The RompHim Is Definitely Not In

What is the world coming to?

They just had the first female to finish the U.S. Army Ranger school and now guys wanna wear onesies?

Are we switching roles here?

Will guys start breast feeding soon?

I think the trends, ideas of what the American dream is, and society as a whole has come to really test the brains of the human race and we are obviously failing.

Recently there was a Kickstarter campaign that got started and it’s promoting a product called the “RompHim”.

If you’re not familiar with what a romper is, it is pretty much a onesie for females that is nothing more than a one piece outfit, which is what a baby would normally wear.

So first it was for babies, then women wanted one, and now, men?

I can’t help but shake my head thinking about how bored we get as humans and how almost anything new these days will make it regardless of how off the wall it is.

Introducing…The RompHim

The latest fashion trend for guys is the RompHim and I’m just curious to see how far this thing goes.

Is this just a way to get attention or is this really something that real men are actually interested in?

I used to think guys wearing capri pants was it and then along came the skinny jeans, but the RompHim has definitely pushed the limits of what men are these days.

It might not be the best fashion choice for a lot of you guys out there, but do know that this product is out there and it might still surprise you even if you’re already aware of it.

Trying to be the latest summer outfit for guys, the RompHim looks like it will be hitting the market as it has done pretty good for itself on

Romphim Kickstarter Campaign Already $50K + Over its $10,000 Goal

The many things that come out of Kickstarter will either make it, fail, or make it and then fail.

Within its first month of its launch, the RompHim has already passed its target goal of $10k.

According to the campaign, they have spent “countless hours designing the RompHim”, which I really can’t see, simply because it’s just a onesie.

It’s a super simple design, very much like the romper, but with a more boyish touch to it.

Not the manliest piece of clothing, but a sure sign of boredom coming from the male department.

Advertising Absolutely Works

After seeing how this product is already drawing attention and passing its goal of $10,000 on Kickstarter, you can only say that advertising does wonders for any business or product.

When you have something as catchy as the RompHim, you can expect it to go viral, hitting every market out there causing a big fuss.

Whether it’s a publicity stunt or a serious idea, this product has shown me that anything is possible no matter what product it is.

Soon we’ll be having bras for men and who knows, dudes might just be walking around with RompHims whether we like it or not.

Conclusion: There’s a Market For EVERYTHING

I don’t care if you’re into fidget spinners or joggers, trends will come and there is going to be a market for it regardless of how stupid you think it is.

From the gadgets to our fashion preference, you can expect there to be some weird, crazy, and attention grabbing item, which will draw more than just a head turn.

I have come to the conclusion that no matter what idea you have, whether it be weird, crazy, or flat out insane, I think you need to take some action and let out the little entrepreneur in you as I think anything is really possible.

After the RompHim, I’m sure your idea will do great.

Not so much my taste and not something I’ll be wearing to the beach with my kids, but definitely a hot topic right now.

I mean, imagine my kids, my other half, and me wearing onesies…

That is beyond ridiculous!

That’s just me though as I’m sure we all have our own opinions.

Will you be rocking the “RompHim” this summer?




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