Spimbey Review – 7 Things You Should Know Before Buying

By John Cruz

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This Spimbey review is not here to talk about how amazing the product is (because I didn’t get one), but rather to give details on what has been going on.

From the time the company started to what we have now.

As parents, grandparents, and whoever else deals with children, we want what’s best for our them.

Whether it be with the proper discipline, giving them a healthier alternative for food, or even finding the best diaper to help with their comfort.

The same thing goes when picking out what they play with, or in this case, what they play on.

Will it be safe for them?

Will they even like it?

Is this even a legit company?

We still need to worry about our needs and wants as parents.

Will this playset fit in the budget, and will it even work in our yard?

We need to ask several questions before making any buying decisions, especially when it involves more than one zero.

And that is why I’m hoping that this Spimbey review of their playsets helps.

Let’s see what Spimbey is all about, what makes it worth buying, and why you should or should not invest.

Spimbey Review – Product Overview

Spimbey Playset

Spimbey is a modern playset, that looks great. The main thing we need to know is if, in fact, this is a legit company that can fulfill its orders.

Product Brand: Spimbey

Product Currency: $

Product Price: 449

Price Valid Until: 2021-12-31

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:
Spimbey stylish and modular wooden playsets for in your backyard

An outdoor playhouse is every kid’s dream. Therefore, we not only take your children into account with safe and lots of playful activities. But, we also thin…


Overall, there’s not much to hate about Spimbey playsets if you’re looking at just the product alone. They look amazing, and they also come at a very reasonable price.

The problem lies in everything else outside the playset.

There are lots of complaints about the company and that is definitely not cool in anyone’s book.

I’ll get more into those complaints, but let’s see what everything is about first.

What is Spimbey?


If you’ve ever been on the market for a new swing set, you will know that there aren’t many options out there.

These few options are found at Walmart, Home Depot, and whatever local stores you have in your area.

These swing sets are very typical and are not usually made of the best quality.

They are designed for mass production and don’t get the TLC provided by a more branded and focused product.

That’s where Spimbey swing sets come into play.

Spimbey is a modern-day playset designed by Mark Romera, who hails from Austin, Texas.

With the way playsets and swing sets are designed these days, Mark decided that there needs to be a solution to the madness.

According to Mark,

We’ve made it our mission to make sure you can turn your backyard into a stylish dream playground for you and your kids.


I like that idea and the safety features they have after realizing that these other playset creators don’t have safety in their best interest.

Safety + great looks = a winner in my book.

There are lots to like about Spimbey playsets, but I want to get more into detail within this Spimbey review.

Pros & Cons of Spimbey


  • Best looking swingset out there
  • Modern design
  • Has more features than other swing sets
  • Is made out of real wood
  • Easy setup (at least that’s what they say)
  • Can be set up in 4 different ways
  • Has climbing stones
  • very, very affordable


  • Way too many complaints
  • Poor customer service
  • No simple way to contact support
  • Reports of not receiving playsets

There are many other complaints about Spimbey, but I’ll let other customers do that in the comments section below.

Why You Should Buy a Spimbey Playset

Spimbey playsets are unique, but there are other reasons why I recommend them over most other playsets out there.

They offer a lot for just a playset, and its good looks are just one of them.

This part of the review has nothing to do with customer service and whatnot, but rather what we visually see online.

1. Spimbey Playsets Look Amazing


I would seriously buy a Spimbey playset based on looks alone.

We all know the types of swing sets available out there, and I think we can all agree that they could do a heck of a better job.

Then again, those things are made for mass production, and with only a few options, we deal with what we have.

Spimbey is very modern, and we can all see that they look better than any other swing set we’ve seen.

There are decent ones out there, but I don’t think any of them look as good as a Spimbey playset.

2. Quality Materials

When you think of a swing set, you probably think about one of those metal, cheaply built swing sets that fall apart quickly.

In some cases, you’ll see them outside a person’s home, and they are usually beaten up, missing one of the swings, or even missing one of their legs.

That’s the type of swing that we are used to, even after all these years.

That’s until now when the creators of Spimbey decided to do what they did.

They went out there and built the Spimbey playset with materials that aren’t generally found on a swing set.

Wood, for one, is found on some, but they will cost you an arm and a leg to get one.

Not to say that Spimbey playsets are any cheaper, but they are very affordable for their materials.

