Over Or Under: Which Way Does The Toilet Paper Go?

Who would’ve thought that a little white roll of paper could cause so much controversy? There is actually quite a debate going on which way you are supposed to put a roll of tissue on the spindle, so I thought I’d give my two cents.

First, I want to know what way do you put your tissue and what way do you think is the “right” way?

Personally, I don’t even like putting my tissue on a spindle. I don’t know if it’s because I like being in control of my tissue, but I’d rather have it completely off that thing.

The Spindle Does Have its Benefits

For what it’s worth, this nifty little invention does make life a little easier. When it comes to running a business, you can expect that thing to keep your tissue off the floor and from unwinding itself into a big mess.

It does make things nice and pretty, especially with the thousands of designs that these different companies have come up with these days.

Spindle Cons

As far as in the household, not so much. Being that you have control of everything, you can prevent it from falling in water and whatnot.

If anything, the spindle kinda advertises itself and gives my kids more reason to mess with that nice little white roll of tissue.

So What is the Right Way to Put Tissue on a Spindle?

What’s pretty interesting is that there is a “right” way to put a roll of tissue. Back in 1891, the toilet paper roll was actually patented.

1891? That may seem like a long time ago for some of you, but what were people using to wipe their asses with before then?

The patent states that the end of the roll should be place in the outside of the roll. So that would make it in the “over” position.


Why This Makes Sense

Well, it just looks better. Even if you just look at a roll of tissue in the holder, you can tell that it just looks wrong if it were to be in the under position.

Have you ever tried having the tissue in the backward position? Sometimes it is actually harder to reach. Have a cheap roll that breaks easily and you can find yourself wiping your rear one square at a time.

I think that for those of you that are used to putting it in the under position are doing this for one reason.

You’ve been doing it like this for a really long time and they expect you to change your ways? You can’t teach and old dog new tricks ya know.

So Have you Been Right all Along?

Like I said, I don’t even care and I don’t think a janitor would either. They would take that roll and put it in without even thinking about which way is right.

For those of you at home, putting it on top of the good ole toilet tank would be just right. Make sure that you have one in the holder (on top) just for when you have guests.

So which way do you do it? Over or under?



Checkout This Dog Tag USB Flash Drive By Verbatim



Don’t think I miss being in the military, and I go around wearing my dog tags like it’s cool. However, I did come across this USB flash drive that I found to be really cool.

These days, there are so many cool USB flash drives and this is just one of the many. It looks like a regular dog tag, but it actually stores more than just your blood type, name, and religion.

USB Dog Tag Flash Drive

This might not be allowed for those of you men and women in uniform, but for those of you that would like a little accessory to go with your look, this dog tag might be the one.

There is nothing special about it, but the fact that it looks cool.


This dog tag can hold 8GB or 16GB worth of nonsense and it comes in one a couple of different colors.

It’s actually silver (like a regular dog tag), but it is lined with black or purple which would represent the silencers that line it so it doesn’t make any noise.

I mean, it is called a silencer for a reason.

It comes with the chain and is protected from water, dust, and debris. Don’t go diving with this and think that it’s going to be cool because it is not waterproof.

Where to Buy

You can get this bad boy on Amazon.com for under $10 and you can get it in less than 2 days. This is the cheapest place I’ve found this and with the super fast shipping, it’s hard to say no.


button (17)


Hotspot Notebook Portable BBQ Grill – Better Than Some Permanent Grills


Who doesn’t like to bbq? The Hotspot Notebook BBQ Grill will make you love it even more! I’m not one that likes to haul around a regular sized BBQ grill every time we go to the beach, so this bad boy always does the trick.

There are actually a few companies that make this notebook style grill, so you might want to check them out and see which one best fits your style.

This one is just my fav out of the bunch and I think you would like this one too. It’s very simple, does the job, and has a nice look to it.

The Hotspot Notebook Portable BBQ Grill

This is one of the more popular portable grills on the market. It’s lightweight and well, folds into a notebook type stowaway.

