Orbitrim Gas Trimmer Head Review: Not Worth The Small Price

The Orbitrim No String Head Gas Trimmer has not received much good feedback over the years, but does this mean it is really a bad product?

Well this is my honest Orbitrim Gas Trimmer Head review, where I will be debunking the many reviews that it HAS been given and finding out if this product is truly worth getting or not.

If that is also what you are here for then I highly suggest you keep reading.


Product Name: Orbitrim No String Head Gas Trimmer

orbitrim gas trimmer head reviewCheapest Place To Buy: Amazon.com

Dimensions: 11.14 x 3.31 x 11.34 inches

Weight: 1.2 pounds

Material: Solid steel

Manufacturer: Allstar Products Group

Overall Rating: 1.9/5 stars


Product Overview

This product has been described to fit just about all gas trimmers (99% to be exact), while it eliminates the need for trimmer strings and wires. It can be attached in just seconds.

The manufacturers are saying you can now spend more time gardening and cleaning up your lawn, a lot more now that you don’t have to replace the trimmer string.

They are also claiming that it will trim almost anything, such as hedges, thick grass, edges, thick bushes, and more.

Since it has a curved bottom, you can cut over the grass and have an even cut throughout. The material is made from solid steel, which is much more durable than regular trimmer string.

This product also comes with a safety feature, good for when you come close to your flowers and trees. Oh and they are claiming that the safety feature helps prevents accidents too.

The Orbitrim No String Head Gas Trimmer includes a 5 year guarantee, as long as you don’t exceed 8,000 RPM.

What Ultimate Benefits Does This Product Provide?

What really struck me the most, was actually how many different models that this product can attach to, and in seconds!

I also like how it replaces all trimmer strings, since changing these tend to waste a lot of time, this will make gardening 10x easier – and simpler too.

The amount of grass and hedging that this product can trim EVENLY was also something that caught my eye and I’m sure will catch yours too.

Pricing & Purchase Details

The Orbitrim can now be purchased from Amazon.com. Mostly for around $10 and $20, but it changes often, so I’d suggest you check the current price first.

Amazon will provide free shipping for orders made to the US – this is for all purchases over $49 though.

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Who The Orbitrim is For

I would say that this is for all the individuals who do a lot of outdoor work and just want something to make their life simpler.

Since there’s no need for replacing trimmer string, a lot of the older people will enjoy what this has to offer.

Don’t be expecting to do some heavy brush cutting because you really do get what you pay for.

Who This Is NOT For

This is NOT for anyone who isn’t willing to follow the instructions. It is very clear on the product page that you should follow the instructions carefully.

While it is not recommended to have this thing going more than 8,000 RPM, so if you want to go more than that, it is not for you.

Follow instructions and it should work perfectly fine.

Pros and Cons


  • I like how it attaches to 99% of trimmer heads
  • The patent pending safety ring actually helps protects your flowers and trees from the trimmer
  • The amount of things this product can cut is incredible. Yes, that also means evenly. Such as: mowing, trimming, edging, cutting hedges etc
  • It is made of solid steel, so you know it’s going to be a lot more durable than regular trimmer string


  • Only has an 8000 RPM limit, and will start vibrating when you exceed this amount
  • Doesn’t actually work as advertised (while roughly 70% to 80% of all feedback is BAD)
  • It has cheap plastic parts and won’t even last as long as they are claiming it to
  • Many people have had dangerous encounters with this product, mostly because it is low quality and cheaply made

Do I the Orbitrim Gas Trimmer Head?

I simply can NOT recommend this product to anyone. It is cheaply made and nowhere near as good as they are advertising on the commercials.

It is a great concept, but a terrible product.

If only they made it with better quality and actually took the time to make it, instead of rushing it (by the looks of it), the finished product might have come out a lot better.

Too many people are complaining that it’s very dangerous, since it’s unpredictable and that right there is not going to sit well with most folks.

It doesn’t even do edges as they claim it to, while it shreds the grass so poorly, that the stalks get caught onto the blade, which throws the balance off.

I would never waste my money on this garbage of a product.

The Orbitrim No String Head Gas Trimmer is not recommended whatsoever, it’s not even worth considering!

My Final Opinion

I like the idea and where they went with it, but if only it was better quality and worked just as good as it did on TV, it would have been a great one.

They should have put a little more effort into designing and creating it.

This has gotten an average rating of 1.8 stars, and with this much purchases, that is saying a lot about the product.

Of course, you can still give it the benefit of the doubt, take my review as a grain of salt and try it out for yourself if you’d like.

OR you can take my word for it, and try my more recommended trimmer attachment.

For the many reasons I have mentioned throughout this post, and for the simple fact that this product has received way too many starts over the years to even consider purchasing, I would say the Orbitrim No String Head Gas Trimmer is a waste of money and not worth getting.

Final Verdict – Do not buy

Thanks for reading my Orbitrim Gas Trimmer Head review!


– John

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