Fur Daddy Review: Does This Pet Hair Remover Work?

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After using this pet hair remover, I’ve decided to put together this Fur Daddy review.

Not to praise or bash it, but to help you decide if this is something you should put your hard-earned money into.

We have two cats, and finding a solution to the hair madness is insane.

We’ve tried many things, to the point where we’ve almost given up on dealing with our cat hair problem.

But, we stuck it out, and guess what?

We still have them!

As cat owners, we have learned many things along the way.

Yes, it would’ve been great if we knew certain things about cats before we got them, but we stuck it out, and now we know just about everything there is to know about them.

However, we have not mastered the hair problem all cat owners face, so we decided to try Fur Daddy.

Within this Fur Daddy review, I want to show you why and why not this will be a good investment.

Fur Daddy Review – Product Overview

Fur Daddy $19.99


Overall, Fur Daddy isn’t a bad product. It’s not the greatest but it does get our cat’s crazy hair under control and its price is not something to lose sleep about.

User Review
4.5 (4 votes)


  • Does actually work
  • Very affordable
  • Recommended


  • Feels kind of cheap

What is Fur Daddy?


Fur Daddy is a tool used to remove pet hair from your clothing, furniture, and wherever else you seem to accumulate pet hair.

It’s one of many As Seen on TV products that claim to do some out-of-this-world things, and in this case, get rid of unwanted pet hair.

It uses micro sonic technology to help pick up pet hair and is said to be more efficient than other pet brushes in its category.

It’s a very basic, simple-to-use brush that does not use any electrical moving parts.

Fur Daddy does require two AAA batteries, which will be used to turn on the sonic light.

There are other questions you might have, and that’s what I wanted to share in this Fur Daddy review.

Does Fur Daddy Work?

You can watch a million videos on Fur Daddy and be amazed at what it can do, but it still has you wondering if it works.

That’s the biggest question when buying any gadget that claims to do things and the only reason you would buy it.

We do know that cats shed a lot of hair (unless they don’t have any), and dogs aren’t any different.

Do we finally have a solution to all our pet hair problems?

Does Fur Daddy work?

Is there something better?

Surprisingly so, Fur Daddy does work.

I took it right out of the box and put it to use, even without the light on.

I didn’t put the batteries in just yet, but I wanted to see what it could do without the light.

Fur Daddy works better than a lint roller, that’s for sure, and it does clean a lot better than I expected.

There are several things you should put into account before buying, and that’s what I will cover next in this Fur Daddy review.

Unboxing Fur Daddy


First impressions are a good indicator of many things, including As Seen on TV products.

Fur Daddy is no different, and yes, I judged the book from its cover.

With any product I buy, I start with the packaging.

When you buy any Apple product, you immediately notice the thought and effort put into packaging their products.

I wasn’t very impressed with the packaging of Fur Daddy, but for the type of product, it’s not a big deal.

It’s not an apple watch, and it’s not something that costs hundreds and thousands of dollars.

So, I’m not going to be so critical with the packaging here.

Is Fur Daddy Durable?

This is the part of this Fur Daddy review where I can be a little more critical.

Pretty packaging can be pushed to the side, but not so much the quality of a product.

Fur Daddy doesn’t feel like the most durable thing, but at the very least, ours is still in one piece.

It does feel cheaply made, but it might just be me.

Maybe it’s the one I got?

I’m not too sure, but I can at least say that Fur Daddy has not fallen apart.

Is Fur Daddy Functional?

Like I mentioned earlier in this Fur Daddy review, it does work.

I didn’t put the batteries in when I first used it because I couldn’t get the compartment open, but it did what I expected it to do.

I felt like I was going to break it, so I held off until a later time.

It did feel hard to push around, as it didn’t quite “roll”.

It uses more short back and forth strokes and takes a little getting used to.

Another thing to note is the compartment for the pet hair is kind of small.

Depending on how much fur you will be rolling, you will probably need to dump quite often.

Also, the hair builds up on the microfiber cloth, so you will need to do some cleaning there too.

The Price and Where to Buy Fur Daddy

One of the cool things about Fur Daddy is that you can purchase it almost anywhere.

You can find this on Amazon, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, and many other stores.

You can check out a local store near you or find some sweet deals and buy it online.

After researching online, the price is about the same everywhere, with the average being $19.99.

I did find it on Amazon for less than that, so use the link below to save some money.

Other Fur Daddy Reviews

There are many mixed reviews about Fur Daddy and that’s completely normal with every product out there.

Nothing is perfect and there will always be something that others might not be pleased about.

At the very least, most can agree that Fur Daddy does a good job at getting rid of pet hair.

On the other side, there’s one person that said “the motor is non-existent”.

Do understand that there isn’t any sucking going on with Fur Daddy.

It’s more of a roller and the batteries are only necessary for the light.

Another user said that “the microfiber is coming out”, which I can’t confirm.

Ours is still intact, but I’m guessing it’s because we haven’t used it enough.

There are all kinds of things being said about Fur Daddy, but for me, it’s not a bad buy.

Fur Daddy Review – Conclusion

Overall, Fur Daddy isn’t the best product out there, and it isn’t the worst.

Don’t expect to get anything fancy, but rather, a little plastic rolling thing that collects pet hair.

Again, it does the job, but that’s about it.

Personally, I’ve used it a few times and don’t remember where I put it.

Our cats have shorter hair, so I don’t think something like Fur Daddy is what we need.

We have a Dyson Vacuum, but we might need an upgrade to get the type of cleaning we need.

If your pets are much furrier, Fur Daddy can help.

Besides that, I hope this Fur Daddy review has given you a better understanding of what it can do.

If you have any questions or would like to share your two cents, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

Oh, and don’t forget that you will need two AAA batteries for your Fur Daddy.

Thanks for reading!


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