50+ Best Gifts For Dads You Need to Get in 2023

By John Cruz

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Finding a nice gift for the man of the house can be as easy as you make it, or it can be as complicated as he makes it.

With no one making things any easier, I want to share what I think are the best gifts for dads that aren’t lame.

Dads are not the easiest person to shop for, and that’s why I wanted to share what I think are the best gifts for dads.

They seem that way because you follow exactly how they portray themselves.

Most are very simple and don’t like fancy things.

They don’t like a lot of things and they’re content with the same pair of shoes they got 5 years ago.

They don’t like to spend money and they are the most conservative person in the family.

So, what do you get someone so simple?

What do you get someone who “has everything?”

It’s pretty simple if you put some effort but it’s even easier if you have a wonderful blog post to show you exactly what they like.

The Best Gifts For Dads in 2023


Before we get into the awesomeness, I thought I’d let you know that I’m actually a dad.

What better way to know what to get dad than to ask another dad.

But, my real reason for doing this post is that I saw other gifts for dads, and I was not satisfied with any of them.

A book about wine?

What kind of dads are these people shopping for?

Beats me but it’s whatever.

So, if you’re looking for something just a little better than okay, here are the best gifts for dads that I’m sure they will enjoy.

For Dads That Have Everything

First of all, if a dad has everything then I hope his kids do too.

There’s no being a better father if you have everything and your kids are going to school with clothes that can barely fit.

However, we’re not here to talk about that, so let’s see what to get the dad who has everything.

1. A Gift Card

Gift Cards and gift certificates are super cool and I never thought I’d be into them until I started getting them as a gift for myself.

Not only do you get something you can’t say you don’t like, but you can use it for whatever you want.

There are gift cards to almost any restaurant you can think of, any store you can think of, and there are gift cards for whatever else they are interested in.

Still, confused?

Get them an Amazon gift card and I’m sure they’ll find something that they want.

2. A Bottle of Their Favorite Drink

Sure, not every dad out there is an alcoholic but it’s always great to have a bottle of something, readily available for those days when you want to unwind.

As for me, I like to have two bottles.

It’s a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of something else.

Maybe a bottle of vodka to make a mix when I’m not in the mood for something so strong.

I’m hoping you know what they drink, so figure it out and grab a bottle.

If not, you can always get them this fabulous globe whiskey decanter.

For New Dads

This list will not be complete if we didn’t have something for the rookies.

They’re a lot easier to shop for but you don’t want to be boring and get them the usual, like everyone else.

So, here are the best gifts for new dads that barely know what being a dad is.

1. A Dad Diaper Bag

Assuming the dad you are shopping for loves his kid, a diaper bag dedicated to just him would make him happy.

He gets to do daddy duty in style and not have to carry around a floral bag of some sort, just for his friends to poke fun at him.

I’ve created an entire list of the best diaper bags for dads, so check that out, and I’m sure you’ll find one dad will like.

You’ll find some similar to the one to the left, and I’m sure that new dad will love a diaper bag that’s just for him.


2. A New Dad Book

There are many books for expecting dads, and that’s great.

Now, when the baby has already arrived, you want to get him a book that shows him how to deal with this new life that suddenly appeared.

I personally recommend a topic more of what they are interested in, but even “The Ultimate Dad Joke Book will do.

It’s hilarious and will add to their arsenal of lame dad jokes.

3. The Dad Hoodie

The Dad hoodie is one of the coolest gifts for dads on this list.

I like it, I own it, and I recommend it as a gift for new dads.

It comes in four different colors and is extremely comfortable.

It looks better than most of my other hoodies and, guess what else it has?

It has pockets to store the necessities for your baby.

Going to the changing room couldn’t be any easier, than with the Dad Hoodie.


For Simple Dads

For those dads who are still wearing that 5k shirt from 2015, this is what you want to get them.

They might seem content with that old, worn shirt, but trust me, they’ll like any of the gifts you get them.

If, of course, it’s to their liking.

1. Clothes

And no, I don’t mean to get them a best-dad shirt either.

Get them a nice shirt that can replace that 5k shirt, a pair of shorts, and maybe some socks.

