Jarsty Review: 10 Things to Know Before Buying

By John Cruz

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This Jarsty review is going to show you why I think this is the perfect meal prep system for those who prepare meals well.

Whether it be for work, school, or, like most, the gym, there’s always that need to have a meal.

These days, that meal is what they call a meal prep.

They usually come in some kind of plastic container, which some of you might already have.

If you’re familiar with “Tupperware,” some of you might be showing your age.

But today, we want to talk about Jarsty and whether it’s really something you should invest in.

I like the idea, and so do many others, but let’s see what you can expect within this Jarsty review.

Jarsty Review – Product Overview

Jarsty Meal Prep


Jarsty is one of the better products on Kickstarter and it has already passed its goal of $10k. I like the idea of Jarsty, I like the way it looks, and that is why I am backing Jarsty. If you want the best food prepping system, Jarsty is it! 

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3.5 (2 votes)

Why Should You Invest in Jarsty?

There are many reasons why I decided to invest in Jarsty and why I think you should, too.

I’m a huge fan of Kickstarter products and an even bigger fan of supporting other businesses.

Jarsty is one of those businesses, and I’m very much intrigued by what this product can do.

Coming out of Italy, creator Luka felt the need to create something for those on the go who aren’t into eating Hot Pockets and other unhealthy microwavable foods.

I’m no health nut, but I do have a dad bod that I need to get rid of.

I’m not trying to prep food like I’m some kind of gym rat either, but I am interested in Jarsty and what it can do.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Jarsty

Like any other product out there, though, you want to know why you should spend that hard-earned money of yours.

Just because it’s affordable does not mean you should go buying anything and everything.

Unless, of course, you’re one of many who do more spending rather than making money.

Regardless of what kind of spender you are, here are some things you should know before you buy something like Jarsty.

1. Jarsty is Unique


In case you don’t know this, Jarsty is one of a kind.

Not by the way it looks (even if it is), but because of what it can do.

There are products like the Duo Cover that steam and crisp food, but not to the extent of what Jarsty can do.

Why get a regular food-prepping container when you can get one that cooks?

That’s what you get with Jarsty; with its price, you can’t go wrong.

2. Jarsty is Affordable


A lot of our buying decisions rely on pricing, especially when we’re trying to save more money each and every month.

With Jarsty, you don’t need to think too much about the cost.

It’s affordable and requires less than $50 for two Jarstys.

You don’t need to pull out a loan, and you don’t need to have buyer’s remorse.

It’s also worth noting that Jarsty only ships to certain countries.

This list includes the US, Canada, the UK, and over twenty other countries.

3. Jarsty is a Kickstarter Project


Many are looking for Jarsty reviews on people who actually used it, and that’s fine because some people actually have.

What you need to understand is that Jarsty is a crowdfunding type of project.

That means this is an idea that someone has come up with, and they need the help of “backers” to fund their project.

As a backer, you are interested in the product, you have belief in the product, and you are, in a sense, pre-ordering the product.

Once the project reaches its monetary goal, production will start, and then you will get your Jarsty.

From the time of writing this Jarsty review, production has already started.

You can get yours sooner than expected.

4. Jarsty Actually Cooks


I know I mentioned this a little earlier in this Jarsty review, but I wanted to emphasize what is really happening.

Jarsty cooks.

I mean, it takes raw food and turns it into something you can eat.

And no, I’m not talking about veggies and food that can be eaten raw.

I’m talking about steak, fish, and especially chicken.

If you can have something that can cook chicken for you in a microwave, I’m all about it.

Throw everything in a box, and voila!

5. Jarsty Cooks Naturally


When you deal with food and things that aren’t so normal, you can only think that chemicals are involved.

With Jarsty, it’s just a plastic box with pastel-type colors.

The process is also really simple.

You put Jarsty in the microwave for 6 seconds, pull it out, close the valve, and wait 15-20 minutes.

And that is it.

You have a meal ready in under 20 minutes, ready for you to take wherever you please.

