Samsung BrightVIEW Baby Video Monitoring System Review: Better Quality Than My TV


Years and years ago when we were all but tiny, our parents likely had what we would refer to as your classic baby monitor.

It was essentially a one way shortwave radio that one could listen for the cries of a helpless little baby in all hours of the day and night.

But, oh my, how things have changed.

Now instead of listening, we now have a full on high definition view of our children from anywhere in your home.

Meet the Samsung BrightVIEW Baby Video Monitoring System!


In the old days, we had but just noise in order to monitor our babies, now we have a clear 720p HD live streaming video to make sure junior is okay.


Let’s start with the extra large 5.0” touchscreen.

No extra complicated controls, just simple and clear touch screen picture that promises you won’t so much as miss a hair on babies head.

And don’t worry about the dark because this device offers an equally as clear night vision mode up to 16 feet away that automatically adjust to higher levels of lighting.

And if you are worried about any noise that baby may make, don’t be.

The audio levels are adjustable to be able to hear a pin drop, or turn down to only alert you if baby is crying or there are other loud noises in the room.

You can even turn the video mode off completely and just listen in with clarity.

It even comes with an innovative audio mode feature that conserves battery power while ensuring child safety.

Basically, if the screen happens to be off, the monitor will continue to detect sound in the vicinity of the camera.

That means less stress for you AND the energy bill.

It also provides you with a Pure Digital Signal which utilizes a 2.4 GHz frequency to provide secure and interference-free video.

Together with the HD audio enhancements to amplify two way talking capability, you can interact with your child while you are doing laundry in a completely other room (or, heaven forbid, getting in a quick shower or bath).

The camera can use tilt, zoom, pan, almost any angle for your little angel.

And for those times when you REALLY want to lull baby to sleep, the monitor even has some pre-programmed lullabies at your disposal.

No complicated instructions, just touch the screen for soothing and relaxing tones your baby is sure to love.

The Price for the Samsung BrightVIEW Baby Monitoring System

Now, you may be expecting to pay at least a thousand dollars for something so incredibly versatile, but with a price well under $300, it may not be cheap, but it is more than affordable.

Sure, there may be other, cheaper video monitors, but none that can stand up to this quality of service.

So if you have a new little baby in the house and you have funds, I highly recommend the BrightVIEW Baby Video Monitoring System.

After all, it’s your baby we are talking about here, Dad…and you don’t want to miss a second!


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