Don’t be lame by getting them only a pair of socks, unless you’re their only child and you don’t have much money to your name.

A whole outfit will do the trick, and don’t be surprised if you see them wearing that same thing all the time.

Not just one thing but that whole, entire outfit together.

Something like a Lavins casual tracksuit will do, especially for less than $50.


2. A Pair of Shoes

Just like clothes, simple dads don’t think about buying shoes.

They focus on their family’s needs, and they’re completely fine with the shoes they’ve been wearing for years.

The soles are probably falling off, or their toe is perhaps trying to get some sun.

So, this is the best time for you to step in and get them a pair of shoes.

Don’t be cheap here (because they can do that themselves) and get them something like a nice pair of Brooks running shoes.

For Dads That Love Golf

This topic had to be next on our list because this is my favorite thing to do.

And, I’m sure there are a lot of other dads that love golf as well, so do know that this will be one of the best gifts that the dad you are shopping for will get.

I can put a million things here, but I’ll try to keep it to a few.

1. A Nice Golf Shirt

If the dad you are shopping for plays golf, they will want anything I mention on this list.

And yes, they can use another Golf shirt.

They have been switching between two golf shirts, and they will give you the biggest hugs ever if you decide to get them a new golf shirt.

I recommend this nice Titleist golf shirt as it is probably my favorite golf shirt of all time.

Tiger Woods wears one, Brooks Koepka wears one, and soon, dad will wear one.

2. A Dozen Golf Balls

Almost as good as a golf shirt, golf balls will be next.

If they are a recycle-ball type of golfer, you can bet that their eyes will leave their face if you get them a dozen golf balls from any of the best names in golf.

Golf balls are not the cheapest thing to buy, and you can probably see why they will be the happiest dad alive.

3. A Divot Tool and/or Some Tees

I recently got a nice divot tool, and although I got it myself, I would’ve been a million times happier if someone else got it for me.

any golfer will appreciate any type of golf gift you get them, so keep that in mind.

Divot tools can be personal, and tees are the cheapest thing you can get.

If you have the bank account for clubs, you might just make another golfing dad super happy.


4. Lagshot Swing Trainer

Not many people know about this, but this is golden for most amateurs.

If the dad you are shopping for is trying to improve their “lag,” this will be their best friend.

They have drivers, irons, and wedges for you to choose from, and if you catch them, there might be a nice slight discount.

Help dad by getting him this nice gift and helping him improve his game.

For Dads That Like DIY

Most dads are handymen, and you can gift them something that can help with one of their little projects around the house.

Those projects require some very specific tools and some of them aren’t worth the money to them.

Also, they might need a new one, so this is the best time to get them something new.

1. Dremel Tool

If the dad in your life has an interest in crafts or doing little projects, a Dremel tool is what they’ll want.

If, of course, they don’t have one already.

I’m not the handiest of dads but I did get a Dremel tool to help with my son’s project, and I was beyond impressed.

I’ve heard of how awesome these tools were, but I never thought they would be as cool as they are in real life.

This exact tool is one of the best gifts for dads, regardless of their interests.

2. Work Boots

Work boots are not cheap.

Unless, of course, you’re getting a pair at Walmart.

Don’t do that, and get them a nice pair that they will really, really like.

Get them a cheap pair, and they’ll thank you.

Get them a pair of Red Wings, and they’ll give you the biggest hug you’ve ever gotten.

For Dads That Like The Outdoors

It’s scarce you find a dad who doesn’t like the great outdoors.

Not to say it’s wrong if a dad likes to stay inside, but rather to explain how awesome a gift would be that allowed you to be one with nature?

That’s what we have here, so get that outdoor loving dad, something for

1. A Hiking Backpack

Backpacks are one of the most incredible things you will ever own as a person.

What’s better than owning a backpack?

One designed specifically for hiking.

These things are a bit pricey though, so most dads aren’t keen to buy one for themselves.

So, you can be that knight in shining cotton and get them a nice hiking bag that they will probably never get themself.

2. A Standup Paddleboard

Standup Paddleboards are in.

