Learn How To Stop A Baby From Crying With These Simple Tips

how to stop a baby from crying

Babies are going to cry. That’s a given. Stopping them from crying is a must or we’ll have nothing but an unhappy baby and a couple of stressed out parents.

For some of you, you probably start with the frustration, but you might want to learn a few things about your baby before you start swearing at anything everything.

For the initial reaction, you pic the baby up and comfort them. Then you rock them and soothe them hoping they will stop crying.

In mommy and daddy-ville, those will do nothing more than make them stop for a good 5 minutes.

Understand Your Child

All babies have needs and some require more attention than others. For the most part, they all need some tender loving care.

On top of that, they all cry for different reasons and sometimes the patting on their butts or backs is not enough.

If you can see passed this, you can solve the problem before you take it a step further.

If you’ve gone through the patting on the butt, the rocking, the carrying, and whatever soothing tactics you may have, sometimes they just don’t work

Here are other reasons why your baby is still crying and how you can combat this before you lose your mind.

The No Brainer – Did You Check Their Diaper?


I don’t care if you just finished changing them, babies will go at any time of the day. Even right after you just put that fresh diaper on.

My son went through a recent diarrhea trip and he was going like 5 times before it even hit lunchtime. Rather than using baby wipes, I would rinse him off after each session, just to prevent him from getting a rash.

70% of the time, when a baby cries, it is because they have a wet diaper. Whether it be poo or pee, it is not going to be comfortable.

You try it, and tell me how it feels.

Feed Me and/or Give me Some Doose (juice)

Most of the time babies need to reach the point where they are pretty full (not almost full). Don’t hit that sweet spot and they will probably cry thinking that they need more food.

Don’t forget that this includes the nice little juice that your baby is constantly asking for.


Personally, I think it’s best that you get them used to water, just to be on the healthier side of things.

I know we can’t help but give them the overloaded with sugar drinks, but you might want to break them from that or they’ll be a sweet drinker just like me.

My baby is constantly whining to eat and it gets me thinking that he is about to throw up. Weird, I know, but that’s how he is.

I feel like I’m overfeeding him and I try my best to let his brain register that he’s full, but he will not stop until you put that spoon in his mouth.

This is just one of the few reasons your baby is crying and a little snack will do the trick.

The Good Old Ear Infection

Almost impossible to avoid and babies will naturally go through an ear infection at least once in their baby phase.

First they will be really fussy and then they will start to cry. If you’ve already changed their diaper and fed them, it might mean they have an ear infection.

You might want to take them in to the clinic to find out what the problem is, because along with ear infections come the fevers, and we all know how worrisome this will make you.

If there’s two things I can’t stand, it has to be fevers and asthma. Whether it’s my first or last child, these two things get me more worried than anything else.

Some signs of an ear infection can be the obvious tugging at the ear. This will almost be a sure sign that your child has an ear infection.

Take them in to get rid of the pain, as this is something that you don’t want to “heal on its own”.

I Need Love


Babies are really, really smart in case you didn’t know that.

On top of that, they have feelings just like every single one of us.

The difference between them and us is the fact that they can’t talk!

So if you know and feel that your baby is lacking some attention, it might be a great time to pick them up and show them some love.

Talk to them.

Try to make them laugh.

Ultimately, do something.

They are your own kids and they require attention like every other kid.

This tip alone will save you from getting a headache, so take the time out of your busy schedule and give some of that attention to baby.

Especially you dads that are gone almost half the day.

Shame on you.

Conclusion – Babies Cry For a Reason

Either they’re a colic baby or they have some real problem with why they won’t stop crying, check on these routine problems and you can stop your baby from crying.

This will lead to a happy baby and a not so stressed out parent. Cut back from the yelling and swearing and give these tips a try.

You will see how this will help in your future “I can’t stop my baby from crying” stressors.

I know, very simple and basic, but it works. As parents, we can’t fix it all, but we try and do what we can.

These are just some of the things I check for when my baby can’t stop crying and for the most part, it is always one or the other.

We all have tricks and we all don’t know certain things especially if it’s something internal, which is another animal on its own, which we can save for another article.

Until then, what are your thoughts on helping baby stop crying? These are just some of my remedies, so please do share some of yours below. Cheers!


– John

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