Are Melaleuca Products Any Good? Here’s What You Need to Know

By John Cruz

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Are Melaleuca products any good?

Is melaleuca just another scam or Ponzi scheme that tries to pretend that they’re not an MLM?

There are many Melaleuca reviews out there that don’t seem to give you everything you need to know, especially when it comes to the products.

Some people don’t even use the products, yet they were able to tell you everything about them.

Then we have those Melaleuca reviews that tell you all about the company, then try to sway you with their latest and greatest MLM opportunity instead.

Whatever you have seen out there is probably going to make it harder for you to decide, so just pretend you’ve never seen them.

I was a Melaleuca member and although I am no longer an active customer, I do have many years of experience with them.

I also have a very unique experience, that not many have gone through.

So, before we get any further into this Melaleuca review, let me give you a little background on my experience with the wellness company.

My Melaleuca Story

My time with Melaleuca is a lot different from others.

I joined, quit, and joined again, so you can get a better understanding of what the company was like a decade ago, and what the company is like today.

I got started with Melaleuca in 2010 and not by choice.

My son had eczema and if you have a child with this skin disorder, you’ll know how hard things can be.

So, for us, we couldn’t find anything that really worked.

Of course, we were desperate.

We were still in the trial and error phase with our doctor and we couldn’t find anything that worked.

And, when it comes to eczema, what works for one kid won’t work for others, and that’s what we experienced.

To make a long story short, we were told that Melaleuca’s Renew lotion would fix everything.

That’s what my wife told me, all while our soon-to-be up-line was in front of her trying to sell her the business.

I wouldn’t say anything was a mistake, but we have our opinion about that lotion along with Melaleuca’s other products.

So, before you go buying anything or joining, I want to give you our opinion on what “the wellness company” has to offer.

Are Melaleuca Products Any Good?


Melaleuca products aren’t the best products on the market but they aren’t the worst either.

They are at least, decent and there is a reason why I joined and quit twice.

Yup, I joined Melaleuca twice in my life, but I eventually quit.

I have my reasons and I’m at least glad I was able to experience everything for myself.

The takeaway?

I get to give you the best idea on whether Melaleuca products are any good, then, and if they improved and got better, now.

so, I want to break things down with at least the different categories in Melaleuca.

They have household products, their essential oils, makeup, and several others that I will be covering within this review of the Melaleuca products.

Let’s start with the one category that got me to join Melaleuca in the first place.

Personal Care

These are the better products that Melaleuca has to offer.

When we did order Melaleuca products, this category made up for like 90% of our cart.

They’re what we need every month and what we thought would replace our personal care products.

Renew Lotion

Let’s start with the same bottle of lotion that got me to join Melaleuca, which is their Renew lotion.

I’m not an expert when it comes to moisturizing one’s skin and I’m sure those that told you about Melaleuca’s Renew lotion aren’t either.

They might have told you how awesome their lotion is and you might have heard that it works for eczema.

My wife says it did, but I say it didn’t.

If I told you he still had eczema and we still had to put socks (worked better as gloves) on his hands, even with the lotion, would you say it “worked”?

Probably not.

Now, I will say that this is one of the best lotions out there.

It definitely moisturizes and is one of the most requested products by non-members.

Renew Body Wash

Another one of Melaleuca’s better products, is the Renew body wash.

Like the lotion, it definitely moisturizes.

It does give you that feeling of still being soapy when you’re rinsing, so as a man, I’m not the biggest fan of this product.

My wife, on the other hand, really liked the body wash, so you might want to follow her opinion on this one.

The Gold Bar

Melaleuca’s Gold Bar is one of the more popular products.

It’s one that I liked and it’s one that I think could be better than a lot of bar soaps out there.

Not to say it would be my most favorite and underrated gold Dial bar, but it at least looks like it and smells nice too.

There are other soaps as well, but I wasn’t the biggest fan.

Definitely add the Gold Bar to your cart, if you plan on trying any Melaleuca products.

Pain A Trate

Pain A Trate is Melaleuca’s pain relief cream.

I would love to talk about how this product worked for any pain, but I want to share my very first experience with this cream.

Being a new member and user of Melaleuca products, I wasn’t quite used to everything.

I was running a little late for work and I rushed to brush my teeth.

