Lego Kitchen Utensils – Who Are These Really For?

I don’t know about you, but most of the things I do these days are kid driven. If I’m going to add a new rug to the bathroom, I have a Toy Story theme in mind. These kids will make you do some crazy things, but sometimes I think if it’s just the inner kid […]

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10 Things Every New Dad Needs To Know And Accept

Entering the world of fatherhood is exciting, terrifying and emotionally exhausting. Dads, it’s time to come to realize that you are pregnant, too… A soon to be mom begins to prepare herself for motherhood by looking at her eating habits, breast or bottle feeding, cleaning, making sure baby has everything they’ll need for at least […]

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How To Build A Tire Swing (3 Chains)

Thanks to the dads at Dan330, we have a very short and straight to the point video that will show you how to build a tire swing. Remember now, there are two types of tire swings. One with just a rope and a tire and then you have the one with 3 chains and a […]

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