Just like the others, it will sit flat in your trunk or slide into any super skinny type place, so storing this while on the go won’t be a problem.


Other than the obvious slim, lightweight, and portable characteristics, this grill is sturdy and folds into a nice little carrying case.

It is made out of hight heat resistant (I hope so) painted steel, so you don’t need to worry about this peeling like the el-cheapo grills that I’ve seen.





Pros & Cons


  • Super slim
  • Fits in any car
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Looks nice


  • None

Complaints of the Hotspot Notebook Portable BBQ Grill

There aren’t many complaints about this product, simply because it is simple, does the job, and is worth your money.

The Price

This grill is more than affordable. I got a mini Weber for that price and not even that can do what this little super slim portable grill can do.

It’s not the easiest thing to find at your neighborhood Walmart, but you can definitely get it online for a great deal. You can get the best deals on Amazon.com, which will have this at your doorstep in just 2 days.

Unless you absolutely need this right this instant, you can go and check your local supermarket, but I doubt you’ll find this box of awesomeness there.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

If you are in need of a portable grill, then this would be a great investment. Although you might not use this all the time, it is something that will always come in handy if you ever need it.

Most of the time I still find myself taking around my mini Weber, but that’s just because I have space for it. Maybe I just don’t want to make my Hotspot grill dirty? Probably.

Whatever the case may be, this grill will not only make life a lot easier, but it will have people wondering what in the world you are barbecuing in.

My suggestion? Get one if you don’t already have one. If you already have space for your current bbq grill in your car, then this product might be on your to buy list of things you WANT, not need.

Thanks for reading my review of the Hotspot portable notebook BBQ grill. If you own one or plan on owning one, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you recommend it?



Shaving: With Or Against The Grain?


The question about whether you should shave with or against the grain always pops up. Personally, I don’t do either of them. I do both.

I’m no grizzly bear, but I do grow facial hair daily and I would like to share my thoughts on whether you should shave with or against the grain.

Starting Off – With the Grain

To get the closest shave, you will definitely have to go against the grain. To get the least pain possible, you are going to start off by shaving with the grain.

There will be less tugging of your hair and it will make it come off easier. Of course after you’ve lathered and soaked that ugly mug in some warm water.

Now We Go Against the Grain

When I was in the army it was almost impossible to go against the grain, even after starting off my shave going with the grain.

When you’re int he comfort of your home and you can soften your facial hair, going against the grain is not a problem.

So after you have shaved with the grain, you can now go against it. This will give you a closer and cleaner shave, if that’s your ultimate goal.

Just for Looks

Before I used to shave with the grain just so that my lips don’t look funny. You know what I’m talking about?

It’s that look you get when you haven’t shaved in a long time and then finally shave. It’s like you have duck lips or something.

If you just shave with the grain, it will kinda give you that look like you need to shave but not really. Confused? Oh well.

To get that Scruffy Look

If you are trying to take some hair off without making it look like a baby’s ass and not like a gorilla, then you might want to invest in an electrical razor.

You can find some really cheap ones and then there are those that are just overpriced. They usually come with other connectors like a nose trimmer and other nonsense.

What if Your Hair is Just too Long?

You might want to take a scissor and chop some of that off first. Then you can get to the razor part of things and we can discuss everything I’ve mentioned above.

Now do you really want to get rid of that pubic hair on your face? I can’t grow my ish that long so I’m kinda jealous of those of you that can grow them.

My facial hair grows like Joe Dirt, so it grows out all white trashy naturally just like his. I don’t even waste my time trying to grow out a full beard even if that’s “the in thing” right now.

Did you guys know that there was a Joe Dirt 2? You gotta be kidding me! I only found that out because I was doing this post! Now I gotta get on Netflix and get me some Joe Dirtay.


Well, You Have Been Shaved

So now that I’ve given my take on where or not you should shave with or against the grain, I would like to hear what you think and maybe share some ideas.

You tell me, with or against the grain?