Everyone and their mothers are doing it and that’s because it has its benefits.

It is a lot of fun for most, but it can be one heck of a workout for others.

Regardless, this is one of the best gifts for dads that I’m sure he will enjoy.

This is one of the best gifts for dad on this list and one that I would love if my wife or kids got for me.

For Dads That Like Cars

I know this sounds a bit extreme but no, I’m not recommending you buy dad a car.

Unless, of course, you have that type of money or you’re looking for something like a car.

Then again, you wouldn’t be on this post if you had a car in mind.

Here are the best gifts for dads that are into cars.

1. Car Polish

What better gift to get a dad that’s into cars, than a nice bottle of car polish.

Not some cheap polish, but something like NuFinish.

That’s what I was recommended by my brother and I haven’t tried anything else since.

This specific bottle of car polish works great for covering scratches and is very much affordable.

You can get it in a combo pack for a very reasonable price that won’t put a hole in your wallet.

2. Gift Certificate For an Oil Change

Every single car needs an oil change unless it’s broken down, rotting somewhere, or a collectible sitting in someone’s garage.

What do cars need?

A dang oil change.

Oil changes aren’t cheap and I can guarantee you that anyone would love an oil change as a gift.

Get a gift card and they’ll be one happy camper.

For Geeky Dads

Nerdy dads need a gift too and boy is there a lot of stuff they want.

I’m not a geek but I have kids that are, and they give me all the ideas in the world.

So if you’re looking for a gift for the geeky dad in your life, here they are.

1. A Gift Certificate to Gamestop

I’m not a geek but I know about Gamestop.

If you don’t, then hey, you might not be a geek.

But, this isn’t about you.

It’s about that geeky dad you know and he will probably know what Gamestop is.

Regardless, get him a gift card for Gamestop and he’ll think it is the best gift ever.

3. A Smart Writing Set

I honestly never knew such a thing existed but I’m glad I know now.

When you think writing, you think pencil and paper or some kind of tablet.

When you think of reading, you think tablet or Kindle.

Who would’ve thought there was something cooler?

Well, there is and it’s called a smart writing pad.

Get one for that geek dad of yours and he will be ecstatic.

3. A Dad Joke Mug

Every dad likes mugs and not only a “Best Dad” mug either.

There are so many cool mugs out there and one that comes to mind is the Emergency Dad Joke Mug.

It has a bunch of jokes on it, so you have a joke ready to tell anyone sitting across from you.

For me, it’s usually just my kids, but they enjoy old jokes anyway.


For Dads That Like Sports

Dads love sports even if they don’t love sports.

They do it for the excitement of nail biters or another reason to hang out with the guys.

Whatever reason it is, they will love anything sports-related.

Here are the best gifts for dads that like sport.

1. A Nice Hat

Representing your team is huge for anyone interested in a specific sport.

What better way to represent than with a nice hat?

This is the best gift for sporty dads, that they will never complain about.

Just make sure you know their style and of course, their size.

2. Corn Hole

If you didn’t know this, everyone and their fathers are playing corn hole.

They’re not just doing it as a nice little game to add to a party like you would with horseshoes.

No, they’re doing this fricken thing as if it were an Olympic event.

And, if that’s not serious enough for you, the fact that there are professional cornhole players and there is such a thing as the American Cornhole Association.

Yup, it’s that serious.

For The Techy Dad

Being techy is almost standard these days.

Everyone is somewhat interested in tech because we really don’t have a choice.

We have smartphones, our kids do virtual learning, and technology is ever-evolving.

That’s about as far as it goes for some but there are dads out there that take it to another level.

For those extra techy dads, here are the best gifts for them.

1. A GoPro


That’s what they’ll say if you got them a GoPro.

No one is expecting to receive such an awesome gift, so be the surpriser of all surprisers, and get them a flipping GoPro.

Not only is it the best action camera out there, but it has also now become very affordable.

Get dad a GoPro and he will thank you forever.

2. Airpods

A gift from Apple will always put a smile on someone’s face.

With the many products that come from their warehouse, Airpods aren’t always the first to leave.

