The Effects Of Television On Toddlers – Watch What They Watch


Having your youngsters watch Television is obviously going to happen. Kids want to watch TV… accept it. But, what you can control is what they watch.

Meet Today’s Examples

I happen to know a very vivacious, intelligent and quirky four year old (we’ll call her Toddler 1).

She is hilarious and always the life of the party but at the age of four, she talks about getting married to different boys on the playground, kissing them with tongue, dating, and so on.

These topics that I feel are way too adult for a four year old.

I also happen to know another vivacious, intelligent and quirky toddler (we’ll call her Toddler 2) that pretends to be a puppy when playing with other kids.

Expresses herself through sounds and movement. Talks about Octonauts and playing her puppy at home.

Talks about the park and basketball. In fact, she never talks about dating or kissing or boys unless she meets a boy on the playground and calls him her “boy friend”.

To her, it mean she has a friend, that is a boy.

Toddler 1 is also showing “mean girl” tendencies. Insulting how someone looks, always competing to be better than everyone else, always talking about how she has the same toys or her toys are better.

Even as far as playing with someone on the playground and then ditching them for a boy to play with.

Toddler 2 is a little different. She still has her “hitting” moments and fit throwing moments but she always tries to include everyone in the game, when she goes to the playground with her family or friends, she never leaves them to play with other kids. And, she doesn’t care what toys you have as long as you share 🙂

What is the point in all this?

To the point.

Most of you may say, “well, the Toddlers have different personalities and different parenting examples”.

You would be right.

But after major thought and research into this, I found that the TV shows each child watched was playing a HUGE role in the kind of young lady they were becoming.

Toddler 1 is watching TV shows are targeting teenage girls. Teenage girls that are just now discovering feelings for boys and dating.

Teenage girls that are going through high school and trying to fit in. Teenage girls that are 10+ years older than her and going through things that are way out of her maturity or comprehension levels.

Toddler 2 is watching children’s learning and creativity shows. Shows with music and games. Shows talk about sharing and making choices.

Shows that talk about listing to your parents and learning your ABCs. She was watch age appropriate shows that stimulated her mind and promoted creativity.


Ultimately, the television shows that each toddler were exposed to, in combination with society and parenting examples made a HUGE impact on their personalities.

Dads, knowing what your child is watching and ensuring they are watching age appropriate and intelligent building materials, no matter what age your child is, is crucial to their development process. Don’t rob them of that by allowing them to grow up too fast.



Hi, I’m Amanda Dempsey. Now, obviously I am not a Dad… But I am Mom. A Stay at home, work from home mom that, sometimes, has to embrace the role as Mother and Father. From sticky jam messes to crayons on the walls – From brooding teenager to letting them make their own mistakes – I have been through it all. Expert I am not but sometimes, Dads just need a little help from a Mom ;-)

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