On the sink laid a nice tube of Pain A Trate, and I’m sure you can guess what happened.

Yup, I used this to brush my teeth and boy was my mouth on fire.

I have never tried it on other places, but with the burn, I’m pretty sure it will do the job.


Melaleuca has different types of shampoos and things for your hair, but I really liked the Herbal Shampoo.

It made me feel clean and it had this mint smell to it, which I really liked.

They do have 2 in 1 shampoo and even shampoos for the kids.

Overall, I liked the Melaleuca line of shampoos.

Baby Products

Back in 2010, when we first joined Melaleuca, there weren’t any baby products.

That’s when we had our first child and a great time for some baby products.

We had our last baby in 2016, and even then, they still didn’t add anything for baby to their catalog.

We aren’t changing diapers anymore, so these aren’t products we really need.

They do have baby shampoo, baby lotion, and diaper rash cream, in case you are in need of these items.

I can’t say much about them, but they at least can help any new parents looking for baby essentials.

Essential Oils


It has been at least two years since we were in Melaleuca and we still have a bottle of Melaleuca oil.

We use it for scratches, cuts, and other small injuries and it works really well.

Melaleuca has added more oils to their collection and they are very much like other essential oils companies.

They can either be applied to your skin, ingested, or added to a diffuser, depending on the oil.

For the life of me, I can’t say I’ve seen any significant changes to my health, but at the very least, they make you feel good.

I’m not sure if it’s just seeing the oils go into the air or if it’s actually doing something.

I’ve tried a few essential oils and I am currently testing Doterra.

Once I get that done testing, I will put up a review on them as well.

Cleaning & Laundry


If there’s one category of products I would continue to buy, it would probably be their home cleaning products.

The laundry stuff?

Maybe not.

But they do have some different and effective products when it comes to cleaning around the house, which I will get into after sharing my experience with their laundry products.


Mela-Power is one of Melaleuca’s biggest selling points.

It was the first thing I saw when I went to a Melaleuca meeting and it was interesting.

They explained how you can use less to do your laundry and how organic and safe their detergent was.

For me, I didn’t feel as if our clothes were getting cleaned with their recommended amount, so I used a little more.

My clothes did look like they were fading faster, so maybe it was actually doing a good job at cleaning?

I’m not sure, but I wasn’t very pleased with Melaleuca’s laundry detergent.


I used their fabric softener as well and it didn’t give me that clean, fresh smell like other fabric softeners.

It did smell decent, it just wasn’t to my liking.

Another thing to note is that the smell will not last.

Once I wore a shirt, the smell would go away and I wouldn’t have the fresh smell I’m used to when I used Downy.


Mela-Brite is what you would use to brighten your clothes.

I guess this is what you need since their detergent will strip the color from your clothes.

I don’t know, but I don’t like the idea regardless.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with Melaleuca’s laundry products and they weren’t the cheapest either.


Drain-Back Cap

This isn’t the most important thing to talk about but I feel that I need to explain my issue here.

Melaleuca has a drain-back cap that is used with all their laundry products that are at least liquid.

It’s supposed to fill the cap with the right amount of whatever you are using, all while keeping things clean.

I didn’t find this to be helpful for me, but it might be for others.

Tough & Tender Wipes

These are the thickest and most durable wipes I have ever tried.

They do a great job but I always feel as if I’m wasting them because they are so thick.

The pack also comes with only a few wipes and they are pricey.

Melaleuca wipes are definitely better than other wipes but they will cost you a lot more than a huge pack of regular old baby wipes.

Supplements and Food


When I decided to join Melaleuca again, I asked one of its newer members what has changed.

He said their food improved and he liked the popcorn.


That’s not something I wanted to hear, but of course, I decided to give that, and other food and supplements as well.

Melaleuca Food

Instead of going over each and every food product that Melaleuca has, I decided to sum things up.

Popcorn wasn’t as great as I was told, but I did like the Yogurt bars.

The drink mix was fair, but I’m the type of person that likes anything with flavor.

Overall, Melaleuca’s food was decent and cost a lot more than what I want to spend for some Chewy bars and drink mix.

Melaleuca Supplements

I’m not the type of guy that likes to take supplements, and it’s because I always seem to have a reaction.

