spilling (Top Loading)

I have had my primo water dispenser for about 2 weeks now and I am on my 4th water bottle change. I have been making a big mess and I don’t think things are getting any better.

I thought I would get better at flipping the bottle faster, but this last change made the biggest mess of them all. I looked all over the internet for ways to change a 5 gallon without spilling and came up with a bunch of those dispensers that allow you to put the 5 gallon upright.

You can Load a 5 Gallon Upright?

I am not very familiar with water dispensers, so I didn’t even know those types existed! If I would’ve known any better, I would’ve just got me a Primo Water dispenser that loads the 5 gallon on the inside.

This water dispenser comes with a pump, so the water is pumped from the 5 gallon and then dispensed normally.

This takes away the spills and it also gives it that clean look. Too bad I can’t give into this one and I still have my normal Primo water dispenser that makes a big mess.

If you have the same one I do, you can follow this video and I guess this is the best way to change out your 5 gallon.

This was the only video that I found helpful, so I hope this helps.

Now if you are able to lift the 5 gallon with ease, what I do is I put the opening of the bottle on my palm, flipping it on my palm and then letting the water fill up at the top and then letting it sit.

This is the best way to change your 5 gallon as I have never had to clean up any spills and it is really a simple and speedy process.


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