3. Swimbey Warranty


Not every swing set you get will come with a warranty.

As a matter of fact, most don’t come with any kind of warranty.

What’s even worse is that they will rot in just a year’s time due to the fact that they are cheaply made.

With Spimbey, you already know that its foundation is made out of wood.

What you might not know is that there is a lifetime warranty on all wooden components.

That’s one thing I was concerned about but this helps put my mind at ease.

If you do decide to purchase a Spimbey playset, remember that all wooden parts come with a lifetime warranty.

4. Customizable Options

With Spimbey, you can order as many or as little as you want.

You can get a basic swing set, but that seems a bit lame if you ask me.

What’s cool about being able to order different parts separately is that you can start your set and build it up as much as your wallet allows.

The basic swing set is already going to cost you $449, but we can go over the cost for a Spimbey playset later.

For now, you at least get a glimpse of how much you will pay to get a Spimbey playset.

And, you can compare it to what you will have to pay if you decide to go with the typical playset you will find at Walmart.

5. Spimbey Has Better Features


It’s scarce that you see a backyard swing set that has a rock wall, let alone a lemonade stand, and that’s what they have.

Not only will you be the only house with a rock wall, but it will help get your kids to work those muscles that they hardly use and their hand-eye coordination.

And with a dang lemonade stand, you can bet that any kid will enjoy this.

Instead of my daughter and I playing “store” inside the house, we can do it outdoors while the boys utilize the rest of the playset.

6. Swap-Out Tarps


Spimbey playsets are equipped with tarps that serve as more of an accent piece.

There are four different colors to choose from, and they can be switched for whatever reasons.

If you only have boys, you probably won’t want pink.

If you have both, you can get two colors and switch them out every month or so.

Or, you can always switch between colors to keep that new vibe going.

7. Pre-Assembled Pieces

This month alone, I have put together at least 5 different things in our house.

Assembling things is not the easiest thing to do, especially if you don’t have any extra hands.

You have to lean parts and pieces on other things and sometimes it will do nothing but stress you out.

Spimbey playsets are a lot easier to assemble than most regular swing sets.

They are pre-assembled and it’s all a matter of putting them together.

I do recommend calling your neighbor to help you, as it will make things that much faster.

Others have said they didn’t have the easiest time putting it together and it’s probably because they tried to do it by themself.

Don’t try to be a hero and just ask someone for help.

Spimbey VS Other Playsets

The main difference between Spimbey and other playsets is that Spimbey has changed the way playsets look by giving a more modern feel with not-so-standard colors.

All other playsets look the same and it’s hard to decide on looks alone.

We’re also so used to the yellows, reds, and blues when it comes to playsets, so it’s good to see something different.

Not only does it give new life to the way we view playsets, but it gives us more options when buying one.

Spimbey playsets are also much more affordable when you really think about it and their warranty is also top-notch.

Before You Buy

Spimbey playsets are supposedly built in the United States, but they ship to several other countries.

Some have a shipping cost, and some are free.

I have created a list below, so you can see where Spimbey ships.

Some countries will have a shipping cost, but you will see if you need to pay that upon checking out.

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

The Price For a Spimbey Playset

I’m sure you knew that a Spimbey playset wasn’t going to be cheap.

However, you might be surprised to see that they will not cost you an arm and a leg either.

If you’ve ever seen how much a swing set costs, you’ll know that these prices are beyond reasonable.

Almost too good to be true.

To get a swingset plus a play deck for under $500 is one heck of a deal.

But, I think having everything for just $1200 is an even better deal.

The question really lies on whether or not you will get the actual playset.

That’s where the Spimbey reviews from its customers come into play.

Other Spimbey Reviews and Complaints

The beauty of askdads.com is the fact that we are run by ourselves.

The posts, comments, and everything else published on this site are done by us and no one else.

No one can alter comments or create bogus reviews as we are the ones who publish everything ourselves.

From what I’ve seen so far, there haven’t been any positive reviews of Spimbey.

Here’s a majority of what people have to say, rather than what you see online.

“Spimbey is a Scam”

That’s the most common thing I’ve seen so far and you can’t blame anyone.

It’s crazy though because there are videos of the actual playsets.

I understand getting scammed through digital products, but this is an actual playset.

I did see that someone received an order, so that’s a great thing.

“I Have Not Received My Order”

There have been hundreds of orders made for Spimbey playsets and the sad part is that most of them have not been fulfilled.

