Texting And Driving Is A Big Issue – Talking Is No Different

Texting and driving is a big problem these days, and we all know that. What we tend to forget is that talking is just as dangerous.

Back in the day talking and driving was the issue and just because texting is a lot more dangerous, we still can’t forget that talking is still no better.

Everyone Does it – Not Cool

I talk on the phone and drive and I occasionally drop a text or two at a stop, which is still wrong. I need to stop and so do many others that are still talking and driving.

I did get a friendly reminder from a post that I saw on Facebook (below), which reminded me that I need to work on JUST driving and worrying about the BS texts that I usually respond to.

The sad part is, none of the texts that I respond to are ever even important. I need to stop this and I know some (99%) of you do too.

Laugh about this, but please do keep in mind that not only is your life in danger, but the thousands of others around you.

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That text…it can wait

Starting today I plan on leaving my phone alone while I’m driving. Although it may be sitting on the passenger’s side, I’d probably keep it face down, so I can see the nice little case that I got for it.

I’m actually pretty excited to hit the road with my new goal in mind. No texting or talking while I’m on the road, and I challenge you to do the same.

Any tips on how to fix this problem?



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