Shaving: With Or Against The Grain?


The question about whether you should shave with or against the grain always pops up. Personally, I don’t do either of them. I do both.

I’m no grizzly bear, but I do grow facial hair daily and I would like to share my thoughts on whether you should shave with or against the grain.

Starting Off – With the Grain

To get the closest shave, you will definitely have to go against the grain. To get the least pain possible, you are going to start off by shaving with the grain.

There will be less tugging of your hair and it will make it come off easier. Of course after you’ve lathered and soaked that ugly mug in some warm water.

Now We Go Against the Grain

When I was in the army it was almost impossible to go against the grain, even after starting off my shave going with the grain.

When you’re int he comfort of your home and you can soften your facial hair, going against the grain is not a problem.

So after you have shaved with the grain, you can now go against it. This will give you a closer and cleaner shave, if that’s your ultimate goal.

Just for Looks

Before I used to shave with the grain just so that my lips don’t look funny. You know what I’m talking about?

It’s that look you get when you haven’t shaved in a long time and then finally shave. It’s like you have duck lips or something.

If you just shave with the grain, it will kinda give you that look like you need to shave but not really. Confused? Oh well.

To get that Scruffy Look

If you are trying to take some hair off without making it look like a baby’s ass and not like a gorilla, then you might want to invest in an electrical razor.

You can find some really cheap ones and then there are those that are just overpriced. They usually come with other connectors like a nose trimmer and other nonsense.

What if Your Hair is Just too Long?

You might want to take a scissor and chop some of that off first. Then you can get to the razor part of things and we can discuss everything I’ve mentioned above.

Now do you really want to get rid of that pubic hair on your face? I can’t grow my ish that long so I’m kinda jealous of those of you that can grow them.

My facial hair grows like Joe Dirt, so it grows out all white trashy naturally just like his. I don’t even waste my time trying to grow out a full beard even if that’s “the in thing” right now.

Did you guys know that there was a Joe Dirt 2? You gotta be kidding me! I only found that out because I was doing this post! Now I gotta get on Netflix and get me some Joe Dirtay.


Well, You Have Been Shaved

So now that I’ve given my take on where or not you should shave with or against the grain, I would like to hear what you think and maybe share some ideas.

You tell me, with or against the grain?


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