Some people have been waiting for over six months and still haven’t received their playsets.

It’s cool if you spent $50, but it’s not.

People are spending thousands of dollars, with some probably pulling out loans.

Poor Customer Service

Most customers have complained about Spimbey’s customer service.

If there’s one thing that most people don’t like, it’s going to be Spimbey’s customer service.

Some customers have complained about not being able to contact anyone, which is completely absurd.

I’ve heard of others not getting a response.

And, I’ve heard of others being treated horribly.

Is there even customer service with Spimbey?

Incomplete Playsets

I know this is a complaint about Spimbey but at the very least, it’s great to hear that someone actually received something.

However, they have complained about not getting what they ordered.

They claimed to be missing some screws and parts, which is nowhere close to being okay.

This does give hope to some of you who ordered a playset and are anxious about everything.

Spimbey Review – Conclusion

As far as pricing and the overall look of Spimbey playsets, they definitely look great.

That’s about all that we can speak for though as there are way too many complaints about this company.

In my opinion, I think it’s best to wait.

If the company is running a legit operation, let’s give them time to sort things out before placing an order.

Although these playsets look great and all, I’m sure you can wait.

If you want something similar and are impatient like me, you can always check out this list of some of the best swing sets instead.

I hope this Spimbey review has given you the best understanding of what you will be getting into if you decide to purchase one of their playsets.



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52 thoughts on “Spimbey Review – 7 Things You Should Know Before Buying”

  1. I never had to deal with a worse company! We ordered a playset on May 5th with an “expected” delivery date of June 20th. We never received the playset. We started requesting a refund on August 29th. No refund still. They are scam artists!!

  2. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones (in a sense). I ordered mine before Christmas last year with a January or February delivery date. I think it arrived in March or April and is still sitting in my driveway. I just opened the boxes and all parts are there but no instructions. I have searched the internet for assembly instructions but all have been taken down. Does anyone have a paper copy of pdf of the directions?

  3. We are the Spimbey manufacturer in China and were told till August they went bankruptcy. Still we have several thousands of finished sets sitting in our warehouse unpaid.

    Were told again the lawsuit just began and it will be a long process.

    Not sure if there’s anyone can help with shipping these products to those who need them or have been owed for months.

    Please contact us by leonard@songjianwood.com.

    • Seems to us Spimbey failed handling sea freight since the beginning of 2022, because it’s a brand new company set up last summer and they underestimated the difficulties of sea freight issues began after Covid. They failed to receive complete sets as we have known of, because even the biggest sea/truck shipping company cannot guarantee the delivery dates at all.

      We have been manufacturing for different playset/playhouse/pavilion companies like Kidskraft, Yardistry, Backyard Discovery, Swing-n-slide, Gorilla, but have to say Spimbey is good in designing but poor in business running.

      • Hardware/plastic manufacturers ship their prodcuts separately which made the whole case more complicated, they are sitting on inventories unpaid too.

  4. We ordered the spimbey playset with the small playhouse in March. We were provided with regular updates on shipping delays and ultimately received both deliveries, wood and hardware, less than two months later. The assembly was straight forward and very well organized. We were missing some minor pieces, like the spimbey logo, safety plate, and one of the tarps, but I was very happy overall. It pains me to see people not receiving their orders. We feel very lucky to have received ours but am unsure how the lifetime warranty on the wood now works.

    • One of the big reasons I purchased it was because of the lifetime warranty. That will for sure not be happening of needed now. I received my shipment in April and it has been sitting in pieces inside my house since then because they did not include one piece of hardware. Not one bolt or screw. Been trying for months to get the hardware and no luck. Just found out today tebt had filed for bankruptcy. Makes me sick. Just gonna try to gather all the parts I need and finally get this thing assembled

    • Did you get a set of instructions? If so I would love a copy. Mine came with none. However my logo and safety plate were in the packing slip envelope.

  5. We still haven’t received our playset after 4 months. No feedback from their customer service. We are wondering if we have been duped. Our children are disappointed that they didn’t get to enjoy their summer playing with their new playset.

    • I got a letter from the US today, they have filed for bankruptcy! I have half a set, missing bolts and now no instructions as they were all online.

