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21 Cool Hobbies For Dads That Are Actually Not Boring

So it’s no secret that I’m a full-time blogger and I make my living completely from the commissions I make through my blogs.

Being that I know more than the average dad when it comes to making money online and picking up cool hobbies, I have dedicated this post to dads that are not only looking for a cool hobby to pick up but some that can also get the kids involved.

Some I have adopted, will soon adopt, or was just an idea that I was contemplating but never got around to it.

Now I’m sure I spend more time with my kids than most moms, and this is why hobby #1 is going to be something you should consider doing if you would like to do like I do.

Without further ado, here are 10 hobbies that I think will be great for dads.

1.) Start a Blog

Beyond a great idea and something I recommend to anyone looking to not only spend time with their family, but also to make a killer income.

For some of you, the whole “blogging” thing will not sit well as I’m sure not all of you can grasp the concept of this whole topic alone.

“I don’t want to tell people about my life”

“That’s for girls”

Blah, blah blah!

There are so many excuses as to why people (especially men) won’t start a blog and it’s really sad because of the serious potential for the average joe.

Need a hobby?

Blogging is going to be something amazing for you and your family.

2.) Remote Controlled Anything

As a kid I had the RC that had the wire connected to it and boy did I think that was the coolest thing ever.

These days, there are ridiculous types of RC’s that I don’t think the world of remote controlled cars will ever be the same.

Then there are drones, which is just at another level.

Whatever the case may be, grabbing an RC for you and the kids is a great hobby to adopt as I’m sure you guys will never run out of fun.

Just like the blog hobby, I have incorporated the two and now I have a blog as well as a Youtube channel going just so that I can have fun with the kids and still make money in the process.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone, right?

3.) Woodworking

We’ve come from an apartment to a house and woodworking was one of the hobbies I considered doing.

While looking for some junk on craigslist, I couldn’t help but be amazed at the talent that these people had, with the chance to make some money.

I mean, they made bed frames and coffee tables out of pallets and all types of stuff that got me interested in doing it myself.

This hobby is in the back burner as I’ve gotten into the next hobby coming up.

4.) Yard Beautification

For some of us dads, we mow the lawn, pick up debris, and call it a day.

That used to be me until I started to mess around with some stuff on my yard and all of a sudden I find myself changing up things.

By moving one plant to another location, it gave me this vision to do more.

Bad for business as it takes me away from my blogs, but it definitely get my yard looking really awesome and it also gets the kids involved.

Not only are they learning how to be responsible, but they too are growing this passion for other things besides staring at that iPad all day.

5.) Gardening

Not into this yet, but my neighbor and I always stand out by the street and talk about how his plants are doing this and doing that.

Just like the yard beautification thing, he has build all types of contraptions, which got me saying wow as well as giving me interest on yet another hobby.

If I didn’t have my hands full, I’m sure this would be one to consider since it is not only something to do, but it can produce some fruits and vegetables that we can say we grew on our own.

As a matter of fact, this might just be an addition to the yard.

I’m going to cordon off some space for this and I’m going to start doing some gardening of my own.

6.) Camping

Definitely on our todo list, but we haven’t come around to it yet.

With summer approaching and my son getting a camping tent for his birthday, you can bet that we will be doing some sleeping outdoors and of course roasting some marsh mellows.

Rather than putting the boys in another sport since soccer season ended, I have decide to change things up this summer and I’m going to be running a little summer camp from home.

This is a great idea for you too, so consider the whole camping gig and maybe even a summer camp of your own, depending on your time.

7.) Exercising

I’m back into running now and this has actually become a hobby of mine.

If I’m not running, I’m doing some jumping jacks with my boys on an app that my 8 year old downloaded.

This hobby has nothing but benefits, which I’m sure your health will thank you for the most.

You don’t need to do anything crazy, but try to put a little exercise in so that you can develop that interest on something most people consider a chore.

8.) Play a Sport

Probably the most common thing to do, but as we get older, joining a sport becomes the last thing on our list as our time has shifted in favor of the brats.

My family and I started a softball league and not only are we still doing things with my siblings, but now my kids can participate.

Not to mention the occasional drinking after the games, which allows for more bonding.

Whatever sport it may be, find one that fits in your schedule and give it a try.

9.) Hunting

As a dad, there’s no better way to bond with your kid/s than by taking them to the good old outdoors and showing them a thing or two about hunting.

You will also become one with nature and if your kids are anything like mine, they’ll do anything to be outside.

