Over Or Under: Which Way Does The Toilet Paper Go?

Who would’ve thought that a little white roll of paper could cause so much controversy? There is actually quite a debate going on which way you are supposed to put a roll of tissue on the spindle, so I thought I’d give my two cents.

First, I want to know what way do you put your tissue and what way do you think is the “right” way?

Personally, I don’t even like putting my tissue on a spindle. I don’t know if it’s because I like being in control of my tissue, but I’d rather have it completely off that thing.

The Spindle Does Have its Benefits

For what it’s worth, this nifty little invention does make life a little easier. When it comes to running a business, you can expect that thing to keep your tissue off the floor and from unwinding itself into a big mess.

It does make things nice and pretty, especially with the thousands of designs that these different companies have come up with these days.

Spindle Cons

As far as in the household, not so much. Being that you have control of everything, you can prevent it from falling in water and whatnot.

If anything, the spindle kinda advertises itself and gives my kids more reason to mess with that nice little white roll of tissue.

So What is the Right Way to Put Tissue on a Spindle?

What’s pretty interesting is that there is a “right” way to put a roll of tissue. Back in 1891, the toilet paper roll was actually patented.

1891? That may seem like a long time ago for some of you, but what were people using to wipe their asses with before then?

The patent states that the end of the roll should be place in the outside of the roll. So that would make it in the “over” position.


Why This Makes Sense

Well, it just looks better. Even if you just look at a roll of tissue in the holder, you can tell that it just looks wrong if it were to be in the under position.

Have you ever tried having the tissue in the backward position? Sometimes it is actually harder to reach. Have a cheap roll that breaks easily and you can find yourself wiping your rear one square at a time.

I think that for those of you that are used to putting it in the under position are doing this for one reason.

You’ve been doing it like this for a really long time and they expect you to change your ways? You can’t teach and old dog new tricks ya know.

So Have you Been Right all Along?

Like I said, I don’t even care and I don’t think a janitor would either. They would take that roll and put it in without even thinking about which way is right.

For those of you at home, putting it on top of the good ole toilet tank would be just right. Make sure that you have one in the holder (on top) just for when you have guests.

So which way do you do it? Over or under?



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