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Cubs Break Curse and Beat Indians in 10 Inning, Game 7 Thriller


The Chicago Cubs are world champions!

They defeated the Cleveland Indians in 10 innings of Major League Baseball and they did it in stunning fashion.

10 Innings + a Rain Delay…

You really can’t write a better script and I’m sure that line is beyond played out.

Not only is it the World Series, but it’s Game 7.

To top it off, it went 10 innings and the Cubs and Indians combined for a total of 176 years without winning a title.

So whatever team won would’ve come out of a serious drought.

Now what team deserved it more would be decided by you.

The fan.

I am not the biggest Cubs fan, but what these guys have done was more than just win the biggest game in all of baseball.

Along with this historical feat come the many stories of all the superstitions that came with the drought.

Crazy Fan Stories

I’m sure you all know about the goat that wasn’t let in the stadium, right?

I think we can let that go.

Poor goat.

If you don’t know the story, you can read more here to get the low down.


Image courtesy of npr.org

How about Steve Bartman and that foul ball?

Would Cubs fans ever forgive this dude?

I think he can be forgiven now and he should probably join the Cubs parade.

Just saying.

From the dude that left a beer in his fridge until the cubs won a World Series to the thousands of other Cubs Fan stories, they all give you that good feeling whether you’re a fan or not.

Every baseball fan would appreciate this great accomplishment from a team that I think has had a great team over the years, but just couldn’t finish things.

To think that the Redsox curse was the best accomplishment in baseball (I’m a Sox fan btw) comes this.

To be able to watch history just gives me goosebumps and I’m sure it did a lot of people all over the world.

The sports world will be in celebration for the many days to come and it’s just a great feeling to know that Cubs fans all around the world can finally celebrate.

I’ve always loved the Cubs organization and most especially the pitching staff that they always seem to create greatness with.

To the Cleveland Indians, cheers to a great season and we’re looking forward to seeing more great play that you’ve come up with over the past years.

I’m sure you want your drought to end too, but I guess one team and one moment at a time.

The King brought the title home to Cleveland and it was almost poised to be Cleveland’s year, but that wasn’t the case.

There’s always next season.

I’m sure the Cubs are glad they don’t have to say that anymore.

With the 2017 basketball and baseball seasons in the books, let’s enjoy us some football.

Farewell to catcher David Ross who went out with a bang.

All I can say is WOW!

What a performance.

To you Cubs fans out there, this is for you!

Congratulations Chicago and I’m more than thrilled to have you take home the title.

It was another great day in sports and one we will never forget.

Good bye curse!