Take Your Kids To The Zoo And Expand Their Interests


So I just took my kids to the local zoo the other day. Not the San Diego Zoo or any big time zoo for that matter, but a place to see some animals. Not only did they learn a lot, but it also taught me more about them and kids in general.

They were amazed at all the animals, but they had the specific ones that really sparked their interest. As an animal lover myself, I was impressed at what they taught me.

Getting Out of the House

This was the best part about the whole trip. My kids do get out enough, but this opened their eyes (literally) to something new.

I knew they liked animals, but it was a whole different ballgame when you show it to them in real life. To see a crocodile up close and personal is not the same as watching it on Animal Planet.

Yeah they weren’t working up a sweat and they weren’t winded, but they did walk quite a bit. This was not a trip for exercising the body, but rather the mind.

Lifelong Memories

As a kid, I didn’t get to experience half the stuff that mine get to do. I guess you can say that I’m living my childhood off of my kids.

With that trip, they have learned a lot and now they will have things to remember when they get older. It’s like letting a kid free you know?

If you keep them sheltered and you don’t expose them to different things, they will only have that much knowledge.

Just telling them how much a Panda can eat is some amazing and almost useless fact. They eat 20-40 lbs of bamboo a day by the way. Read more here on how interesting Pandas really are.

Dad, I Love Sharks Now


With all the animals the kids saw, they both chose a specific one that they really liked. My middle child (Gage) was so fascinated about the sharks for some reason.

I don’t know if it was just the way they looked, or if it was from what he saw on tv that made it that much more interesting.

Whatever the reason may be, it gave them something more than just Power Rangers to think about. They now wanted to learn more about the ocean and how all the animals operate in the underwater world.

Can We Go Back Again?

There is only so much “zooing” a person can do, but they didn’t want to leave. Being that we had to leave, the good old question came out. “Can we go back again?”.

But of course, was my response. There was just so much more learning that could be done, just from a simple trip to the zoo.

Not only are we getting the kids away from the tv, but it gets us to interact with them and do a little teaching of our own.

Then you’ll have them throw in the stuff they’ve learned from school and therefore reiterates what was already being taught.

If you’re looking for something to do with your kids over this summer or any normal day, I suggest you take them to the zoo. We had a blast and I know you’ll love it too!



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