Snackeez Review – Is It Worth Your Hard Earned Money?

snackeez-reviewBeen meaning to do a Snackeez review for a while now and I’m just finally getting around to it.

So I just finished seeing yet another infomercial, so I thought I’d give my thoughts on this simple and maybe awesome idea.

So I was actually at church and another dad dropped a cup. Rather than a big spill, a brownie popped out. Immediately I knew that was that Snakeez thing I saw on TV.

Just that drop alone gave me more than enough info on what I needed to know about yet another As Seen on TV hyped product.

Snackeez Review

Product: Snackeez

Color: Varies

Price: $9.99 + S&H

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Overall Rating2/5 stars


The Price

I would say that this is not worth $9.99 + the shipping and handling. However, anything below $10 is almost impossible not to buy.

With an affordable price and something to get your curiosity going, this is something that I believe is a “I need to try this for myself” type of product.

So for under $20, you can get an as seen on TV product, which is not always easy to come across.

Checkout Snackeez on Here!


The cup is actually pretty big. They do have the Snackeez Jr, which is a lot better for kids and offers different characters like Sponge Bob, which is actually playing in the background as I am writing this review.

  • 16 oz. drink cup
  • 4 oz. snack cup
  • Flip top lid

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable
  • convenient


  • Kind of pricey
  • Can be a task to clean
  • Too big in my opinion
  • Not the strongest material
  • Way too many complaints

Snackeez Complaints

I’ve heard people say that “The cup is cheaply made”, which means that if a kid can break this, then that will actually make this dangerous.

Someone said that “It’s like trying to drink milkshake out of the straw”. Who wants to struggle just to drink juice?

One complaint is that the “Juice spills into the snack compartment”. That right there is enough for me not to recommend this product to anyone.

I mean, you’re buying this for that exact reason and if it can’t do the job, then guess what? It is yet another As Seen on TV flop.

Final Opinion of Snackeez

Personally, there are just too many complaints that come with this. It is a cup for crying out loud, not some type of electronic device that can have issues.

But, this is really something you can make a decision on by yourself. You wont’ be kicking yourself on the behind for making a bad purchase and you won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t live up to the hype.

It is nothing more than a cup that allows you to store your little snacks. It is great for cereal and some little cracker type snacks, but I don’t suggest putting something other than finger foods.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Save your money. You’re better off buying a drink and putting it into your favorite cup, then getting your snacks and eating that from the packaging it came in.

Looks cool on TV, but I’m going to have to give this two thumbs down. I do not recommend this to family and friends!

However, if you do think this is worth the buy, give us your feedback in the comments section below.




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