Bumbo Seats Review – I Really Love These Products

What Is the Bumbo?

Website: http://www.bumbousa.com

Cost: $40 – $50 brand new, depending on where you purchase it from.

The Bumbo is brand of seats (floor seat, booster seat and multi seat) that also have a line of toys to accommodate the seat. Bumbo says:

“At Bumbo, we believe every child deserves a bright future. For more than a decade, we have made high quality infant and toddler products that help your little ones sit up on their own, step up to places they can’t yet reach, and build up their confidence as they gain independence. Our products solve every day parenting challenges, while encouraging parent and child interaction and quality family time.”

How did I come to use the Bumbo?

When my daughter was born, I got this little green, rubber/foam (that sounds like it would be uncomfortable but it’s not. I promise. I just don’t know what to call the material) feeling seat in the mail from a friend. So, naturally, I wanted to know how to use it.

Low and behold, children do not come out knowing how to sit up (I’m being sarcastic, of course). They have to be build those muscles and learn to balance their tiny heads.

Through my research, I found that that’s what the Bumbo was for.

My Experience with the Bumbo

As I said before, they have 3 different types of bumbo: the floor seat, the booster seat and the multi seat.

First, you’ll want to start your child off with the floor seat.

“The Bumbo Floor Seat should only be used when your baby can support his or her head. With the Bumbo Floor Seat, parents can engage with their child during key developmental milestones from playtime to feeding time and give baby a chance to see his or her surroundings from a new perspective.”


Bumbo Floor Seat


  • Is soft, comfortable and easy to clean
  • Fits baby’s posture with contoured seat
  • Includes a three point harness

Check Out an Interactive Demo Here.

Once my daughter outgrew the floor seat, I graduated her to the Multi Seat (which is featured in the above video).

Now, the Bumbo Multi Seat was so cool!

It’s a 3-in-1 Seat that can be used on the floor, for feedings and as a booster! Plus, you can use the retractable straps to allow your little one to sit at the table. Saves so much room and is portable.

I use to take mine when we went on trips or even when we went to dinner my brother-in-law’s house. Doing this allowed me the ability to let her play on the floor with her toys and she could sit at the able when we all ate.

What I mean by sit on the floor with her toys is that you can attach some of the Bumbo Toys to the attachable tray. No mess and baby is happy! I was able to walk away and clean, cook, work, socialized, etc.

Now, my daughter just uses it as a booster for our home table. Since our table it counter top height, the chairs are bigger and the multi seat breaks down into a booster.

My Overall Opinion

Overall, my opinion is very high of these Bumbo seats. I highly recommend using them with your kids. It truly is a life saver. In fact, I endorse Bumbo so much, that I get all my “expecting” parents the floor seat.

I absolutely love Bumbo Products!


Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Roadchip Review – Better Than Expected


Name: Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Road Chip

Rating: G (some rude humor and language)

Genre: Kids, Comedy

Director: Walt Becker

Overall Rating: 3/5 stars


So I just came across so many negative reviews about Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip on Rottentomatoes.com, which came from nothing but adults that write for the New York Times, and all of them “trusted” sites.

This is coming from a parent, so you’ll probably get a different type of review here. Let’s just say this is more for the down to earth, “I’m living” type of people review, so don’t expect any harsh criticism about this movie.

In case you didn’t know this, you are watching a movie that is for kids. If you were thinking about going to satisfy yourself, you might want to watch something for you, the adult.

I am a dad and I have kids (obviously). I took them so that THEY can watch this and not myself. I wasn’t excited and I wasn’t expecting some type of award winning film, but you’d be surprised if you sit down and try to be in the world of your kids.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip Review

My kids can watch Alvin and the Chipmunks all day, rerun after rerun, and I think I am about sick of seeing it or even hearing it in the background while I do things around the house.

I saw that this was out in theaters, so I figured they would want to go and see something different. They weren’t as excited as I thought they’d be, but that was probably because we just finished putting together their Ninjago Legos.

