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Guys and Dolls: Is It Okay For Your Son To Play With Dolls?


Fathers, it is my personal opinion that the “boys shouldn’t play with dolls” stereotype has been blown way out of proportion and needs to be addressed.

Of course, you’re a father and you want what is best for your little champ but wearing pink or playing with Barbie is not going to sway his sexuality or masculinity.

He is a Child.

He is a young, growing boy with the same kind of childlike wonder you use to have. Odds are, he thinks Barbie is cute and wants to know more about her.

Your son wants to play “Cook” in your daughter’s kitchen? Let him.

Your son wants to play dress up and wear your wife’s heels? Let him.

Now, my opinion is directed towards Toddler Boys why not try here. Once your son gets to be about 4 or so, you can start directing him towards the more masculine things: football, soccer, basketball, tools, guns, trucks, etc. That is the time that you really start instilling those “Man Values” of how to treat a lady and be a man.

Under the age of 4, those lessons really won’t stick in his personality.

And do not bash “boys act like this” kind of stuff down his throat.

Teach him. Show him.

Be the example of a Man you think he should be.

I still wouldn’t rip a Barbie from my 8 year old’s hands, though. First find out why he is partial to Barbie. Does he think she is pretty.? Does he have a crush on her? Does he want to give her kisses because Daddy kisses Mommy?

I know it sounds strange and different, but forcing your son to do “Only Boys Things” teaches him that being sensitive is a bad thing.

It teaches him that there are “roles” and “limits” to what he is or is not allowed to do. The last thing you want to do is teach your child that he has to fit into Society’s Box.

I Would Also like to Address the Sexuality Point.

There are father’s out there that honestly believe allowing his son to play with a “Girl Toy” will somehow make his son gay. It does not work that way.

“To understand girl things is to understand girls” – My Partner

Allowing your son to explore the sensitive side of his manly nature will actually make him more appealing to a woman.

Nail care.

Hair Care.

Smelling nice.

Dressing nice, no matter the occasion.

In addition, forcing your son to have tunnel vision of what is and is not socially acceptable is actually pushing him towards ignorance and “boxed” thinking.

You do not want that for your son. You do not want to take away his open mind and make him think in stereotypes and labels.

Allowing his universe to be broadened and full of exploration will help him find and be comfortable in his true sexuality.

Please note: I am not here to debate whether or not being homosexual is a choice. I am here saying that the 2 weeks junior obsessed over Princess Sofia or the one time he wore Mom’s heels is NOT the deciding factor for his sexuality.

Finally, I want to address the labels.

What is a “girl toy” versus a “boy toy”?

Is it defined by color or use?

Why is a play broom and vacuum a “girl toy” and not a boys? Don’t boys need to learn to clean up after themselves?

Why is Cinderella a “girl” movie versus a “boy” movie?

Why are GI Joes and Cars “boy” toys and not “girls”?

These labels are ignorant and stuck back in the wrong decade. It’s 2016. Evolve with the times. Men need to know how to clean and woman need to know how to change a tire.

I am Still an Old Fashioned Man…

…and I do feel that it is a woman’s job to maintain a clean home and cook all the meals. I still feel that I am in charge of the lawn and vehicle maintenance while I am over the inside of the home and balancing our books.

But, you best bet my other half knows how to maintain her vehicle. You best bet I help with the dishes and laundry.

Don’t limit your son because you fear he may be teased for wearing pink tennis shoes to school (heels is a whole different story…). Don’t limit your son because he is 2 and wants to play dolls with his sister.

Keep an open mind and an open heart. He is your son and you are his father. You are his example and who he wants to be when he grows up.

Not Barbie.