      • We ordered our children’s playset at the beginning of the year. It ended up being delivered incomplete well after the delivery date. I have a string of about 7 emails that promise over and over again to send the incomplete parts. But nothing was ever sent despite repeated promises. I would urge people never to buy from this company. They stopped responding to me and my children still have an incomplete playset. Friends, shop somewhere else.



    Sehr unzuverlässig. Wir haben einen Spielturm Anfang Mai bestellt. Es wurde eine Lieferung innerhalb von 4 Wochen zugesagt. (Hardcopy der Zusage liegt vor).
    Es ging der Juni ins Land keine Meldung. Das Geld wurde kassiert, aber keine Meldung. Keine Informationen über Lieferverzögerung. Erst Anschreiben reagierte man und erklärte das es bis Mitt Juli dauert, da Lieferprobleme.
    Mitte Juli wieder keine aktive Information. Nochmals angeschrieben. Es erfolgte die Information das die Lieferung aus Asien sich verzögert. Es würde garantiert Anfang August kommen.
    Wieder Anfang August angeschrieben, da wieder keine aktive Meldung.
    Jetzt sollte es Mitte August kommen.
    Keine Lieferung bis zum heutigen Tag.
    Jetzt holen wir unser Geld zurück. Und kaufen woanders.


    • Hier ähnlich. Bestellt im März, dauernd vertröstet. Am 1.6. kam weniges die Holz Lieferung. Darauf hin hatten wir Hoffnung das noch was kommt. Leider nur wieder Ausreden. Nun keine Antworten mehr. Haben das Geld via paypal zurück geordert. Instagram von Spimbey ist down, aber die Website wird weiterhin gepflegt, ist sogar leicht mit Updates versehen worden.

      • Who needs some bolts? +1500 dollar gone!!! Only got a box filled with screws, flags and other small parts. So no wood to build. Stupid #%@*€&÷#!!!!! Anyone in need for some assembly parts?

        • Hi,
          We have the wood for the large play deck and play house but not the box containing the bolts / screws.

          If you still have the accessory box I’d be interested in purchasing this if you can ship to the UK.

        • I need a set of bolts for our play set – we received the wood but not the fittings. We have the large play deck and playhouse plus the swing set.
          Are these what you have?


  7. Spimbey has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and has deleted all of their social media accounts. All of their products are listed as out of stock on their website. Hundreds if not thousands of people are still waiting on their orders or refunds, and their customer service department has stopped responding to emails. I have filed complaints with the Delaware Attorney General’s office and have filed a chargeback on my credit card.

  8. This company is a scam. I bought a $1,700+ play set on February 2022. It’s end of August 2022 and they have not shipped yet the play set to me. I’m not able to reach them out though Facebook Messenger anymore ,seems like they closed out the account or blocked me after I was requesting several times updates about the shipping and delivery of my purchase, google shows their physical location as “closed permanently”, they doesn’t reply back anymore through their customer service email.

  9. We have half a swing set and too many problems with what we have. So the fact that we have some of it does not make it right. We purchased in April! Avoid and cancel. Claim through your credit card company as no one seems to get a refund from Spimbey.

  10. We ordered one in April. Delivery date May. Never received, emailed company. Same story as the rest. We got the runaround for months. I finally contacted our credit card fraud department and opened a case. They paid us back within the week and settled the dispute this week with us keeping our money. We ordered a kidkraft from their Christmas in July sale. Already here! Spimbey is a scam. Stay away.

  11. We have sent back the play set on our cost (320 Euro) as most of the parts from this play set were hazardous to play with (many splinters). Since 5 weeks we have not received any money back or any information. So yes this company is a scam!

    • Stay away. We ordered back in January with the advertised promise of a March delivery. Now, I’m waiting for my overdue refund and dealing with customer support is getting me nowhere. They even tried to fraudulently charge me for a $300 “restocking” fee from a policy that they implemented AFTER I made my purchase. I had to file a formal complaint with the Delaware Attorney General. Just look up the Facebook group “Spimbey US class action lawsuit.”

      • I also am waiting for my return. I did not have to file a complaint with the attorney general however. they sent me an email and said they would refund in 7-10 business days back on July 18th 2022. I am still waiting and they are not answering my emails. I bought this through affirm so they are now wanting money and it is going to effect my credit. I have tried to explain this to them in an email, to at least tell affirm I am getting a refund. I have contact the better business bureau today.