Dads don’t usually get them, which allows you to gift them instead.

For Dads That Like to Farm

Not all dads are into tech and that’s okay.

Unlike most, I like my tech but I also like to be one with nature.

Not to the extent of farming, but I can relate.

Farmer dads love things but they are usually on the more conservative side of things.

1. Best Farmer Mug

Mugs and dads go hand in hand, but not so much for farmers.

That’s what you think, until you see this Best Farmer Mug, with The Don’s face on it.

The words are even better but it’s a bit much to type out, so, I’ll let you see the mug for yourself.

If you think farmer dads don’t want anything, throw this mug at him and you might just change your mind.

Don’t literally throw it at him, or he might just spank you.

2. A Hydroflask

Farmers are always in the sun and hydration is a must.

The problem with farmers is that they like to do things the cheap and conservative way.

They usually have some gallon or an old push cooler that they use for hydration purposes.

However, a hydro flask will not just keep their water cold all day long but it will most likely impress them.

For Dads That Enjoy Music

Musicians are all over the place but it’s not very popular among the dads.

So, if you have a dad that loves music, consider yourself lucky.

You might not be so lucky with deciding on what to get them.

Thankfully so, here are some gits for the musical dad in your life.

1. 3D Musical Lamp

If I was into music, this is the lamp I would want.

Not only does it show my love for music but it is one of the coolest lamps you will ever see.

Gift this to the music-loving dad and I’m sure he won’t be displeased.

2. Music Themed Pencial/Pen Holder

I didn’t know that so many cool music-themed things exist!

Then again, I forget that there’s something for everyone in this world.

It’s still worth mentioning that there are a lot of creative minds out there, just like the one who created this pen/pencil holder.

For Dads That Like to Grill

Now, this is where dads all over the world stand up and clap.

Grilling is a wonderful, relaxing thing to do and one that a lot of dads enjoy.

If you’re looking for the best BBQ-type gift for dad, here are some ideas.

1. Custom Cutting Board

Personally, I think chopping boards are the simplest, yet a great piece to have as a chef, cook, and griller.

Most people see it as just a piece of wood (or plastic) used to cut food, but I like to see what other dads are using.

If I saw someone with a custom cutting board like the one below, I would be very much impressed.

So yeah, dad will like it too.

2. Grate Grill Scraper

Most people think that all you need is a regular old grill brush to clean a grill.

Then they wonder why their grill is still dirty and the brush has just about had it.

As a griller, you will know that those fancy grill brushes are only good for brushing off the basic stuff.

Once things get hard, it’s time to bring in something like the Grate Grill Scraper.

It’s rare you see grillers with one, and dad will now be one of them.

For Dads That Like to Fish

If there’s one hobby that screams dad, it has to be fishing.

It’s a great father-son past time and it’s something moms can’t complain about.

Fishing does get serious with some folks and these gifts will have them appreciate your recognition of their favorite hobby.

1. Fishing Multitool

Even those that don’t use one, know what a multitool is.

They might know them as a “Leatherman” or a “Gerber” but they at least know it’s one tool that can do a lot of things.

What’s better than a multitool?

A multitool designed specifically for fishing!

And, that’s what you can get for dad if he has a passion for such a wonderful hobby.

2. Fishing Tackle Cart

If you have not seen one of these, I’m sure you’re glad you did.

The fishing tackle cart is a super simple invention but one that dad will love and find extremely useful.

Get dad’s fishing gear organized, but be careful, he might just get more fishing stuff to fill this cart.

For Dads That Love Beer

It’s almost as if the dad culture involves beer.

Not regular drinking alcohol, but the hoppy, beer tasting, thing we call beer.

With such a hobby comes the many gifts that I’m sure dad wouldn’t get himself.

1. Craft Beer Membership

Everyone and their fathers are into craft beer these days.

Whether they are drinking it or brewing It themselves or flat out drinking it.

With all the different beers and companies out there, it’s getting harder and harder to try them all.

So, why not get them sent to your doorstep?

That’s what you can gift dad and I’m sure he won’t have any complaints.

