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Nowadays, dads are doing a lot more with the raising of children than they were just 10 years ago. Times have changed and so have the restrooms at shopping malls.

I walked into the restroom at the mall and lone behold, there was a diaper changing station in the men’s restroom. For some reason, that really amazed me.

Dads & Parenting

I remember having my first son like it was yesterday. Well, my other half having him and then me having him in my life. You get the point.

I raised that boy like I was the mother hen. Woke up for every feeding. Woke up for every diaper change. Gave him his bath when it was time for it. I did everything that a mom would normally do.

Times Have Definitely Changed

I’m not going to say my other half was completely lazy, but it was more like I wanted to do a lot of the things that came along with raising a baby.

My other half would pump the milk from her breasts and I would wake up and do the feeding in the middle of the night. I’m pretty sure she liked that idea.

But just like any normal job, the good old paternity leave had to come to an end. At least the baby was now a little older and daddy could go back to work to make money for the household.

Baby #2

I thought that having another child would be a lot different and I’d be like the Luv’s commercial, but that wasn’t the case. I treated this baby like it was my first.

Mind you, they are only a year apart, so the gap isn’t so big for me to forget any type of raising baby skills. I raised these two the same exact way, but boy are they like night and day.

Dealing With Sicknesses

I have been through the fevers and colds, the hospital visits and the many scares. I had to deal with eczema and asthma, along with a screwed up relationship.

I went through many phases in my life, but I still have the love for my children that will not change anything about who I am.


Although I am back with my other half, we did go over a year separated. I went through some of the toughest times during this period and it has only made me a better person. I hope (lol).

Being that we weren’t together, I had to raise a toddler and a baby. At this time, there was no such thing as a diaper changing station in the men’s restroom, so you know how that went.

If I was at the mall and one of them went, guess where I had to go? All the way back to the car, unless I wanted a crying baby with a wet diaper walking around the mall.

In the End, I’m Just a Regular Old Dad (well not so old)

I have just about the same problems that come with all dads. Yeah they are not easy, but we can still get through them no matter what.

I give advice and take advice, just like any other dad out there. We are not perfect, but we will strive to give the best for our kids.

Nothing against you moms, but dads do a lot of of unappreciated stuff that I think deserves some recognition.

Whatever the case may be, whether you need some entertainment or you need a question answered, you can find it at

I am not Mr. Know it all and I don’t think I’m always right, but I am sure you can use some advice that I have, along with the many dads out there. Welcome to my site and I look forward to learning from everyone as well.


– John



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