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Are you tired of your microwave being the disgusting food-warmer-upper that it is?

Then again, your microwave is probably sitting there with all kinds of food stuck to it, and no one has thought about cleaning it for months.

Using a paper towel to keep food from splitting all over the place isn’t the best idea for trying to save the planet.

Some of you are probably tired of using a paper towel, so you let your microwave do what it does.

Heat food up and collect bits and pieces of everything you put in it.

All of that happens for such a simple thing as a microwave.

Isn’t it just supposed to heat our leftovers, and that’s it?

Well, there comes a time when things need some maintenance.

I didn’t figure that out until I saw how the inside of our microwave looked.

I was surprised, although I shouldn’t have been.

It is safe to say that I am very conscious about our microwave and how disgusting it can and will get if you neglect it.

However, an excellent little Kickstarter campaign can help with one of our first-world problems.

This product is called the Duo Cover and, although simple, can be your microwave’s new best friend.

Let’s see what the Duo Cover offers and why you should back this project.

Duo Cover Review – Product Overview

Duo Cover $24

Product Name: Duo Cover

Product Description: Duo Cover is your microwave's new best friend. It helps keep them clean, helps food taste better, and helps save the planet. If something so simple and affordable can do so much, why not back it?

Offer price: 24.00

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock


Overall, we love the Duo Cover. It was created by a trusted company that has other successful Kickstarter campaigns. The Duo Cover seems to be another hit, as it has reached its $5,000 goal by almost $200,000 (at the time of writing this review). It’s a very simple invention, very affordable, and enough for me to say that this is one project you should back.

User Review
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  • Super simple, but functional idea
  • Keeps your microwave clean
  • Cool magnetic storage capability
  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Trusted company


  • It will take a while to ship

What is The Duo Cover?


The Duo Cover is a dual functional cover that keeps your microwave clean and your leftovers moist. It protects your microwave from food splatter, and it serves as a steamer, so you don’t have a burnt corndog on the outside, with a frozen center.

The Duo Cover also serves as a friendly little dish carrier, form when your food is done hanging out in the microwave.

It stows away right inside your microwave, thanks to its microwave-safe magnet, and it is also great for the environment.

What I Like About The Duo Cover

There is a lot to like about the Duo Cover for such a simple product.

I thought it just covered your food from exploding in your microwave, but there’s more to love about the Duo Cover.

These are the same reasons I am backing this product, and I hope it gives you a better understanding of what the Duo Cover can do.

1. The Duo Cover Does Its Job and Then Some


As much as the Duo Cover’s job is to prevent food from getting everywhere, this is not my most favorite feature.

Paper towels do just fine, but it’s just not as convenient as the Duo Cover.

But, if you were to rate this product for what it was created for, then, of course, I would have to give it five stars.

I mean, what could get through this thing with the way it completely covers whatever it’s on top of?

Maybe the next feature of the Duo Cover will give you that much more reason to buy a Duo Cover.

2. The Duo Cover Has a Super Cool Storage Capability


Now, here’s where things get extra cool.

Instead of leaving the Duo Cover on the counter or hanging out on the dish rack, it stores itself at the ceiling of your microwave.

It sticks up there thanks to a magnet, but it also collapses so that it’s not in the way.

This magnetic feature is probably the most remarkable feature the Duo Cover has and the same reason I am backing this project.

3. The Duo Cover is Eco Friendly

I’m not a big fan of using a paper towel to cover whatever I am microwaving, but my mom is.

She uses it as if it grew on trees.

I mean, it did, but we still have to pay for it.

You get my point.

You don’t have to argue about wasting paper towels or napkins with the Duo Cover.

If you don’t want to get food all over your microwave, you plop the Duo Cover down and let it do its thing.

If you still want to waste paper towels, then don’t get a Duo Cover.

4. The Duo Cover is Dishwasher Safe and Easy to Clean


The Duo Cover is super easy to clean.

I mean, it’s not like you’re cleaning a pan or something like the Gotham Steel grill, but it’s still good to know that you won’t have a hard time cleaning something.

The Duo Cover is dishwasher safe but is also not a pain in the butt to clean for those who still do things manually.

It won’t require any special tools to clean, and I’m sure you will be just fine taking a sponge and some dish soap to clean the Duo Cover.

5. The Duo Cover Cooks

When you think of a microwave, you automatically think reheat.

No one thinks about making dinner in a microwave unless it’s one of those TV dinner meals.

Do they even still call them that?

We fail to remember how hot microwaves get and how burning hot it makes your food.

So, why can’t it “cook” anything?

Well, the Duo Cover can, even if there are many things you can cook in a microwave without any extras.

The Duo Cover also serves as a steamer, which helps food stay moist.

6. The Duo Cover Prevents Burns

“Remover your meal, not your skin.”

That is hilarious!

I’m sure we have all burnt our hands while taking out a plate from the microwave after heating something.

It’s the little things we skip over, and although it’s not a big deal, we still need to remember that patience is a must.

“caution, contents will be hot” is what you see in the directions from any frozen food out there.

Of course, we don’t think anything of it until we grab that hot, steaming plate.


Sure, it hurts, but what’s even more irritating is after you burn your hands and the middle of your food is still cold.

This is just another reminder of why we can use something like the Duo Cover.

We can grab that hot plate with the Duo Cover, stop wasting paper towels, and prevent those, very much preventable burnt hands.

7. Super Cool Video

If you have not seen the marketing video for the Duo Cover, you might want to click play.

I know the Duo Cover is a straightforward product, but these guys have managed to sell it through this video alone.

Not only do they explain the product well, but they have quite the acting skills.

Best of all, it’s fricken hilarious!

Whether you buy the Duo Cover or not, I think you should watch their video.

It will exercise your jaw muscles and give your brain that break from reality.

Great job, guys!

8. Credible Company


We all love to help and support others who are creating awesome things.

At least I do.

However, we also need to understand that some people don’t care about anyone but themselves.

They are greedy and will do anything to take your money.

I’ve been scammed by idiots many times before, and I’m sure some of you have too.

The same thing happens with Kickstarter and other crowdfunding-type programs.

The beauty about Duo Cover and its creators is that they’ve already created products on the Kickstarter platform.

So, you can breathe easy knowing that they have a real team behind this product and that they have a reputation to protect.

Duo Cover Review – Conclusion

I like the idea of the Duo Cover, and I would recommend you support this campaign.

There is a lot to like about this product, and I love to support other entrepreneurs.

Do remember that this is still a Kickstarter project, so you won’t be able to find the Duo Cover at your favorite store just yet.

If you want one, you will have to back the project on Kickstarter, and they will send it to you once they’ve met their target amount to start production.

Besides that, I hope this Duo Cover review has given you a better understanding of what this product is all about.

I will be updating things here as soon as I get my order, so don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list to get future updates.

Until then, what do you think about the Duo Cover?

Yay or nay?

Do share your thoughts in the comments section below, as I’m sure we all would like to hear your two cents.


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