Make Money With Affiliate Marketing the Easy and Profitable Way

By John Cruz

With nothing but a computer and an internet connection, you can make money with affiliate marketing.

It’s something I’ve been doing for the last 8+ years, and I love everything about it.

I get to work wherever and whenever I want to, and my family gets to spend time with me a lot more than most.

There’s a lot to love about affiliate marketing, and I want to show you how you can get started as soon as today.

So, if you are looking to make money with affiliate marketing, let me show you how it’s done.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work?


Affiliate marketing is nothing more than marketing someone else’s product with the ability to earn a commission through your efforts.

You can make money with affiliate marketing through a blog, social media, and even email.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to buy any products to sell, as you would with a regular store or e-commerce website.

With affiliate marketing, all you need are affiliate links.

When a customer clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you, the affiliate, will get paid a commission.

There’s a reason why affiliate marketing is part of my top 5 ways to make money online, and I want to show you how it’s done.

Put Netflix on pause (for now), and give me just five minutes of your time.

After this short blog post, you will be on your way to making money online using the affiliate marketing business model.

There are several steps needed to make money with affiliate marketing, so I will try and keep it as simple as possible.

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing


Before make any money with affiliate marketing, you need to understand that this is a real, legitimate business.

It’s done by thousands of people globally, and it has provided incomes you can’t find with a regular old job.

Not to mention that over 80% of brands and stores have an affiliate program and are willing to pay you just for sending visitors to their products that they are already going to buy anyway.

These brands include Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s, and thousands of others, who are willing to pay you for sending traffic to their stores.

I know it sounds exciting, and you want to get started, so let’s see how you can make money with affiliate marketing.

1. Learn Affiliate Marketing


If I were to tell you that I can teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing within this one blog post, I would be lying.

No one can tell you how to do it in one blog post or even a week.

Learning affiliate marketing takes time, but there are great courses out there that can teach you the ins and outs of everything.

I got my start with Wealthy Affiliate, and I recommend it as they have a free membership that you can try.

For a more complete course for those of you looking to take things seriously, Authority Hacker is what you want to go with.

The idea of how to make money with affiliate marketing is beyond simple.

You need to learn and focus on all the other moving parts of the business.

You need to learn how to get traffic, market your products, and build your soon-to-be affiliate marketing business.

2. Find Your Niche


It is imperative to find something you are interested in as this will be one that you will be finding your products.

Go with something you are knowledgeable about, and then identify subtopics within.

You also need to find a niche with products or services that you can market.

Put those thoughts in your mind, and develop a niche you can build your affiliate marketing business around.

If you like golf as I do, thousands of affiliate programs and millions of people are looking to purchase golf equipment and training lessons online.

I do have a golf website in the works, but as you can see, I have my hands full with this one already.

Don’t overthink this step and go with something for now, as you can always change your niche later.

3. Choose Your Medium


The most common and recommended way to do affiliate marketing will always be to start a blog and a niche website.

Whatever passion you may have can be turned into an excellent website that you can use to share your thoughts and make money with affiliate marketing.

It isn’t necessary to create a blog, but most affiliate companies usually require you to have one.

Social media is great for making money with affiliate marketing, but not every affiliate program will allow you to do it this way.

ShareASale, one of my favorite affiliate networks, allows you to use your social media networks to share affiliate links, so consider them if you plan to utilize your social media accounts.

4. Get Affiliated


How can you make money with affiliate marketing if you aren’t affiliated with any companies?

You will need to connect with and sign up with companies within your niche.

Most stores and companies don’t require any traffic, but some have specific requirements.

Find several sites to get affiliated with for now, and join others as you go.

A great place to start is Amazon Associates, as they have the everyday products we buy and might have exactly what your niche is looking for.

I like affiliate networks like Commission Junction and Clickbank, as they offer an array of products for any niche.

By joining these networks, you can choose different products or affiliate programs that are a part of those networks.

You’ll see how cool it is to have access to many affiliate partners within a single hub.

5. Build and Get Traffic


You can’t make money with affiliate marketing if you don’t have any traffic.

Traffic is and will be the visitors clicking on your affiliate link.

Getting traffic is going to require lots of work.

If you are running a blog, you will need to figure out how you will get traffic.

Organic traffic is always the best means, but there is an option for you to pay for traffic.

Organic traffic is the traffic that comes from Google and other search engines.

If customers search for “best golf irons,” they will land on a selection of websites that will get that organic traffic.

For social media, these are nothing but your followers.

So, it would be best to start building your social media following before recommending any products.

Build your content, offer prizes, and get others to like and follow your page, and then you can start recommending products that have your affiliate link.

6. Get Paid


This is not necessarily a step, but it’s what you worked your butt off for to make money with affiliate marketing.

Every affiliate program has its back office that allows you to track everything going on with your account.

You can see how many people clicked on your links and how many sales you’ve made.

Every affiliate program pays differently, so understanding the affiliate marketer’s pay schedule is necessary.

Some pay within a 30, 60, and even 90-day period, but some pay immediately.

Depending on the program, you will most likely wait at least 30 days before you see any money in your hands.

Conclusion – Get Started and Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money.


Unlike a traditional store, you don’t have to do many things.

  • No inventory
  • No crazy rent
  • No overhead costs
  • No shipping
  • No dealing with returns
  • No dealing with irate customers

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to deal with the madness that comes with a regular old store.

On top of that, you have the world as your audience.

This ensures you aren’t limited to getting visitors to your links.

I hope you have learned how to make money with affiliate marketing, and I hope you put it into action.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

Now, get out there and take some action.


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