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Checkout This Dog Tag USB Flash Drive By Verbatim



Don’t think I miss being in the military, and I go around wearing my dog tags like it’s cool. However, I did come across this USB flash drive that I found to be really cool.

These days, there are so many cool USB flash drives and this is just one of the many. It looks like a regular dog tag, but it actually stores more than just your blood type, name, and religion.

USB Dog Tag Flash Drive

This might not be allowed for those of you men and women in uniform, but for those of you that would like a little accessory to go with your look, this dog tag might be the one.

There is nothing special about it, but the fact that it looks cool.


This dog tag can hold 8GB or 16GB worth of nonsense and it comes in one a couple of different colors.

It’s actually silver (like a regular dog tag), but it is lined with black or purple which would represent the silencers that line it so it doesn’t make any noise.

I mean, it is called a silencer for a reason.

It comes with the chain and is protected from water, dust, and debris. Don’t go diving with this and think that it’s going to be cool because it is not waterproof.

Where to Buy

You can get this bad boy on Amazon.com for under $10 and you can get it in less than 2 days. This is the cheapest place I’ve found this and with the super fast shipping, it’s hard to say no.


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