How To Get Around That Post Birth Anti-Sex Drive


You waited for months for this to happen and finally, here it is.

You’re finally a dad!

That baby bundle of awesomeness in the next room is the product of the love (or inebriation) that you and your wife share.

Life could simply not be much more wonderful!

There is just one problem.

Where Did That Love Go?

Back at the hospital, you were likely told to wait a solid 6 to 8 weeks before intercourse depending on the circumstance.

Well, there is a reason for that.

Doc isn’t being mean.

The actual reason is pretty straight forward; your wife just created life literally from the fruit of her loins.

She’s had a rough day and her body knows it.

Her body, her hormones, her skin, her brain, her vagina – They need that six to eight weeks to recover balance back to normal.

Any sooner than that and there is no telling what kind of damage that could be done.

Unfortunately, this often leads to an almost complacency in the act of celibacy itself.

She could become so used to not being in the mood that “the mood” may seem like a far away place, unreachable by mere mortal man.

The Truth is, Mommy is Tired

Not only did she create life like a mad scientist just a month ago, now she has a whole regimen of feeding and bathing and changing and all sorts of activities with the newest edition.

She’s worn out!

Not only that, but the sheer act of feeding the baby itself (if she’s breastfeeding) is messing with your wife’s hormones something fierce, making it nearly impossible for her to imagine life outside of being a mom at the moment.

And that’s not even covering the physical outlook.

Only a few weeks ago she squeezed something roughly the size of a basketball out of a hole roughly the size of a golf ball.

Or, she was gutted like a fish so that her little miracle could meet the world.

It’s kind of hard to see yourself as a sexual being after having gone through something that traumatic.

But, There is Hope, New Dad!

If you are feeling a little neglected and looking for a little extra love, don’t be afraid to help!

If you notice her spending a lot of time doing daily chores, try doing some for her.

You may not be able to breastfeed, but perhaps if Mommy has some milk stored away, you can assist with some of the late night feedings and let her get some well deserved rest.

And don’t you dare shy away from the dirty diaper, gentlemen!


It takes two to tango, get in there!

And tell her how beautiful she is, spit-up in her three days of unwashed hair and everything.

Don’t just tell her, show her.

Show her you are still madly in love with her by helping her with whatever she is needing.

Hold her hand.

Massage her feet.

Nothing sexual.

Just love.

Of course, if she is truly looking like a hot mess, maybe hasn’t showered in a couple days, give her a bath.

Start a warm bubble bath with relaxing salts.

If she isn’t into baths, give her an hour to shower.

She will feel so much better after a little “me” time and a bath.

In the end, don’t rush your wife into sex. It will take one to two months to get your wife back but rest assured she will come back.

Remember, Postpartum Blues is a real thing and you need to put off your sexual urges to ensure your wife is cared for.

Self pleasure for a few weeks.

Everybody wins.

A little Add On

Once you’re wife’s body is back to normal and ready to get back in the sack, her pleasure spots will be a bit different.

It will be like learning her body all over again.

Enjoy the new discoveries and don’t let any awkwardness kill the mood.

Have fun virgins!



Just a stay at home dad, that loves spending time with his family. I love my gadgets, being in style, and most especially being a parent. Although I like having fun, I am one that isn’t looking to splurge, although I can get carried away.

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