Here is a review from a parent’s point of view and not someone looking to ding the producers on every little thing about something directed towards kids.

So The Story is…

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore think that Dave is going to propose to his new girlfriend and they also think he will forget about them completely, thanks to this new girlfriend’s son.

This new girlfriend comes with some baggage and the chipmunks immediately run into some problems with this young fella.


They believe this kid’s story and they then come together to try and stop Dave from proposing to his girlfriend so that Dave won’t forget about them.

After causing some problems with the airlines, they are now banned from flying and now have to go on their little “road chip”.

The Beginning was a Little Bleh

I kinda walked in a little late because I had to grab the nachos and popcorn. But it started off with a nice little surprise party for Dave, which of course he didn’t know about.

From that alone, I thought it was going to be a little more boring than I thought. Dave of course walks in and does the whole “Alvinnnnnnnnn!” thing and that’s when the movie continues.

Moving on…

So at first they didn’t like this kid, but just like any love hate relationship, they eventually like him and vise versa. The trip continues with a bunch of encounters and I think I’ll save the rest so you can see it for yourself.

What I Think

With a very basic storyline and animated rodents, you will definitely have to try and remember that this is a kid’s movie.

The soundtrack for Road Chip is actually pretty cool too. They do a bunch of happy type music, which kind of got me in the mood for a bit.

There were actually a bunch of tear jerking scenes (too many, I think) that almost made me tear, which is part of what made this movie better.

My kids learned a good lesson, while watching something they actually enjoyed.

The Spoiler

Do not read this if you plan on watching the movie and you’re not in the mood for a spoiler.

So in the end, Dave wasn’t actually going to propose to his new girlfriend. He was holding the ring for one of his music producers, who was going to propose to HIS girlfriend.

They learn that Dave is not going to abandon them and he actually takes them to court so that he can have full custody of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Final Verdict: Worth the Watch

It is not the best movie and it is not the worst. It is great for kids and not too bad for adults as well, especially with the fact that you will be the one taking them there.

Thanks for reading my review of Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip and hopefully it has helped you decide on whether you should give this a try.

I give this the Road Chip two thumbs up and I recommend you go and see it if you haven’t already. If you have seen this or would like to add your two cents, please do so in the comments section below.


The Effects Of Television On Toddlers – Watch What They Watch


Having your youngsters watch Television is obviously going to happen. Kids want to watch TV… accept it. But, what you can control is what they watch.

Meet Today’s Examples

I happen to know a very vivacious, intelligent and quirky four year old (we’ll call her Toddler 1).

She is hilarious and always the life of the party but at the age of four, she talks about getting married to different boys on the playground, kissing them with tongue, dating, and so on.

These topics that I feel are way too adult for a four year old.

I also happen to know another vivacious, intelligent and quirky toddler (we’ll call her Toddler 2) that pretends to be a puppy when playing with other kids.

Expresses herself through sounds and movement. Talks about Octonauts and playing her puppy at home.

Talks about the park and basketball. In fact, she never talks about dating or kissing or boys unless she meets a boy on the playground and calls him her “boy friend”.

To her, it mean she has a friend, that is a boy.

Toddler 1 is also showing “mean girl” tendencies. Insulting how someone looks, always competing to be better than everyone else, always talking about how she has the same toys or her toys are better.

Even as far as playing with someone on the playground and then ditching them for a boy to play with.

Toddler 2 is a little different. She still has her “hitting” moments and fit throwing moments but she always tries to include everyone in the game, when she goes to the playground with her family or friends, she never leaves them to play with other kids. And, she doesn’t care what toys you have as long as you share 🙂

What is the point in all this?

To the point.

Most of you may say, “well, the Toddlers have different personalities and different parenting examples”.

You would be right.

But after major thought and research into this, I found that the TV shows each child watched was playing a HUGE role in the kind of young lady they were becoming.

Toddler 1 is watching TV shows are targeting teenage girls. Teenage girls that are just now discovering feelings for boys and dating.

