How To Get The Closest Shave Possible, Even With An Old Razor


Before I started working from home, I had to shave every single day. I also used the same razor for a whole year and still managed to get the closest shave I wanted.

Yup, one whole year, same razor.

I’m not going to tell you that I never cut myself, because it is almost impossible for that to NOT happen.

Being that I used a really old razor and I grow facial hair like crazy, I want to show you how I managed to get a close shave, even with that “I should’ve changed you months ago” razor.

Now if you’re using a disposable razor, we might have a problem. The razor I was using is (or was) a Mach3 razor that came with one of those gels to moisten your face.

So you can imagine what that little strip looked like after a year’s time.

Hey, Life Happens

I knew I needed a new razor, but for some reason, it’s like every time it was time to shave, everything went smoothly and that hair came right off.

days turned into months and those months turned into a year and wuddya know, I still had the same razor.

I shaved almost every single day, and as I was thinking about changing my razor, I just never got around to it and I can’t say it was the blade because it wasn’t.

It was the steps that I took to get that close shave every single time, even if I was using a razor that should’ve been changed out months ago.

How’d I do it? Well, it has everything NOT to do with the blade actually. It was really what I did to prep my not so baby face before the shave.

Start Right Out of the Shower

This is one thing I actually learned that helps with all my shaving problems. The minute I get out of the shower, I go right to my sink to get ready to shave.

If you wait any longer, you can expect to have a little harder time getting that old scruff off.

Doing this softens the hair on your face, because we all know that this nice little facial hair is not the softest hairs on your body.

Same thing goes if you plan on shaving your pubic area. So the best time to shave both, would be right out of the shower.

This is a routine I follow daily and it makes shaving that much easier.

Wet Your Face with Hot Water

This is something that will make life a lot easier. If you don’t know the hot water trick, it’s about time you get with the program.

The same thing applies to clipping your nails, which is why I do all the shaving and clipping as soon as I get out of the shower.

So right out of the shower, get to your sink and continue to keep it wet with some hot water. Of course you don’t want it too hot or well, yeah, you’ll burn yourself.

Soak Your Razor in Hot Water

As you can see, hot water is key when it comes to getting the closest shave possible. Without this, you can expect to have that razor hang from your beard. Literally

If you let some hot water run over your razor, it will make the process a lot less painful.

While I was in the military, I couldn’t apply this trick as I didn’t have access to some hot water while we were in the field.

Apply Some Shaving Cream. For me, I use a bar of soap. I don’t use the actual bar, I mean I lather my hands and apply it to my face.

There’s no need to get fancy, because the hot water will make things easier.

Now Put that Razor on Your Face

For the first shave, you want to always go with the grain. Keep shaving (against the grain) until you have gotten all the long hairs off.

Once you get it to where it’s pretty much off, that is when you can go against the grain, as this will result in getting the closes shave possible.

Keep shaving, until you can feel that your face is actually smooth and you don’t feel any little hairs going against your hand.

Feel it With Your Hand

When you think you’re done, take your hand and (going against the grain) feel for any of them soldiers that may be left behind. Take that razor and shave them off.

Keep feeling your face for more hair, and shave it off until there is absolutely no more hair. Unless you like going around with with some stragglers on your face.

Clean Your Razor

Again, using hot water, clean off your razor. I know we all do the banging and we all make the universal sound of  “I’m shaving” by tapping the razor on the sink, but be careful not to bend the blade.

Most razor blades these days shouldn’t bend, but still, be careful.

You’ve Been Shaved

I hope you have learned a thing or two about getting that close, clean shave. This is something that I do, and it works for me and I’m sure it will work for you.

This just goes to prove that you can survive a whole year with the same razor, so before you go changing out your blades every month, think about it.

Do you really need new blades or can it wait?

Quit trying to find a way to spend more money and save yourself $20!

After sharing these tips, I think it’s time to take my behind into the shower and then guess what I’m gonna do right when I get out?

You guessed it.


Some of you may have a thing or two to add to this, so please feel free to share them below. We all could use some shaving tips in our life and I know you have some in that back pocket of yours. Thanks for reading.


– John

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