AirTaste Review: Legit Buy or Waste of Money?

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This AirTaste review will explain why you should back this project.

With its latest and greatest 360-degree cooking technology, you can forget about burning food, boiling over, smoking, or even cooking with water.

I know, I know, another dang cookware collection with the latest and greatest claims.

“This pot is the best thing to happen since non-stick pots.”

Okay, I made that up, but that’s what it seems to be these days.

I think we’ve heard them all, and even today, we still believe something is better.

At least that’s what we think and hope, as they always seem to end up being – at most – a tad better than your older pot set.

Can you imagine if we were to give in to every infomercial or As Seen on TV craziness, as I did with the Gotham Steel grill?

You’d probably have a cabinet full of pots and pans, just like you have right now.

But, what if the next set of cookware were actually “the one”?

What if these pots finally exceed your expectations?

We can trust all the pots and pans reviews on the net, but we need to get them ourselves most of the time.

Before you go backing the AirTaste cookware campaign, I figured I’d give you the pros and cons and everything in between by doing an AirTaste review myself.

So, let’s see what AirTaste is all about.

AirTaste Review – Product Overview

AirTaste $121

Product Name: AirTaste

Product Description: AirTaste is the newest technology in cooking. With their pots and pans, you can make incredible tasting food without burning it. Oh, and you don't have to use oil or water to cook.

Brand: AirTaste

Offer price: 101.00

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock


Overall, I like the idea that AirTaste has. I think 360-degree cooking will cook food better and I think the material will help with preventing burns and smoking. AirTaste is definitely one of the better products that I think you should back.

User Review
3.75 (4 votes)


  • 360-degree cooking
  • No burning
  • No smoking
  • Cook without oil
  • You can bake
  • No boiling over
  • 3 year warranty
  • Looks great


  • Won’t ship until April 2022

What is Airtaste?

Airtaste is the newest pot and pan collection that cooks food differently.

With their double-layer, 360-degree cooking technology, you don’t have to burn your food or lose those fantastic juices.

But, what makes AirTaste worth buying?

Is that the only feature that we get?

There’s a little more to this cookware set, which may or may not push you to back the AirTaste project.

Let’s see what makes it so different and if it is worth its hefty price tag.

AirTaste Has Dual-Layer Technology


When you think of the technology and evolution of cookware, I can only think of the “non-stick” feature.

They always have different metals used, but that’s all we get.

AirTaste, on the other hand, has double-layer technology, which I like.

I think it can work as far as not burning foods, but I would still have to use it to see if it works.

For now, I think the double-layer deal is one to look forward to and probably the biggest reason why anyone would buy AirTaste cookware.

I wouldn’t recommend cutting your new AirTaste cookware to see the two layers, but I would probably do it after several years of use.

AirTaste Cooks From All Angles (360-Degree Cooking)

Wouldn’t it be nice NOT to stir your cooking?

We wouldn’t have to worry about the food sticking to the bottom of the pot or pan, even if that’s what non-stick cookware should do in the first place.

I think that will be weird, but if it does work, there’s nothing wrong with changing how we cook.

This feature sparks some curiosity on my part, and just like every other cookware set out there, we will have to try it for ourselves to see if the AirTaste cookware does work.

AirTaste Can Bake

Call me lost or living in a closet, but I’ve never seen anyone “bake” in a pot or pan.

I’ve only seen baking done in an oven with the “bake” feature, and yes, I’ve seen a pot or pan thrown inside as well.

Now, can you really “bake” on the stove?

With AirTaste’s 360-degree cooking capability, we shall see how good its baking job is.

Regardless, I think this is cool, and it has got me curious about everything.

It brings me back to the days we used to go to our camp and how we used to burn everything on the old, beat-up pan we used.

I think this is also possible with AirTaste’s sapphire ceramic base.

This is definitely going to help at the end of meals when it comes time to wash dishes.

No Burning, No Smoking, and No Boiling Over

If a pot or pan can really do what AirTaste claims, life will be easier and cooler.

I just finished cooking on one of the pans from Rachel Ray, and although it’s supposed to be non-stick, that pan is already burnt and not working as it should.

Smoking is almost a part of our cooking, and no, it’s not on a BBQ grill.

As for boiling over, we use the wooden spoon trick, which isn’t something we can rely on.

Wait, do you know what the wooden spoon trick is?

By placing a wooden spoon over a boiling pot, It prevents any water from boiling over.

It might be for just pasta, but I think it works for other things as well.

What You Get

The AirTaste cookware is one of the more straightforward sets on the market as you can only choose from two pots and two pans.

They have a 7″ pot and a bigger pot just under 10 inches.

For pans, you get the smaller of the two measuring just under 10 inches, with the bigger pan being 11 inches.

As far as colors, you only have two options.

It’s either jet black or ocean blue.

My wife wouldn’t be a huge fan of this selection, but I think it’s a great idea for now.

Once they get enough money to fund this project, they can get these out there.

If things are as great as they are, they can come up with some other colors, like the Dyson vacuum’s fuchsia color.

If that were to happen, I’m sure my wife wouldn’t have a problem purchasing at least one of the AirTaste pans.

And, if it weren’t for the price, I’m sure she would be okay with a set of ocean blue AirTaste pots and pans.

You can also purchase extra accessories, like lid holders and pan protectors.

The Downside to AirTaste

Besides the fact that this is a crowdfunding project, the only problem I have here is that the pots and pans won’t ship until April of 2022.

I am very much involved with Kickstarter and Indiegogo products, so I’m used to ordering and waiting a couple of months before getting anything in the mail.

Of course, shipping isn’t going to be free for something like pots and pans, but It is a lot more affordable than I thought.

See the list below to see how much it will cost to get AirTaste sent to you.

Besides that, there isn’t much to dislike about the AirTaste cookware.

Besides, how much money will be coming out of your credit card is debatable.


The Price for AirTaste

AirTaste is not the cheapest cookware set you will buy, but It’s not the most expensive either.

However, they are going to require an excellent investment.

They are also still a crowdfunding project, so you will only be able to order them on the INDIEGOGO website.

For the smallest pot (7″), be ready to fork out $99.

If you want the smallest pan available, it will cost you $109.

For the largest pot and pan, they will cost $119.

Of course, you can mix and match and pay less if you got a set.

To get a complete set of AirTaste pots and pans, all you need is $381.

I think that’s reasonable and fair, especially if these pots and pans do even a little better job than your current cookware set.

At the time of writing this post, there are some excellent discounts, so you might want to check out their sales page to see how much you can save.

Is AirTaste The Only Cookware You Need?


Taking someone’s word for something is all we can rely on when purchasing any products.

We can read all the AirTaste reviews on the web, and even at that, we still can not tell if this is the last cookware you will buy.

At the very least, AirTaste offers a 3-year warranty.

If anything happens to your AirTaste cookware, you can get a new one absolutely free.

That warranty gives you some peace of mind, but is this the right cookware for you?

AirTaste Review – Conclusion

I like the idea of AirTaste.

The double-layer deal is exciting, and I do believe it works.

It’s not the cheapest cookware on the market, but if it does as it claims to, this would be one of the better investments going into the new year.

I hope this AirTaste review has given you a much better understanding of what AirTaste has to offer and that it has helped you make a better decision.

With that being said, do you think that AirTaste will replace your current lineup of pots and pans?

For our household, I think anything will be better than the mixed pots and pans that we currently have.

Thanks for reading!


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