7 Best Dad Blogs Every New Parent Should Follow

By John Cruz

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Being a dad in this modern world can be a challenge for most, and getting advice from Grandpa is not always going to help.

Not to say that they don’t have the wisdom and experience (because they do), but they just don’t understand some of the things that have changed over the years.

Technology, for one, is a big challenge for them, and understanding how kids are built these days will probably not sit well with their values and ideas in life.

So, what do we do?

You can get advice from other dads, but for some of us, that male ego will probably take over.

That’s when we turn to our buddy Google and find the information we need from our cellphones or computers.

But what’s even better is if we have a dad blog that speaks your language.

A dad blog that you really like and has what you are looking for.

that is why I want to show you some of the best dad blogs out there, so you can see what they are about and maybe even subscribe to their newsletter.

1. Best All Around Dad Blog – Fatherly


Fatherly is one dad blog that you can’t really avoid.

You had probably bumped into them when you were looking for some dad advice, as they are seriously all over the place.

They have gobbled up a lot of the Google space, and for good reason at that.

They offer tons of great advice for dads, and they cover a wide range of topics.

The kind of stuff you can only get if you have a team of at least 20 who work diligently around the clock.

Well, that’s what they have and why they are able to create such awesome content at such a very high rate.

So, if you are looking for one of the best dad blogs to follow, Fatherly is one of them.

Heck, you might not need to follow another one.

However, here are more dad blogs that you can choose from, as they still offer quality content.

2. Daddi Life


Daddilife.com is one of the best dad blogs out there, and that’s why we have to recommend it.

It seems a bit commercial, but that’s because of its amazing design.

Besides its great looks, Daddi Life has a bunch of great content, especially from its lifestyle category.

They give you lots of information on education, which you don’t see much of on other dad blogs.

Daddi Life is modern and one that you can learn a lot from.

3. Dad or Alive


“Dad or Alive” is what a real blog should look like.

It is run by a dad named Adrien, who talks about his life as a dad.

He has very helpful articles, but it’s more of his journey as a father through the internet kind of site.

He talks about different places and things to do and even about having a c-section.

He does some informative posts as well, but you can expect a nice story and a lot of humor from the Dad or Alive blog.

4. All Pro Dad


I’m not a fan of following celebrities and athletes, but I didn’t know that Tony Dungy (ex-Colts coach) was involved in the blogging space.

But hey, if he can coach the Indianapolis Colts to a Super Bowl title, then he might just be able to coach you into being a better parent.

All-Pro Dad uses a sports-themed domain name, and a lot of its content is “play” based as well.

If you want to read articles about discipline and marital issues, Allprodad.com is your go-to blog.

5. Best Single Dad Blog – Daddy Got Custody


There are many single dad blogs, and there are even more Facebook groups that cater specifically to single dads.

If you want to share in the pain of dealing with a bad breakup and stuff like divorce, Daddygotcustody.com has your back.

There are many dads out there that have to deal with a crazy ex, and trust me, it fricken sucks.

But these days, a lot of women are selfishly crazy, and I can understand what some of you dads have to deal with.

For some help and advice, Checkout the content on Daddy Got Custody to see what you can do to handle the many problems that come with separation.

6. Best Financial Dad Blog – Skint Dad

If you’re looking for a financial blog dedicated specifically to dads, Skint Dad is it.

This blog is a UK-based blog but gives advice to everyone.

If you do some kind of financial search for dads, it’s highly likely that you will run into Skint Dad.

Find awesome deals, see where kids can eat for free, and also learn how to make some money.

Skint Dad is one of the best dad blogs out there, so give them a go if you need some type of help related to money.

7. Best Blog For Stepdads – Support For Stepdads

Being a stepdad can be difficult in many ways.

Dealing with stepchildren, the stepchildren’s father and even the ex’s family and friends can be a challenge.

What better way to learn how to handle situations that come with being a stepdad than to follow one of the best dad blogs dedicated specifically to stepdads?

Support For Stepdads has great content and will help a lot of stepdads deal with the unique life they have.

Their content is very well written, and they offer some excellent advice on all kinds of topics.

Best Dad Blogs Complete

There are many blogs dedicated to fathers, but these are what we think are the best dad blogs on the net.

Many have come to mind, but we wanted to pick those that we personally find to be very helpful.

These websites are all great, and it wasn’t an easy job picking the best dad blogs.

I will be updating this list soon, but for now, I hope these help.


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