Teenage girls that are going through high school and trying to fit in. Teenage girls that are 10+ years older than her and going through things that are way out of her maturity or comprehension levels.

Toddler 2 is watching children’s learning and creativity shows. Shows with music and games. Shows talk about sharing and making choices.

Shows that talk about listing to your parents and learning your ABCs. She was watch age appropriate shows that stimulated her mind and promoted creativity.


Ultimately, the television shows that each toddler were exposed to, in combination with society and parenting examples made a HUGE impact on their personalities.

Dads, knowing what your child is watching and ensuring they are watching age appropriate and intelligent building materials, no matter what age your child is, is crucial to their development process. Don’t rob them of that by allowing them to grow up too fast.



Texting And Driving Is A Big Issue – Talking Is No Different

Texting and driving is a big problem these days, and we all know that. What we tend to forget is that talking is just as dangerous.

Back in the day talking and driving was the issue and just because texting is a lot more dangerous, we still can’t forget that talking is still no better.

Everyone Does it – Not Cool

I talk on the phone and drive and I occasionally drop a text or two at a stop, which is still wrong. I need to stop and so do many others that are still talking and driving.

I did get a friendly reminder from a post that I saw on Facebook (below), which reminded me that I need to work on JUST driving and worrying about the BS texts that I usually respond to.

The sad part is, none of the texts that I respond to are ever even important. I need to stop this and I know some (99%) of you do too.

Laugh about this, but please do keep in mind that not only is your life in danger, but the thousands of others around you.

<img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-460″ src=”https://askdads.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/texting-and-driving.jpg” alt=”texting-and-driving” width=”818″ height=”960″ srcset=”https://askdads.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/texting-and-driving free project planning software.jpg 818w, https://askdads.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/texting-and-driving-256×300.jpg 256w, https://askdads.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/texting-and-driving-768×901.jpg 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 818px) 100vw, 818px” />

That text…it can wait

Starting today I plan on leaving my phone alone while I’m driving. Although it may be sitting on the passenger’s side, I’d probably keep it face down, so I can see the nice little case that I got for it.

I’m actually pretty excited to hit the road with my new goal in mind. No texting or talking while I’m on the road, and I challenge you to do the same.

Any tips on how to fix this problem?


ABC Mouse Review

Name: ABC Mouse

Best For: Children ages 2-7

abcmouse.comWebsite: http://www.abcmouse.com

Cost: There is a 30 Day Free Trial. $7.95 per month, then after.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars


What is ABC Mouse?

ABC Mouse is an online learning platform for children, ages 2-7. There are six academic levels so your child can grow at their own pace. There are 450 lessons throughout the six levels and as your child completes each lesson, he or she is guided to the next one. Plus, ABC Mouse keeps motivation to continue learning by their Tickets and Rewards System.

The lessons of the Step-by-Step Learning Path consist of books, puzzles, games, songs, art activities, and/or printables that relate to a specific topic. Each lesson offers children several different ways to learn, in accordance with the recommendations of early childhood experts.

So, in short, ABCMouse.com is a full preschool and early childhood development program, compacted into one program – All for less than $10 per month.

What Lead Me To ABC Mouse?

I have a super active, super creative and super rambunctious three year old daughter that was not getting proper learning development. She wasn’t in daycare because of cost and I worked from home 60 hours a week. Needless to say, I was not in a position to help her to learn her ABCs and 123s in the manner that I should have. That is when I turned to educational movies, like Leap Frog.

While I worked, my daughter “went to school”.

This was an incredible arrangement and her learning levels started to improve, but it still wasn’t what I wanted for her.

That’s when a friend introduced me to ABC Mouse.

My Experience With ABC Mouse

Alright Dads, let me first start by saying that I have no financial affiliation with ABC Mouse, nor do would I need to, to give an incredible review. I am just astounded by the progress my child has shown, both in the program and in her everyday life.