I’ve tried Centrum and other supplements you find in a store, and all of them seem to have the same effect.

I get a little woozy and I end up wasting the vitamins.

The same thing happened with Melaleuca’s Peak Performance vitamins, which I now have sitting in my cabinet.

The only one that seemed to work for me was Doterra’s supplements, which I will be doing a review on, possibly next week.

Melaleuca Dental


Melaleuca’s dental products are not the greatest.

The toothpaste came out in a very skinny line and it didn’t give me that sudsy, bubbly, fresh feeling in my mouth like the regular stuff you find in stores.

They have some mints, which were typical, and a breath-freshening spray, that I remember from the days of Amway.

The one thing I did like was the Melaleuca dental floss.

It was thick like the same one I use now, but it wasn’t enough to keep me as a paying customer of Melaleuca.

Why We Don’t Use Mealeluca Products Anymore

I know Melaleuca products aren’t that bad, but they just weren’t for us.

They have a few that we liked, but there was one big problem.

We got completely overstocked with products and we didn’t have the need for anything else.

Meeting the minimum requirement of 35 points wasn’t the easiest thing to do and for that reason, Melaleuca was chopped.

So, Are Melaleuca Products Any Good?

I think Melaleuca products are good but not the best.

I think that if their laundry detergent was at least better than what we have, we would probably still be a member and I would definitely promote it to others.

However, there wasn’t enough for us to stay and we are no longer buying anything.

We are still members and we can still log in to our account.

I am currently testing out Doterra products, so maybe I can compare the two with a later post.

We still have some Renew lotion and Doterra essential oils, and it’s been a while since we stopped ordering.

Melaleuca might work for some of you, but it isn’t for us.

Are you a member of Melaleuca and would like to share your thoughts?

We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below, so please do share.

Now, you tell me.

Are Melaleuca products any good?


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With four humans of his own, John is our parenting expert. He loves being a dad, and when he's not trying to work on his golf game, you'll find him at his kid's soccer games or at the mall with his kids.

9 thoughts on “Are Melaleuca Products Any Good? Here’s What You Need to Know”

  1. Hi! What are your top 10 favorite products? I just joined with $1 membership. I ordered Peak performance. I have noticed people saying they are greenwashed and I have also noticed sucralose as a sweetner in their bars, which turns me off a lot. Their ingredient lists are very long for a “green” company. Im unsure about them. Tell me more about Doterra 🙂

    • Greenwashed, lol. I like the Gold Bar and the Renew lotion. The Gold Bar lasts forever and smells great. The lotion is one heck of a moisturizer and it was what got us into Melaleuca to begin with. What are your favorite products Leah? We can talk about Doterra after, lol.

  2. Safety .. what is safe for one is not ever safe for all. Allergies, reactions etc are very particular to each person. We did all see what damage consuming tide pods did, and as i look at the various cleaning products in my cupboard i see warnings on most of the bottles. I will have to check the Melaleuca bottles to see if similar warnings exist.

    • I do understand your point, Kathy but consuming Tide Pods is a bit extreme as these products are not meant for consumption. However, I do like the “idea” that Melaleuca products are safer for the environment, but it’s still not certain if they really are. On a side note, what is a few of your favorite Melaleuca products?

    • Currently using up 3 boxes of Peak Performance for Adults 50+ . Started taking them in November 2022 and have noticed better energy & mental clarity, however, the membership concept turned me off after a couple months of catching on how the MLM worked. I wasnt interested in marketing their products, and the nudging became irritating. I’m researching other brands/ companies that make something comparable, possibly more affordable too.
      My experience canceling the membership & getting personal information removed from Melaleuca’ s website makes me say BEWARE to anyone considering a membership.

  3. Thanks for your information…it is really helpful.
    I just joined them.. but to maintain the membership, must I fulfill the 35 point monthly or can I just buy when my stock run low since I already paid for the membership fee?

    • You will have to maintain that 35 points every month if you want to keep the discounted rate. You can pay a little more to get the products without any commitment, but you will have to pay a little more for their products.

      • I appreciate your direct and honest opinion of your experience. One thing i feel you didnt address in the review is toxins. I realize you are not a scientist but one of the bigger points for buying Melaleuca is the plant based products and their safety?


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