Of course, you can store it and have it ready for the next day, which is probably what I will be doing.

6. Jarsty Can Store Food For Up to 15 Days

I’m not exactly sure how long Jarsty can actually store food, but according to its owner, it can store it for up to 15 days, depending on the type of food.

That sounds great, but even if it is stored for just ten days, I would be happy.

Food does not last long, no matter what you do with it, unless you vacuum seal it and throw it in the freezer.

Food usually doesn’t last long, but with the technology and science behind Jarsty, that has changed.

7. Jarsty Has Recipes


The biggest question I had when deciding if I should purchase Jarsty was, “What in the world would I cook in that thing?”.

I don’t know what I could possibly think of besides soup, rice, and maybe some kind of stew.

I’m no chef, and I already have a hard time deciding what I’m going to put in a pot, let alone a small cube.

Thankfully so, Luca decided to throw in some recipes, along with the Jarsty app.

We live in a world of “there’s an app for that,” so it’s great to see that Jarsty has one too.

How does Japanese Chicken Teriyaki sound?

That’s one of the recipes you can find in the Jarsty app and one of the other reasons why I think this is an excellent investment.

8. Jarsty Looks Cool


Okay, I’m not the biggest fan of just anything.

Food storage containers come and go, as it’s all about what’s “in” that decides on their life span.

Once again, Jarsty comes into our lives with style.

There are different colors to choose from, and there is definitely one cube that others will be asking about.

Now, imagine showing up to work with a different color.

You can finally live your dream of being the cool kid in school, only this time, it’s at work.

9. Jarsty is Made in Italy


Sure, things made in the US of A are great, but lots of other products come from other countries.

Designer items, cool gadgets, and, if we’re talking food, Italy.

When I think of Italy, I think of pasta.

And now, when I think of Jarsty, pasta is the first food that comes to mind.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I see a nice pasta dish coming out of the Jarsty recipe book.

10. Jarsty is Unbreakable (Kind of)


When it comes to food storage containers, they’re usually disposable, but you clean them up and reuse them like they’re not.

That’s great for our planet, and it’s great for our wallets.

Jarsty, on the other hand, is meant to last a really long time.

Not only will it last, but it’s also designed to be “unbreakable.”

There aren’t many indestructible things in life, and if Jarsty is one of them, then kudos to Luka and his company.

The Price and Where to Buy Jarsty

As mentioned earlier, Jarsty is a crowdfunded product.

It can only be purchased on Kickstarter right now and will probably be available elsewhere, depending on its popularity.

If you would like to purchase Jarsty, it only comes in packs of at least two.

A pack of two Jarstys will cost you $47, but you can also get a pack of four, which costs $90.

You can go to the official Kickstarter site if you want to purchase Jarsty.

Jarsty Review – Final Verdict

Jarsty sounds like a great buy.

I’m investing my $47 into the company, and we shall see where things go.

I hope this Jarsty review has helped you gain a better understanding of what Jarsty has to offer.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

If you have any experience with Jarsty, please do share that as well.

Until then, what have you seen out there that is comparable to Jarsty?


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1 thought on “Jarsty Review: 10 Things to Know Before Buying”

  1. Received my five (5) Jarsty pots recently.

    First comment; I’m very pleased with my purchase.

    But there are some negative comments.

    The person running the kickstarter project, like far too many others, has been absent once the pots were mailed. No longer answers questions.

    The promised iOS app of recipes has not yet been released.

    The recipes on the Jarsty web site are good, a couple very good, but a wider variety is needed.

    There needs to be a site set up where users can exchange ideas on using the recipes, for user-created new recipes, and users can ask question of other users.

    Contrary to the review I find the price on the steep side when duties and taxes are added. I’ve 5 already but would like to get another 4 or 5.

    Some of the recipes are very good; rice and shrimp, tofu and pumpernickel to give just 2 examples.

    Yes, I’d definitely recommend the Jarsty pots.


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