As stated above, there are six learning leaves for ages 2 – 7. In those these, there are lessons that use books, puzzles, games, songs, art activities, and/or printables for teaching. Now, this is not a “turn it on and walk away” type of program. You will need to help your child through.

What I did was set my daughter up next me during the work day. She completed 3 lessons with me and then got to go play outside or in the playroom for an hour. Then she came back and did 3 more.

This allowed me to break up my working schedule to accommodate her learning schedule. The main reason I wasn’t teaching her before is because I really didn’t know what to do other than sing “ABC” and “123”.

After she did this process for a total of 6 lessons, she got to watch an educational move – Little Eisenstein, Octonauts, Curious George, Leap Frog, etc.

Of course work in nap and such, as well.

In any case, this learning schedule I made helped me connect with my child, helped my child develop her mind and learning skills and help our household become much more smooth running.

My Overall Opinion

I truly believe every child would benefit from using this program. It’s effective, it’s fun and it really does make a tremendous difference. Plus, because of ABC Mouse, my daughter is even more excited to start Pre-K in the fall.

The only issue I had was learning how it all worked. I wish they would have had a more comprehensive step by step for parents.

Because of that, I give ABCMouse.com a 9 out of 10!

Cinderella Booster Seat – Might Have To Get This For My Princess

cindarella_boosterName: Cinderella

Produced By: KidsEmbrace

Price: $149.99

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars


So I have not gotten this Cinderella booster seat and I have done this review completely off of looks.

However, I am expecting a girl, yay me!

I mean, my other half is, but I’m…

Okay, I don’t really know what I’m saying, but you know what I mean.

I hope.


After having my first 3 kids come out with some male genitalia, I am finally going to have a girl!

My wife doesn’t think I’m excited, but I really am.

Some guys just express themselves differently, if you know what I mean.

So can someone please explain that to her?

Back to the Cinderella Booster Seat

So my wife is about 5 months prego and although my baby girl isn’t here yet, I couldn’t help but picture her in this booster seat looking at me through the rearview mirror.

I picture her with some black hair and big old eyes like her mommy just throwing stuff on the deck, just trying to piss me off.

But the one thing I also picture is this fricken Cinderella booster seat!

I’m Not One For Cosmetics

I’m not really about the look of things, but for some reason, this one caught my eye.

Maybe it’s because my daughter will like it?

Am I changing?

I can’t put a finger on this one, just yet.

But whatever, I like this one.

When it came to getting a booster seat, of course we got the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles booster seat and that’s an easy buy for the boys.

My other half is always looking at girls things and this Cinderella booster just so happens to be one of them that made her say wow.

Even I was interested when I saw this, so yes, it is that nice.


  • 16% plastic stiffener, 82% polyurethane foam pad 2% polyester fiber batting
  • 5-point harness
  • Item weight – 17.2 lbs
  • Minimum weight – 22 lbs
  • Maximum weight 100 lbs
  • 29″ – 49″ in height belt positioning
  • Energy absorbing technology (patent pending)
  • Deep headrest for additional side impact protection

It has cup holders, with Cinderella holding them like they’re two cups of tea or something.

Pretty neat if you ask me.

I think the price is fair, and

Is it Safe?

For the most part, I think all booster seats serve its purpose.

Others talk about safety mainly for marketing purposes.

Just as long as it keeps the actual seatbelt around their bodies, then everything is good to go.

Can’t wait to Get This

We are definitely not ready to get this, but that day will come.

Until then, I’ll just deal with Michaelangelo for now, since that was one of my favorite characters growing up as a child.

I just think it’s pretty neat that my boys are actually into what I was into when I was their age, because I don’t even know what my dad was interested in when he was younger.

Okay, enough about them turtles.

Thanks for hearing me out on this Cinderella booster seat.

Do you own one?

Looking to buy one?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below please.

I know we can’t use this right now, but for those of you parents that have a girl, this would be perfect.

Maybe one day, we’ll be able to get one of these. Until then, enjoy yours!