  12. We ordered March 3, 2022 and it is now August 5 and we still have not received our playset. Just started the cancellation process so we’ll see how that goes. My girls have been so excited to get the playset and now we have to re group and find something else for them and the summer is practically over. So sad that a company would would mess with children like this because ultimately they are the ones who are being affected in this situation.

  13. Hello there!

    We ordered ours (Swing Set Deluxe + Play Deck Wooden Roof) at the end of March 2022. Got an update to the order on April 20th. The wooden parts were sent at the beginning of June. Still packed as they arrived they block my car from parking in the garage since then… Contacted the support via e-mail on June 20th. They swore that the missing parts (hardware, sing, etc.) were handed over to UPS. They have no further information of what’s going on since then. Can’t give any information about how and when UPS will deliver. The only information Spimbey can give is: The parts will be send asap. I received another information e-mail on July 8th, saying that the order is (obviously) partly delivered. So at least I can confirm that there are some shippings going out to customers. Unfortunately very delayed and incomplete. Still hoping for the rest to arrive. Spimbey is contacted again. Otherwise I will somehow get my money back, even if I have to fly over and kick someone’s butt. 😉

    • Update:

      Spimbey told me wooden frames would come with a two weeks delay after the accessories due to shipment policy. Well… nicely said…the absolute did not get the fact, the wooden frames have arrived two months ago…..
      okay, as german, my English is not that perfect, but I‘m sure it is not that terrible they did not get what I‘m writing in my requests.

      • Update

        Spimbey told me, hardware will be shipped at the beginning of august. Nothing happened, no further response to any contact email I sent them.
        Now I try to get my money back via PayPal refund options.
        by the way… Spimbey Instagram Account is closed, Facebook ist still running, saying Spimbey is closed…

    • Update

      After searching the web for the missing parts, we finally found someone who sold them. Nearly complete. Handlebars and those window panels are missing. But okay… I am building that thing right now, and have to say, quality is not that bad, but nothing special. What absolutely sucks is the square bit, for screwing. Totally unnecessary not to use standard screws. But ok… guess the kids will enjoy that playset anyways…

  14. Just as with most of these customer reviews, we ordered a beautiful and relatively affordable swingset ( the discount was 25% back in January when we ordered, and I see it is now 50%, probably to entice people to buy despite the reviews). We were told it would arrive in April, just after our son’s birthday. We were even sent exact shipping dates in mid-April. However they came and went with no communication or playset. Then we got an email with lots of pictures of the warehouse facilities, people who have recieved their playsets, and a promise that ours would come in May. Since then they have promised it would come in June, and most recently, after requesting a refund, that it will come in August. I have zero faith that any promised date will actually come to fruition, and it seems most other people have the same thought. It’s a big shame, but unfortunately this company is not ready to be selling to customers yet.

  15. I found a photographer’s Instagram and she really did receive her set. Based on that, I ordered in March for May delivery.
    It never arrived. Customer Service gave me different dates for when it would arrive. It never did. I asked for a refund and I was told I’d be sent a WISE link. It also never arrived. I reached out again and that’s when they stopped all contact. Our order (set & accessories) was over $2,000.
    The Better Business Bureau reached out to them in regards to my complaint. Spimbey didn’t respond to them either.
    Initially I thought maybe they were not so much a scam as a company that didn’t know how to do business and was in way over their heads. Then came hundreds of fake reviews on Google and Facebook. Next they removed their reviews on Facebook all together. They erase every comment on social media unless it’s positive or a question.
    It’s a shame because the swingset market needs beautiful & affordable swings.

  16. Absolute worthless company in every sense of the word. They had so much potential but it is all crumbling to the ground and they are gasping for air by trying to still sell as many playsets as they can without any intention of ever fulfilling them. This is a scam through and through. If they truly had logistics and supply issues they could have handled this with grace and navigated their way through this while building trust with their customers. They instead have decided to lie, deceive, and avoid in every interaction I have had with them. There are social groups and posts all over the place showing that this is exact thing is happening to hundreds of customers. They are purely going for the cash grab as there is no way this is sustainable in any way. You’ve been WARNED! Needless to say, I purchased in March with the promise of April and have been in a 3 month of worthless conversations back and forward without any movement. I have done a charge back dispute with my credit card company and would recommend any purchaser who hasn’t started this process to start right away. Good luck ya’ll!

