Here Are the Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online in 2024

By John Cruz

I want to share the top 5 ways people are making money online, as they are how people make their living.

Although there are many ways to do it, these specific ones are the most lucrative and are 100% legit.

They have not only worked for me, but they have provided for our needs and wants.

And it’s only getting better.

The digital world we live in isn’t going anywhere, and more people need to be able to service billions of consumers online every year.

Jobs aren’t secure, and the stress levels are high for those who once held a decent-paying position.

Although 1 in 4 Americans are working remotely, how many are making a decent income?

How many of them are their bosses and doing things on their own time?

Sure, they can work remotely, but they probably still hate their jobs.

With the new year approaching faster than we can think, uncertainty creeps in, and we don’t know how things will be.

Covid-19 has changed the way we live, and it has changed how we think.

Where will we be five years from now?

Heck, where will we be next year?

Will our jobs still be available, or will we get laid off?

You might just be forced to resign or get fired if you refuse to get the vaccine.

So many questions have us wondering if we will even have any work tomorrow, let alone make a better living for our family, with the possibility of doing something we enjoy.

Thankfully, the internet has allowed many, like me, to do such a thing.

With the endless amounts of “opportunities” out there, I want to show you what works and where you should use your time and energy.

What Are the Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online in 2023?


There are many ways to make money with the new year ahead, but not all are lucrative or worth any of your valuable time.

So, instead of giving you a long list of ways to make money online, I want to provide you with a more concise selection of opportunities that can do more than pay a few bucks.

These are all legit ways to make money online, and some that I use myself.

These aren’t paid surveys but rather legitimate methods that people like me use to make a living.

Without wasting any more of your time, here are the top 5 ways to make money online that are real and worth your time.

1. Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is what I think is the best way to make money online now, in 2022, and the future.

I do it, and thousands of other online marketers do, too, and it’s the best online business model for several reasons.

  • You don’t need to own or create a product
  • You don’t need to purchase any inventory
  • No renting of overpriced commercial space
  • No dealing with customers

I have been in the bar industry for a good amount of my failed business venture life, and it was all the crazy overhead that ate into my wallet.

I would’ve never thought you could run a business without paying thousands of dollars for rent every month until I came across the affiliate marketing business model.

So, how does it work?

It’s simple, and you can see more in the diagram above.

All you have to do is get partnered up with Amazon, Walmart, or one of the thousands of affiliate programs.

You can acquire your affiliate link and promote/sell any products you want.

Although simple, there’s a lot more to the affiliate marketing business model.

That’s why there are sites out there that can teach you how to do it.

I got my start in affiliate marketing with a company called Wealthy Affiliate.

They have been around for over a decade and are the cheapest place to get started.

Not to mention their completely free membership, which allows you to give their platform a test drive.

There are many others, but they require a good chunk of money upfront, but it’s worth it.

Authority Hacker is what I recommend, so give them a try, and you’ll see how to make the most out of affiliate marketing.

Try Authority Hacker

2. Start a Dropshipping Business


Dropshipping is definitely one of the top 5 ways to make money online, especially in 2024.

This exact business model has created millionaires faster than most businesses, and just like affiliate marketing, it has its many benefits.

  • You don’t need to own or create a product
  • No need to purchase any inventory
  • No crazy overhead costs
  • Unique and profitable business model

Dropshipping is one of the best businesses globally and, if done right, can yield millions of dollars in profits.

It is growing fast, and its market size is already massive, but it is expected to grow by 28% between now and 2025.

Dropshipping is how a regular store would work, but it is done entirely online this time.

The process is also easy to understand, but of course, it still requires work.

First, you need to find a product and an audience you want to serve.

Then, you need to partner up with a supplier to give you these products at the wholesaler’s price.

Once you figure that out, you will create a website to showcase these products.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to purchase anything.

You just need to add these products to your site.

Once that is done, you can now advertise your site and its products using what the retail value would be.

When someone makes a purchase, you will take that money and order that product from your supplier.

That product gets sent straight to your customer (from the supplier), and you take the profits.

Do that 50 times a day, and you can see how powerful the dropshipping model is.

Shopify is the best place to get started, as they not only teach you how to do things, but that is probably where you will be selling your products anyway.

3. Create Your Own Online Course


I don’t care what you think you’re good at; someone is looking to learn from you.

Someone knows less than you do and is looking for your course.

Thanks to technology and this thing called the internet, Digital products are in.

Some of you might have purchased a digital product yourself and didn’t realize it.

Now, think about how people buy digital products without much thought.

They see something they want to learn and either pull out their credit card or pay through Paypal or other third-party payment processors.

The point is this.

People are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a digital product if they feel it will help them in one way or another.

Yes, people will spend thousands of dollars on something that isn’t tangible.

So, this is where your expertise comes into play.

Are you decent at playing the guitar, or are you good at teaching the basics?

There’s a digital product you can create, and someone out there is willing to buy it.

And, if that doesn’t give you a view of the bigger picture, just think about the millions of high schoolers graduating every year.

Ironically enough, there are several courses on creating your course, but Sam Cart is probably the best.

They teach well and can have your course up and running in just a few days.

4. Make Money Online as a Youtuber

If you don’t know this, YouTube is huge.

Everyone and their fathers are watching it, and my daughter is watching it in the background as I write this post.

Even more impressive is that millionaires are being created just from the simple videos they make.

Right now, some dude is yelling and occasionally singing who is talking while he plays Minecraft.

It isn’t enjoyable to hear, but knowing he is making millions of dollars is amazing.

He has millions of subscribers (including my kids), and all he does is act as the voice of these Minecraft characters.

Other YouTubers talk about golf or other hobbies; some don’t even show their faces, and others review products, like Ryan from Ryan’s reviews.

This kid plays with toys and is one of the highest-paid YouTubers.

In 2020 alone, Ryan’sWorld made $30 million, passing some of the more prominent names you see on YouTube.

So, if you want to share something on YouTube or are good at creating videos, a YouTube channel is waiting to be made.

Check out the video above, and create your YouTube channel today.

5. Become an Influencer


Welcome to 2024, where social media influencers are crushing it.

Whether they’re dancing and barely wearing any clothes or saying nothing and making millions of dollars like Khabi Lame, there is space for you to make money online.

The dude mocks life hack videos, doesn’t say a single word, and is now one of the highest-paid TikTokers.

Like YouTubers, TikTokers make money by creating short videos that entertain others.

These videos can be funny, informative, or just attractive to others.

Imagine if you made just 10% of what the big TikTokers are bringing in.

You would make some life-changing income, even without the millions of followers.

Don’t forget that TikTok is just one of those resources, as others still use Facebook and Instagram to make money online.

Pick one of the social media platforms you like best and build out your following by producing content you think they’ll like.

Who knows, you might just become “TikTok famous.”

Conclusion – Go and Make Money Online

The internet allows you to work from home while providing for your family.

It’s a great tool we can use to make a living, but it can be a problem when our kids are making others rich (lol).

It’s a weird world that we live in, but sometimes, we must do what we must if it ultimately makes us better all around.

Don’t forget that there are many other ways to make money online, but I wanted to share the best ones.

Other successful online business owners will agree, and you will, too, once you start making a nice little income.

Have you tried and “failed” at making money online, or is this your first time giving it a try?

If you need help, please leave your questions in the comments section below.

Now, go out there and utilize one of the top 5 ways to make money online.

You won’t regret it; you might just enjoy it as much as we do.

Thanks for reading!


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