Now you’re throwing in some type of searching for an animal?

Count me in dad!

10.) Sight Seeing

My dad actually introduced this little hobby to me and I have now started doing this with my kids.

As a matter of fact, we just came back from another outing and we walked our butts off while enjoying some places we’ve never been before.

You haven’t seen it all, so take some time to head into some uncharted land and explore something new to give you and your kids something to change things up a bit.

11.) Martial Arts

If you’ve been living under a rock and missed the hype that the UFC brought over the past decade, now might be a good time to get in on things.

Not as popular as it was before, but definitely still around and not going anywhere.

Take some classes and get the kids involved as I’m sure they can use some martial arts in their life.

We started the kids in Tykwondo (spelling?) and that was a good place for them to start rather than throwing them straight into the technical stuff.

12.) Craft Beer

I’m not trying to be a bad influence or anything, but tasting different beer while enjoying some good company is definitely something us dads can get into.

Yeah I may drink almost anything, but it’s always good to have a talk over the latest and greatest type of beer to hit the market.

Very popular in the west coast, this hobby has opened up new bars that cater to this type of crowd and I’m sure they have room for you too.

13.) Cooking

This is one of my new favorite hobbies and I never knew how fun this could actually be.

Not only is it fun, but it’s really amazing to see how putting so many different ingredients together make up a single dish.

If that’s not amazing, then I don’t know what is.

That alone has given me more interest in this whole cooking thing and now I am always trying to make something new.

Hey, we gotta eat, right?

Chef dad’s in the house, so move on over mom.

14.) Paintball or Airsoft

Very popular in my days as an infantryman and still popular today.

Maybe not paintball, but if you haven’t heard about airsoft, you might want to read this and learn about this not so new hobby is all about.

From the realistic looking weapons that shoot little BB’s, you will find yourself buying guns just because they look cool.

Who ever thought you could have an M249 (SAW) in your house?

Try airsoft and you can have one to showoff in no time.

15.) Magic

Who doesn’t like a good magic trick?

I don’t care how old or young you are, we all get amazed at someone who can make something disappear or find your card in the middle of a deck that only they would know.

Magic is definitely a hobby to consider, but do expect to take on some serious lessons before you start thinking that you’re the next Houdini.

16.) Drawing or Painting

My kids love to draw and paint and I did too when I was their age.

Being very limited in supplies when I was growing up, I now provide my kids with them so that they can do a lot of the stuff that I never got the chance to do.

As much as I loved to draw, I never got the chance to experiment with paint, so at lest they get to do it and yes, I get to do it too.

Pretty sad I know, but things weren’t the same back in the day, and what’s crazy is the fact that I’m not even old!

17.) Astronomy

Technology is crazy and with a simple telescope we can see things that are hundreds of miles away.

Always on my todo list, but this is something I’ve never gotten around to, but after doing this post, it looks like I have another activity to add to my soon to be summer camp.

This is not just a temporary thing either as there are always things going on out there that this telescope can be of use, so consider this to be an ongoing hobby.

18.) Tough Mudder

I don’t know what they call it on your side of the country, but things like the Tough Mudder have become really popular and can also become some type of hobby for you and your family.

Forget about 5Ks and marathons because now you can do different activities that can be fun and most especially challenging with the chance to get dirty like you’re 5 again.

Not the easiest hobby, but something to consider if you’re up for the challenge.

19.) Paddle Boarding

Not a very known hobby, but definitely something you can introduce to your friends and family.

With nothing but a board and a paddle, a lot of people have found fun in this not so cheap board and paddle, that allows you to stand and sail through any type of stand still water.

20.) Bowling

Definitely a fun hobby for the whole family and something that can still be competitive without having your overgrown body have the advantage over the kids.

Not the sweatiest and energy taking hobby, but it is definitely something you can do once a week even as it is not the most expensive thing to do.

21.) Lego Building

I really don’t know who this hobby is for, but I think my kids have gotten so many lego sets and they have not put a single one of them together.

Sure they’re below 10 years old, but I’m starting to think that this is really for dads and not them.

We put it together and they tear it apart losing all the pieces allowing it to become an addition to the toy box without any use whatsoever.

Build them for your kids, stack them on a shelf, and voila!

You have now started a lego collection.


There are just too many hobbies out there and I will be sure to add to this list of hobbies for dads as I can add at least 50 more to give you parents more ideas for things that you can do with your kids.

Until next time, what are your hobbies?