  17. Spimbey is definitely a SCAM! They never sent product and will keep moving delivery date back. I along with many, many other families are struggling to get our money refunded. We ordered in March with a promised delivery date of end of April. They moved it back to beginning of June, then end of June, then begging of July. Now the say they are getting a new warehouse so it won’t be until August. They’ve also illegally altered their return policy after purchase in an attempt to keep $300 dollars, this stipulation was never on the original contract. They contacted me again today on 7/9/22 telling me they needed to keep $300 for cancellation although I have pictures of the contract at time of purchase that does not show that being on forms. If you look on Facebook they’ve disabled comments but their page is full of angry emojis from upset customers. Their Trustpilot rating is at a 2 and sinking as well as their Google reviews. Every good review from people on Facebook/ etc are from fake profiles with no history, friends, posts, etc. Recently much of their products at their old shipping warehouse were being confiscated due to non payment. Spimbey is a SCAM!!!

  18. March 13, 2022. That is the day I ordered my Swingset and was told it would be 60 days from that day to recieve my swingset. Here we are 4 months later. I have recieved swings, glider and most wooden pieces to assemble….key word, most pieces. I have not recived any hardware for the wood, gliders, and or chains to hang swings. After receiving the first box I was relieved to be seeing parts, but as the second box showed up the issues started again. Before we evened open the box we were told the ramp was on back order and it would be shipped when it arrived at the warehouse. However, no slide! After reaching out we were told it would be sent out in a couple weeks. Were already 3 and half months into the process. I understand this is a new company but if you have this many issues why would create the Colossus, The Monty, and the Suboo and put them on your webiste for people to order. YOU CANT EVEN FULFILL THE ORDERS THAT YOU!!!!! Best part when we emailed to ask for the hardware and remaing pieces, we were told that they would ship when they got to the “new wharehouse”. 2-3 weeks was there response. Just unbelievable. I have never had this amount of issues with ordering anything. You cant talk with anyone over the phone, its all email and chat on there website. I wont have anything good to say about this compnay until they make this right.

  19. I ordered in Dec 2021 for a March 2022 delivery. I have not yet received my play set. I am tired of waiting and requested a refund in early June 2022. They are refusing to give me my money back and have come up with many, many excuses for the delayed shipping and the inability to refund my money. No legitimate company would handle their business this way. Do not buy from Spimbey.

  20. This company has the worst customer service on planet earth period. Ordered in March. Not here and it’s almost July. No PHONE NUMBERS OR CONTACT INFO. THEY TOLD ME IT MAY TAKE UP TO THREE WEEKS BEFORE THEY CAN EVEN CALL ME WITH A STATUS REPORT. ITS BEEN MONTHS AND STILL NOTHING.

    Im canceling the order through my credit card company. Worst purchase I have ever made on line. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. By local. This company is a joke.


  21. You state that the sets are built in the United States. Following up on my order, I was informed today, they are produced and shipped from China! (With a complete breakdown on how things are produced and shipped from there) Had I known this, I would not have purchased.
    Furthermore, I never received updates on my order until I reached out. Now, after my recent inquiry, I received a condescending email, not to email everyday. Which I certainly have not! I had not received a reply after 3 days and resent “status request”. I was informed warehouse would receive products 2nd week of April and delivery the 3rd. I fully understand the shipping problem with barges…I live near Long Beach and did not need actual photos of the situation. This playset is for my granddaughter in Oklahoma. We live in California. Grandpops will be installing such, (son/father deceased) and we need updates to determine when to fly out.

  22. John – we placed an order from Spimbey on March 20th. We never received a confirmation and they have not responded to any of our inquiries. Do you have a direct contact there you would be willing to share? Beginning to get concerned that they are a scam.

  23. Hello thank you for your review of the Spimbey Playsets. I ordered one January 27 through Affirm so Spimbey has already been paid. Every time they post something on Instagram there’s always negative comments saying that it’s fake, it’s a scam etc. etc. I also read today that people that ordered in November still haven’t received theirs! I’ve been told that mine will be coming middle of April but I have to say I’m getting very nervous. Thoughts?

    • To all who have been scammed, is there a group lawsuit we can join? Our credit card company won’t remove the charge because we didn’t initiate a claim within the first 2 months of purchase. Who knew the swing set would never arrive? arrghhh. Please share any successes you have had being made whole and getting reimbursed, if at all. grateful, sad grandmama


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