2. DraftPour Beer Dispenser

The DraftPour beer dispenser is so cool and even non-drinkers will agree.

If the dad you are shopping for is anything like me, they will tell you that draft beer is always better.

If that’s how they think, you can bet that the DraftPour beer dispenser will be their new best companion.

For Dads That Work in an Office

Some dads, like myself, work from home.

We like our offices to be nice and clean but we also like some cool little gadgets that make things a little livelier.

Here are some gifts for dad and his currently lame office.

1. Hover Pen

I’m a real fan of pens but I’m an even bigger fan of cool pens.

One of the coolest pens out there is the hover pen from Novia and it also comes at a very reasonable price.

If you’ve never seen what pens are running these days, the world’s most expensive pens will have your jaw falling to the floor.

And, if you just want that gift for dad and his office, the Novium hover pen is what you want to get.

2. Phone Docking Station

There are many phone docking stations out there and you can even make one yourself.

However, if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, you can always get a phone docking station by TESLYAR.

They make quality products and their phone dock is one of them.

It will spruce up dad’s office and it’s a very simple gift that won’t break the bank.

For Gamer Dads

Games are for everyone and that includes dads.

There are console gamers that like their Playstations and XBoxes, PC gamers, and there are APP gamers.

Whatever type of gamer your dad is or thinks he is, there are some cool gamer gifts for dads that love to play games.

1. Headphone Stand

If there’s one thing that can’t seem to be controlled as far as gamer things, it has to be their headsets.

What better way to control it than with a nice little headphone stand.

Not only does it hold their headphones, but it can also hold a drink.

I don’t think this would be the best gift for your teenagers, but maybe a much more responsible person like dad.

2. Burrito Blanket

This gift will not enhance their gameplay, but it will help them look and feel cooler as a gamer.

The burrito blanket is superb, and I’m sure they can’t wait to show their gamer buddies that they are a burrito.

I’m not a gamer, but I, too, want a dang burrito blanket.

For Dads That Care About Hygiene

Sometimes people take things the wrong way and getting them a stick of deodorant is one of those things that will cause such a thought.

So, don’t get anyone a deodorant, and that includes dad.

There are other hygienic products that he’ll enjoy without feeling that you’re trying to send him a message.

1. Manscaped Tool Box 4

I don’t have this, but I will be ecstatic if someone gets it for me.

That’s what dad might be thinking, and this might be the perfect gift.

It’s a complete set of Manscape’s grooming essentials for men and, although kine of pricey, is something that can last for a long time.

2. Luxury Manicure Set

I am not a pretty boy, but I love to keep my nails manicured.

I don’t mean going to some kind of Mani/Pedi place that my wife goes to but grabbing a regular old nail clipper and giving my nails a trim.

Now, things can get turned up a notch if you give me something like a luxury manicure set.

I would like this, and I think dad will too.

For Dads That Need Exercise and Better Health

The dad bod was cool for about two seconds before everyone realized that it was not a healthy thing.

So they are now trying to lose the dad bod and get into shape, like every other normal human being.

With that sudden shift, we now have some gifts for dads that can lose a few pounds or are looking to be a little healthier.

1. A Theragun

Massage guns are the new thing, and they are a pretty good piece to add to your home.

My kids use it, my wife uses it, and of course, I use it.

It does one heck of a job and will have you feeling like you got a real massage.

I do recommend a Theragun, but there are other brands out there.

They might not be as good, but it still does a decent job.

2. Exercise Bike

An exercise bike is usually not on someone’s wish list, but I have found the perfect bike.

The Echelon smart exercise bike is very affordable and has excellent features.

It isn’t a Peloton, but it does have a nice screen and can do smart things.

An exercise bike is one heck of a dad gift, and one that we hope doesn’t turn into another clothes holder.

These Are The Best Gifts For Dads

It was quite the task to create such an extensive list, but I hope it has helped you find something for dad or at least given you an idea of what to get him.

If you have anything else you would like to add to this list, feel free to add it in the comments section below.

Whatever you decide to get, I’m sure dad will appreciate it.

Until then, happy shopping, and don’t forget to think about things before making any final buying decisions.


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